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Esposito Giorno is the fourth child of Esposito Dante and Luc E. Feuer. He is the youngest child of a set of quadruplets after Esposito Fiero, Esposito Bella and Esposito Rex. Giorno is also the only child of Dante's that is being taught his own sword style.


Giorno is described to bear a striking resemblance to his father Dante having shoulder length white hair and gold eyes though the only thing that sets them apart is Giorno being paler than his father.


Personality and Relationships

Giorno has been compared to his father plenty of times through their similar mannerisms and quirks such as their naturally childish-like attitude. Giorno can often be seen smiling and laughing his days away seemingly rarely ever taking anything seriously even when being insulted by others as seen he people refer to him as an idiot yet he laughs and playfully slaps their back. His child-like attitude also makes him very honest and kind to others, appreciating the beauty in even the most mundane of days, finding excitement in learning and seeing new things. When on a mission or on a battlefield Giorno will be seen smiling happily, even improving the morale of the pirates serving under him as they say his joy or at least the confidence it displays is contagious.

Though there are some significant differences between the father and son, with one of the key ones being their "kindness". Where the two are called "kind" by others, where Dante lives to heal and help people grow, Giorno lacks that depth to his kindness, usually learning as he goes. Where he can learn to love and protect others, Dante was naturally able to be this kind, treating others the way he would want to be treated. This tends to be because of the difference from their upbringing as where Dante had suffered constant pain, Giorno was met with support.

Though a great deal of the personality he has is because of how he takes his own individualistic personality and model with some inspiration of his father. This is why while they can be very similar, the two can also be seen as very different. This attribute of Giorno's is what makes the likes of his uncle Elio Kai respect him deeply. As instead of becoming a carbon copy of his father, instead of trying to become Dante, Giorno is his own individual, he likes and loves what he wants while still growing.

Giorno is known for being incredibly dedicated and driven, able to set, lock and chase after a goal with the greatest of his abilities. This is also the case when going about the promises he makes, doing his absolute best to stay true to his word, living to fulfill his promises. A great example is him swearing to become the next King of Eterna and to one day succeed his father, training day in and day out to be recognized as the strongest among his siblings. He's even told his father while he wants to be like him, he doesn't want to stop there, that he will surpass him. This dedication does mix well with his kindness as he's also done things such as carry an old lady from one side of the island to another to fulfill a promise to her, expecting nothing in return. A drawback to this personality trait of his, is that Giorno is also driven to a fault in combat, ignoring his injuries to the point his body has to forcefully "shut off" from the pain.

Something to be noted is Giorno's dedication to his siblings, being known as the strongest among them, with many of the younger ones deeply looking up to him. While not the "wisest" of them, he is known for deeply caring for each of them, willing to take the blame for the mistakes of others, spending hours with sick siblings to do what he can for them, even risking his life for them. This dedication is what helped inspire loyalty and a drive in the rest of the family.

A key aspect to Giorno is his instinctive hunger for combat, he is constantly wanting to fight with the purpose to grow. Giorno also shows an incredible aptitude for combat, especially with swordsmanship, being called a genius in the field. But this does tie into his deeply hidden bloodlust. While he doesn't enjoy letting it out, Giorno does love and gets excited at the sight of blood during a battle. He's ashamed of this fact as it makes him feel terrible afterward, as though he was "less human" because of it.


Abilities and Powers

Physical Prowess

While not called the physically "Strongest" of the Esposito children's, as that honor falls into his older brother Esposito Rex, but Giorno is called and recognized as the strongest of the Esposito children. This is a combination of all his physical abilities, swordsmanship, and haki, along with the intense training day in and day out to learn said skills, refining them to the level they're at now. Giorno's trained his body to an incredible level, out classing many members of the yonko crew his father has built, with only members of certain ranks able to out class the young prince.

Be sure of the intense training Giorno has been exposed to since his early life, since his earliest upbringing, has developed his body into an incredible weapon. Despite looking frail at first (though this is both on purpose and initially coincidental because of his large coat), Giorno's chiseled his body to a great level. An example of the intensity of this training is where at the age of twelve was bound in weighted clothing, weights on each limb while swimming upward from the depth of a pond, climb mountains, perform sword swipes and attacks while using massive weights. He can even before a quick draw to release a minor shockwave to slap foes away from. Giorno's endurance is also phenomenal as the young swordsman can take blows from the likes of Hayato, his brother Esposito Rex, even Adriatic and keep fighting. This is both thanks to his unnatural strength and endurance working hand in hand together.

