Background and Family

Enihs (Known as Niahs in the Japanese Version) is the brother of Enel and the new ruler of Skypiea.

Devil Fruit

He ate the Kira Kira no Mi, a Special Paramecia type that allows Enihs to generate and control glitter. He has awakened his Devil Fruit.


He has mastered two types of Haki, Conqueror's Haki and Armament Haki.

Swordsmanship and Power

He is great with sharp weapons such as swords and spears. He is very powerful, being able to fight on par with Shanks and Big Mom at the same time.


He is 6'07, his blood type is A, and he weighs 189 pounds.



Shainsuramu (English: Shine Slam)

Enihs turns his fist into glitter, increasing it's power.

Ropukyapucha (English: Rope Capture)

Enihs creates a glitter rope to capture enemies or to help people if their stuck.

Hintosupia (English: Tip Spear)

Enihs creates a spear which can be thrown.

Kagayaki no Sozo (English: Sparkle Creation)

Enihs's most powerful technique, where can change the glitter to make it be able to create object out of glitter from nothing. So far, he has created clones, meteors, boulders, and even a planet that was 2 miles big.


Enihs being confused.

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