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Personality and Relationships

Its not about living without fear, its not about living with nothing but pride. Its about living as freely and as happily as possible! That is what it means to truly be a man of the sea, that's what it means to be a pirate!
— Dante

Esposito Dante or known simply as "Alighieri" is the Captain of the Libertà Pirates and is one of the Yonko, one of the four emperors of the New World. He has gained a large amount of islands all over the New world made of multiple races, without a single drop of discrimination. Among all of the people who live within his territories he's called "Kind King". While against his enemies and especially the Marines, Dante has been called "King Of Spilled Blood" because of how many dead bodies and the 'oceans of blood' he leaves behind when he sees no way of allowing his foes to live. This connects to his duality being that where he has killed countless others, not once done, he never enjoyed doing so. Just doing what he calls a necessary evil.

Thanks to his years upon years of training, Dante grew and became regarded as a 'monster' on the battle field. Dante being born with bottomless potential which comes in the form of his Super Accelerated Growth. Since his early years of the being in the Marine Academy at Marine HQ, Dante displayed being able to grow and surpass most others including his teachers. Many Vice Admirals said Dante displayed having enough potential to surpass them 'fairly quickly'. After Dante defected from the Marines and formed his pirate crew alongside Kai Elio, his best friend. Years later Dante would place Fishman Island under his protection, in an effort to heal things between the humans and Fishmen.

Over the next ten years Dante's strength and overall abilities grew into a monstrous state, so much so he became known as one of the most hated pirates in the world by the Marines. Soon enough Dante claimed more and more notoriety for his power and skill with not just his devil fruit but for his skills with a sword. Because of his kindness and acceptance, Dante's fighting force and territories became massive and powerful as he took in just about anyone in need. Giants, Humans, Fishmen, and Dwarves and even mixtures of these, this is why his entire fighting force can overwhelm entire countries if needed. This force and his own strength gained him the title of Yonko and of The Great Uniter.


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