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A land born from a dream. A place where anyone is accepted, no one is turned away because of their race. This island lives as a true tribute to the dreams of my captain, Dante.
— Megumi

The massive and powerful island in the New World belonging to the Libertà Pirates, to Esposito Dante, A Yonko of the New World. It is the home base of the crew and is considered a 'Massive Fortress' as even Giants live comfortably on the island. The island itself houses citizens of multiple races such as Humans, Minks, Dwarves, and as mentioned earlier Giants. There are more those are just the key ones.

Layout and Locations


Herculaneum is the port town found once you enter Eterna. It is home to many fishmen and human alike. It is almost always busy 


as it serves as the greeting town and first place most visitors see. It's filled with plenty of shops and vendors coming from some of the many islands under Dante's territory. Usually called 'The town you can find anything and everything'

Scala Celeste 

Scala Celeste

One of the lower cities found within Eterna. As the island itself is massive and with Dante's castle being seen as a 'heavenly home', they embrace the honor of being the starting point to sclae the island to reaxh the castle. There is a famous ice cream shop in it that Dante and Megumi regularly go to and end up spending hours at.   

Castello Gaius

The massive castle which rests on top of Eterna and serves as Dante and the rest of the crew's h

Castello Gaius

ome on the island. It is huge as it can have giants come in and out of it and filled with hundreds of rooms. Despite not wanting it at first, Dante admits the castle is amazing and grand. It also has many plant life surrounding the island, some of which were brought as gifts to Dante    

Inhabitant's Culture 

The entire island is a rather peaceful and calm place without any real conflict to be seen or had. It is a melting pot filled with many different races living in unison such as Giants, Humans, Dwarves, Fishmen and even Minks with many more. Which is what tends to attract most visitors to come to the island. Because of how diverse the island is many of the races have had children with one another making hybrids such as Mink-Fishmen or Human-Giants and many more.

It also has an amazing trade and exporting system going on, as all the islands under Dante's protection come there to trade their homeland's goods. Even islands not aligned with Dante come to trade there (but do have to pay a higher tax and are limited to what and who they bring) as in some cases its easier to get to Eterna than other islands.

Because of how vital of an island this is, many of the citizens train on a daily basis (most from an early age) in order to serve as protection for it. They even formed a massive army stationed within the island with their numbers at 200,000 soldiers. This is because the many people there tend to feel like they owe Dante their lives and wish to make up for it and act as his defense while he and the Libertà Pirates are out at sea. This army is very diverse and powerful being made of all the many races of the island. Because of the diversity of the island many of the races have taught each other their native fighting styles as seen when giants and minks are seen using Fishman Karate.