Elric D. Aan is the former first mate to El Drago.


Elic is a young man at 22 years old, his height being slightly taller than luffy with white spike hair with small sideburns. His eyes are green with slanted pupils giving him the nickname "Snake Eyed Elric" In conjuntion to his white hair he wears a white unbuttoned shirt with a buttoned black shirt underneath, with white pants and black shoes.

Personality and traits

He is a generally calm person never truley caring about the situation at hand. His heart is pure stone in his own words, and most don't belive he even has one, once having watched his entire village slaughtered, ang got completely over it after ten seconds, no memory block, no self therapy, no inside crying, he simply got over it and almost found amusment in it, never remembering it until another witness mentioned it after seven years and ended up claiming it was nothing to get worked up over. Though the one thing he does care about are devil fruits beliveing that they are to be respected and those who hold back using them are disrespecting the gift given and don't deserve it in that respect. He slaughtered his captain for this very reason claiming that he didn't derserve it's power especially when El Drago didn't even know that the true name was not Goa Goa but in fact Niero Niero. having told Drago in the past of it's true abilities Drago belived it was false and held back his true power.

Abilities and Powers

He is a man of great physical strength being able to pick up a marine battleship and toss around it like a baseball. He is a master of all Rokushini techniques but is particulary well versed in soru moving fast enough that even kizaru commented on it and he can only go faster when combined with his sono powers. His durability is great to the point where canonballs pretty much bounce off of him, although his endurance is fairly poor. He is a master at all three types of haki though he admits it is not absolute.

He ate the Niero niero no Mi making hi a sound human after killing his captain of of anger for his lack of respect to it, and tries to use it to it's full potential. This drive put his use on par with that of the Admirals mastery.

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