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Enma (閻魔 Ruler of Hades?) otherwise referred to as Kimon (鬼門 Demon's Gate?) by the people of Wano due to it's origins, is an extremely influential and extensive criminal syndicate. As the organization ran by the Architect of the Underworld responsible for helping establish a lot of the infrastructure of the infrastructure of the criminal world; Enma has an extensive reach over the sphere.

As the organization ran by the Underworld Empress Fujiwara Hibiki, Enma is one of the criminal Empires of the Underworld. Among other territories and regions, Enma oversees the Twilight Kingdom by extension of their leaders' status as monarch. In truth, Enma is the external branch of the Kagetaika-Gumi, expanding beyond the borders of Wano Country.


Activities and Influence




The Divine
Fujiwara Hibiki
The Arbiter
Saeko (2)
Fujiwara Saeko
The Sanctum
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  • The Divine: The incarnate of the goddess of the cult Kimon, Captain of the Kimon Pirates and the Underworld Emperor that governs over Enma, Fujiwara Hibiki is the highest authority of Enma.
  • The Intercessor: Second-in-command only to Fujiwara Hibiki and the cousin of the Emperor, Fujiwara Saeko is above and is the equivalent of the Underboss. To some extent, manages communications within the organization.
  • The Sanctum: The Sanctum represents the coalition of Vessels, Zealots and Apostles; those who oversee, manage and report to the Divine through the Intercessor major parts of the organization. Those in the Sanctum are usually considered extremely capable combatants, not to say anything about other parts of the organization as they may possess individuals equally as powerful; but they also may tend to have abilities that are directly beneficial to the activities of Enma. The Sanctum themselves are above any 
    • Vessels: Those through which the Divine works, the Vessels are those who are individually in charge of entitre ministries themselves; gaining information from  their assigned or appointed Managers and using this to make decisions, plan new routes or strategies, and communicate back to the Divine. Have a degree of autonomy; permitted as a result of the Divine's trust in their loyalty.
    • Zealots: Those who greatly revere the Divine, the Zealots are those who are individually in charge of chapters of the cult of Kimon itself, managing and recruiting members as well as inciting the members of Kimon to act in accordance to the Divine. As people who oversee the religious aspect and control a sizeable faction of fanatical devotees ready to act. The Kimon cult itself has it's own hierarchy.
    • Apostles: Those who stay at the side of the Divine, ready to act at her command and defend her at a moment's notice, as well as anyone the Divine has deemed as a person of interest. In addition the Apostles are part of the Circuit, and help to maintain the day-to-day runnings and organization of the Circuit for maximum mutual benefit between paying contracters and bounty hunters.
  • Ministries:
    • Positions:
      • Ministers:
      • Deacons:
      • Ordained:
    • List of Ministries:
      • Ministry of Human Trafficking:
      • Ministry of Mercernarism:
      • Ministry of Gambling:
      • Ministry of Smuggling:
      • Ministry of Scheming: Political dealings and infilitration.
  • Kimon Cult:

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Professions and Capabilities

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Akugo is the name used by members of Enma to refer to a series of mobile outposts and fortifications produced at the behest of their leader that tend to vary in size but can go up to a scale comparable to that of a small island; placed in strategic locations in the world and along dynamic routes to avoid predictability by any upstart competition. By having the power of a Logia with the ability to create entire islands at will in the Magu Magu no Mi within their ranks, Enma has demonstrated the ability to rapidly bolster the mobility of their forces and their members dramatically; the equivalent of having island-sized capital ships capable of deploying smaller ships and reinforcements hired through their command over the Mercenarism Industry of the world as well as through those that have pledged allegiance directly to Enma and it's leaders. Several of the Akugo islands have their own unique purposes and are geared towards those, such as being tourist attractions. There are an unknown amount of Akugo due to the fact that in a sense, they can be readily manufactured to meet Enma's demand; though currently it is known that they number atleast 41. [2]

By having the ability to create what amounts to a landmass the size of a small country at will over a short time period that can be molded and shaped to exact specifications through the powers of this Devil Fruit; Enma has also commercialized an entire new industry out of this ability; auctioning islands in the Underworld.


  • Kimon can also mean person or thing to be avoided; representing it's reputation as both a formidable organization back home in Wano, and it's reputation as a cult and people's superstitious fear about what it represented.


  1. Shady Business: Enma and it's reputation are first introduced in the FC, extending an invitation to Keaton.
  2. Shady Business: Akugo XLI is introduced as the meeting place between Fujiwara Hibiki and Keaton.

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