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The Enke Enke no Mi (English: Round Round Fruit or Viz: Orb Orb Fruit) is a Paramecia Type that allows the user, Jack Baro, to create spherical orbs of matter that can he can throw with great force. If an orb hits an enemy, Jack will be able to manipulate their body on an atomic level, easy being able to vaporize any opponent, even giants. These orbs can also heal the user or anyone in range. Their is a drawback, which is that the user can only create 550 orbs at a given time. The user can create stronger orbs, known as Iron Orbs, which are are strong but slow. The orbs, Iron or not, can be turned intangible or be blown up.


In terms of design, it is Green with a Brown Stem.

Tetsu Tetsu no Mi
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