Giorno's raw speed has been trained to a super human level, to the point that most say it's not likely his greatest asset for combat. He can out pace most others with relative ease, even surpassing users of Soru and of Devastante's Velocità, with only advanced users able to keep up with him. Giorno's quick draws are often likened to blinding speed as he can in the right conditions slice through five people, appear behind them, without them ever even noticing him. He can slice a butterfly in half three times within the time it pulls it's wings back for a flap. Even slicing a drop of blood cleanly in half before it can crash into the floor. He can dodge or block gunfire with his sword's hilt or blade with simple flick of the wrist. Giorno's even fast and agile enough to use walls and falling debris as platforms for himself to run and maneuver on, which helps give him a whole other dimension to fight in. Even with his sword being tossed across the battlefield he can perform flips and catch himself with a single to quickly adjust to the scenario, even controlling the momentum of the battle to reach his blade.


Misericordia Spada Stile: A sword style developed by Dante since his early years of swordsmanship. It is about focusing on three main components, speed, adaptability and mercy. This Swordstyle has only been passed down to Giorno from his father, though while great Giorno has still not managed to fully master it.

Dante created this to maximize destructive power whilst minimizing the user's exposure to strikes and deliver attacks aimed to kill on first strike. This style uses a large combination of immense speed, agility, iaijutsu, sword thrusts/slashes, and observation haki. When all used together it permits the user to anticipate an opponent's movements and adapt to the situation, maximizing on the chance to evade and deliver a swift decisive blow. All of the techniques are executed with minimal movement to increase a the user's ability to counter-attack and to conserve energy.

  • Riposare In Pace (Rest In Peace): When Giorno dashes forward and slashes at his opponent with incredible speed, usually aiming for the neck, throat, or any real major artery that’s left open.
  • Estensione (Extension): A ranged attack, when Giorno strikes an opponent outside of his by drawing his sword and striking the ground and sending earthen debris at said opponent with incredible force.
  • Cascata Fiammeggiante: Through a combination of fusing his blade with haki, his usual flying sword strikes and keeping a constant flow of air through the movement of his sword Giorno can send out flying sword slashes of flames which then erupt with minor explosions of flames.
  • Vuota: Giorno ceases all body movements and enters a state of complete tranquility, turning all non essential functions to his survival off. He does this in order to protect himself by deflecting, blocking and cutting any incoming attacks with imperceptible speed with his blade. However, its effectiveness is limited as fast and numerous attacks can break through.
  • Paralisi Penetrante (Penetrating Paralysis): This technique turns a powerful clash between swords into an oscillating wave that stuns the opponent's muscles allowing him to land a swift attack and in most cases a decisive one.


Busoshoku Haki

Giorno learned to use Busoshoku Haki by many people of his father's pirate crew, a few notable members being Lucio, Ōtakemaru, even haki master's such as Hansuke a Sword Saint, Ten'notsurugi Megumi one of the highest ranking memebers if the crew and obviously his own father, Esposito Dante.He regularly uses it in combat to increase his defenses and attack power, and with it he is able to cut Logia users.

Giorno is infact able to transfer his haki into other objects such as his sword to increase its durability and cutting power. Though as a greater example of his understanding over haki, Giorno can use it to make a simple stick be capable of cutting a wooden wall down with no real trouble. When used onto his sword, Giorno has displayed fears such as slicing through a row of buildings, leaving clean and precise cuts all the way through. His level of haki is said to be greater than other notable young pirates such as Elio Leonardo or Marines such as Salvatore Vladimir.

Giorno's defensive prowess with haki is considered fairly well developed, more so than other practicers even older than himself. When stacked ontop of the scales given to him by his devil fruit his durability is so great swords and axes costed with haki shatter when swung fully against him.

Kenbunshoku Haki

Giorno is able to sense the presence, strength, emotions, and intent of others, and was even able to counter the attacks coming from Adriatic. His ability to travel through the ground by using his fruit and using his haki to to navigate perfectly able to keep chase on targets by stalking their pressence. He's also able to detect the raw strength of the target by using this branch of haki, capable of telling the minimal chance he has at defeating his uncle Elio Francesco but also able to see that he and Elio Leonardo were about equal which was proven through their sparring.

Thanks to the training done by Elio Alonso and Alvis Cato, Giorno has adopted a special form of use with this haki. This haki will notify him of a coming threat, it wasn't future sight. Instead his haki is so finely tuned into his muscles, his body needs a small jolt of haki so it could program his muscles and body on how to react.

Haoshoku Haki

Devil Fruit

Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Saxon Dragon: The Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Saxon Dragon is a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows Giorno to transform into a Saxon Dragon hybrid and a full Saxon Dragon at will.

