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Giovanni Elio despite his position as a member of a Warlord's crew (he like his cousin) has a direct loyalty to the Yonko, Esposito Dante having a past tied to him.


Giovanni is a tall and well toned muscular young man with sharp brown eyes. He has rather long blond hair as well Gio also has tattoos running up his left arm and even one on the left side of his neck. Usually he likes to dress in suits or nice clothes with the occasional t-shirt. 


Giovanni is a power hungry pirate and one focused only on increasing his wealth and power. He has a strong philosophy of 'Survival of the fittest' who lacks any type of empathy for people of whom he deems weak. Giovanni is also has a sadistic side to him, he thoroughly enjoys putting his enemies through great pain, both physically and emotionally.

He was beaten down by an Admiral and while he was taken in, he argued saying "Imagine what kind of fear someone like me, someone an Admiral personally beat down, what kind of fear i can invoke to others. You could use that, use me as a Shichibukai! Let's make a deal." Showing how crafty he is, how quickly he can think on his feet. He only responds to power and if any weak marines dare to approach the ship he tends to attack if his captain doesn't stop him.

Giovanni also does have a narcissistic attitude as he believes he was born for greatness and nothing more. This was also enhanced when he ate his powerful and rare logia fruit the Pika Pika no Mi. He has been seen killing regular towns people, calling them 'ants' and less than important. This was even how he saw his captain at first before the two shared a truly amazing battles which lead to them changing the weather of an island permanently.

Battle Prowess

Physical Abilities

Giovanni has displayed physical abilities of superhuman strength, reflexes, spryness, dexterity and speed, with excellent reaction time even without the use of his Haki. He delivers punches and kicks each more than capable of bringing down brick walls or even breaking the bones of his foes that try to block his attacks. A true testament to his power is seen when he fought a three pirate crew alliance he had never been injured by anyone during the battle. During the entire battle not a single attack reached him and for the most part he didn't use his devil fruit and defeated over 300 pirates, one by one with his fists and kicks. When using his devil fruit these attributes are enhanced to the point his speed is more like teleportation and his punches and kicks are building collapsing.

His durability and stamina being noteworthy for his abilities to fight some heavy hitters such as Fermi for days on end and even destroy islands or permanently change them as a result as seen with Elio Francesco.

Devil Fruit

Pika Pika no Mi: Giovanni ate the devil fruit, the Pika Pika no mi at a very early age in his life and thanks to that his level of proficiency is highly advanced. As a Logia-user, he is able to let objects pass through him and reconstruct his body from energy particles. He's been seen releasing lasers from his fingers rather casually with enough strength to eliminate an entire city block with minimal effort but can minimize the destructive power as he can release a small laser to just break a door knob. When needing to get serious he'd displayed the ability to destroy enemy pirate ships by just slamming light speed punches into a ship and advancing to the next ship. He enjoys fighting up close though as his punches and kick pack so much power that it tends to defeat of just straight up kill foes. Giovanni's speed has been called god-like as he is rarely ever seen moving, almost like instantaneous teleportation.




  • Gio at his devil fruit at the age of 6
  • The name Giovanni is an Italian baby name. In Italian the meaning of the name Giovanni is: Italian forrn of John 'God is gracious ' or 'God has shown favor.' a slight nod to his Devil Fruit.