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Eren Donquixote, born as Eren S. Roger and nicknamed "Silver Dragon" Eren was the late husband of the famed Queen, Donquixote Isabella and father of their sixteen biological children and eight adopted children. He was the son of the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger and his lover, Portgas D. Rouge, as well as the elder brother of Portgas D. Ace. His death ultimately proved to be the catalyst leading to his wife, Isabella promising to train their children to turn out like he did; a famed warrior with immense courage and bravery.


Eren was a tall muscular man with messy/curly black hair much like his younger brother but does not resemble either one of his parents in either way. He has dull purple eyes that seem to show little emotion and he also bears a dull expression on his face. He is shown wearing a cloth around his hair, and is noted to have thin eyebrows with green eyes in the manga. His usual attire is a dark-blue jacket with gold colored trims and white on the inside, underneath the jacket, he wears a white robe over a purple shirt, with black shoes completing his assemble. In a painting painted before his untimely death, he was portrayed seated at his desk, with his children (biological or otherwise) seated around him smiling, seated next to his wife smiling.


Eren was first introduced as Isabella`s personal bodyguard and current teammate, being silent when asked a question unless the question came from Isabella. In addition, he monopolized Isabella`s time and frequently sent death glares to people who tried to touch her. While a caring person, his eyes didn`t display emotions even when he was talking to people, leading to them calling him "emotionless" even if he wasn`t. He treasured his wife dearly and even mentioned as such to his children, openly smiling upon his deathbed.

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