The mythical ability of this devil fruit is that it gives Giorno the geokinetic ability to manipulate earth and rock in all their various natural forms. The most standard use of this mythical ability is that it allows Gio to levitate earth from the ground of varying sizes. He can then send them flying to slam into foes. Though he can also use this to pull up earth to protect himself from oncoming attacks such as making a wall of earth or simply pulling nearby stones to block an attack


Alexander: Alexander is the Ryo Wazamono graded sword belonging to Giorno. This sword was given to him by his father Espsoito Dante when he saw Giorno's natural talent for swords from the early age of three. This sword is extremely light in weight despite having such a steady and it's slightly longer range than what most katanas have. This lightweight allows Giorno to swing the sword at incredible speeds which yet still retains great sharpness, able to carve a hole into a wall with ease.


Early Life

Giorno was born as the youngest of a set of quadruplets, being the third boy and fourth overall child of Esposito Dante and Luc E. Feuer. He was born away from his father as Dante was in the middle of his three year seclusion training where Dante would separate himself from all of Wano and the rest of the world for that matter and train for twenty three hours a day with the only exception being a two day break before and after the fire festival. Giorno wouldn't meet his father until he was three months old in which he instinctively felt a bond between him and his father. It would also be around this time that Dante would also give Giorno his first sword and the one he still uses to this day, "Alexander".

At the age of three Giorno and his siblings would meet the entire Liberta Pirates crew when they assembled back onto Wano. This is where he'd meet his uncle Elio Kai crying upon seeing his different colored eyes. The family and crew would set out to sea yet again, making their way to Fishman Island. Giorno though would be given his first sword lessons by Dante with a wooden sword. Once arriving to the island Dante would stash his family in a safe house Adriatic had set up for them. This was to prevent them from getting harmed in the upcoming events. For three months straight Giorno would practice his swordsmanship everyday, almost like it was second nature, as though he were a swordsman in a past life and still retained the natural aptitude for a blade.

After his trail of faith, Dante had officially gained Fishman Island as his first territory, inspiring a group of three hundred Fishmen and merfolk to join Dante's fleet. With this sudden boost in hai forces Dante felt more comfortable bringing his family along in their journey for the time. So the crew would set off, Giorno would continue to receive lessons by his father, quickly improving, every day he was better than the last. He would also spend time along his siblings and crew, seeing sights that most could only dream of at such a young age.

In about a year, on Giorno and his siblings shared birthday would officially reach their new home, Eterna. Not too long after reaching Eterna, Giorno will meet the girl that would become his fiance in the future, Vesper Ophelia with the two quickly becoming friends.

When I'm Eterna is where Giorno's world and upbringing will be changed drastically. Now feeling Dante had a safe enough place for his family to call home, he asked Giorno what his wish was, in which Giorno said he wishes to become the next King, a king that Dante would be proud of. So Dante began to put focus in Giorno's upbringing. Giorno would recieve only the best tutors and instructors Dante would find.

Giorno's primary and head tutor was none other than Cato, the incredibly intelligent scholar from Ohara. Through Cato, Giorno learned many subjects such as philosophy, mathematics, medicinal science (namely biology), battle tactics along with a great focus in critical thinking and problem solving. He was also heavily interested in other cultures that sparked his curiosity and passion in his father's dream of uniting such a broken world.

Much like Dante, Giorno decided to live his life with a very childish and free spirited personality despite the maturity he displayed in such early sorts of his life. He sees the burden those who are heavily relied on go through and would rather live life like an idiot that be the type that everyone relies on for leadership.

Early Development

A key moment in his life that would go to shape Giorno into the man he is when he and his three older siblings were abducted and kidnapped by their mother's twin brother and their uncle, Licht D. Himmel. During this exchange Giorno constantly defended his siblings despite them always saying he was the youngest of the four and the one that needed protection. Giorno had two simple thoughts going through his head, "What would Papa do" and "I need to protect them". Giorno would recieve a brutal beating at such an early age yet he refused to black out.

Eventually both his parents and the entire pirate crew under Dante's control would drive to the island. In a matter of minutes Dante's forces unterly dominated and destroyed Hummel's forces. Upon seeing Dante arrive to their rescue he finally felt like he could let go and passed out. It was this powerful willpower and determination that made his father happy with his decision to groom him.

Because of his training from a very young age, Giorno prefers learning outdoors or outside of the libraries, which is what led to Cato to developing a system. During their private sessions Giorno was allowed to go about his business he can leave to a town or out in the woods with the condition that he tags along. At these sessions, instead of the standard relationship of teacher and student and having a set curriculum, Cato goes about instructing Giorno in a much more informal method as he'd purpose problems to Gio which would lead the two to have dialectic discussions and establish a truth by reasoned argument. This continued everyday throughout his life so long as Cato was on the island and not off with the crew on a mission.

While majority of his life was spent training and studying diligently, it didn't stop the young and brash swordman's love for the world and to have fun. He'd have a tendency to sneaking out at night just to watch the moon at it's peak, enjoying the bright and lovely moonlight, other things as well such as sneaking out during the day to spend time with his siblings or other servants to the royal family.

At the age of five Gio would gain two individual things that would change his life. As a token of appreciation by a merchant that was saved by Dante, a pure white sweater that had eaten the devil fruit, the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Crane which would be gifted to Giorno when the two of them isntantly got along and quickly inseparable. He named the crane, Shiro.

The second item to change him would be consuming his devil fruit. Being the youngest of the quadruplets, Giorno always felt left out seeing his older siblings having already obtained their Devil Fruits and from their toddler years and he hadn't. While he was highly skilled in swordsmanship, deep down he felt that it wasn’t enough to keep up to par with them. This was seen when Bella would receive training from her mother while his brothers were given special training by their father.

One day when he was five, out of anger and frustration, Gio ran away from their ship on an island they were docked on while everyone was asleep, only to find himself lost in the woods. As minutes went to hours, he started to become upset and hungry when he encountered a white looking fruit that captured his attention. Out of sheer curiosity, Gio picked up the fruit and despite the taste, he managed to eat the entire fruit. After consuming the fruit, he began to feel different before he started to grow wings and claws causing him to freak out. He would then be found by his mother Feuer and would discover that Gio ate a Devil Fruit much to her shock.

Soon after Feuer found him, Dante found and hugged Gio despite initially attacking him in his state of shock. Yet Dante refused to let his grip go and kept hugging his son. Soon after the natural aggression of his devil fruit synergized with his feelings of frustration and caused him to turn into his full beast form and despite his short rampage and attacks at Dante, his father refused to leave his son's side and refused to harm the young one, which eventually caught Gio's attention. Seeing his father take the constant attacks, taking the pain, and still smiling with his arms out, causing him to shrink back to normal and fall into tears, realizing the destruction and pain he's caused, only to have Dante hug him again. Dante asked for forgiveness for his faults as a father and Gio asked for forgiveness for attacking his father.

Giorno loved to travel whenever the opportunity presented itself such as the family trips to the land of Wano or to islands that have alligned themselves with Dante such as Nam or Zou where he'd meet different species like Skinks and Minks. During these trips Giorno would gain a deeper understanding and appreciation over the loves and culture if different races of the world.


During his early adolescence Giorno was was already leaves beyond what others would hope to reach by their early twenties. Even as Giorno's age would influence his personality which made him very impetuous and stubborn, often challenging, resisting his teachers which was met with Cato's indomitable patience. Not just that but he was also gaining fame throughout all of Dante's constantly expanding territories for being the "Blank Swordsman", for his white skin and incredible talent with the blade.

In many occasions as a young adolescent Giorno and a few of his siblings would attend to many political meetings between Dant emanh of the leaders of multiple kingdoms under his banner. Giorno would also be drilled and questioned about the meeting, what he learned, what he heard, how he felt about it, how he felt about the answers given, what he would do differently, etc. by Cato on a regular basis. It was also around this age where an even heavier focus was placed into his training to cultivate his abilities from a wide array of instructors part of Dante's crew, his main instructor for Swordsmanship being none other than his own father.

At the age of fifteen came a major event in his life. Dante would go to a massive campaign against the Marines that were having a battle with the island of Nam. As he left, he had placed Giorno in charge of Eterna for the time being (having Feuer act more as an advisor). Seeking to take advantage over the fact the new Yonko's absence from his main base, aiming to attack and dethron him form the island.

In an act of pride for and want to protect the kingdom his father loved so much, Giorno assembled the entire army on the island and lead the counter attack, intercepting at a small island just a ways away from Eterna. In his charge Giorno lead them to a complete victory, taking out a force of two thousand pirates with a very minimal army, suffering no losses in said altercation.

At the age of sixteen Giorno lead a small party consisting of only two hundred soldiers and a single ship to wipe out a pirate alliance consisting of over three thousand soldiers. Giorno alongside his brothers Esposito Fiero and Espsoito Rex would leave the entire alliance devastated. After this event Giorno and his brothers would regularly join his father out in campaigns and traveling through the sea.

Just before Dante and the crew left the new world to initiate their plans in the first half if the grand line, paradise, Giorno had proposed to his long time friend and girlfriend Opehila. The two had set the date for them to be married upon the end of the world shaking war that was taking place at the time.


At the moment Giorno has spent the last few months assisting the different members of the crew in training his uncle Elio Leonardo. He quickly felt a kinship and friendly rivalry with Leonardo, the two loving to go at one another for hours of sparring.


  • Giorno's name in Italian means "day".
  • Giorno's image source is Tsurumaru Kuninaga from Touken Ranbu.