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Eustass D. Moira is brutal pirate whose origins are unknown, captain of the Demon Pirates and one of pirates of the new pirate era after Monkey D. Luffy became the Pirate King. She is the daughter of Tigress D Kira and Eustass Kid. She is also the older sister of Eustass D. Kier.


Moira is a young woman with long bright red hair going slightly past her shoulders, two colored eyes; her left eye being red/orange while her right eye is neon blue and tan skin lighter than her mother's. Her main attire consists of a dark red bralette top with long flowing gray sleeves, black pleated mini skirt, black boots and like her father, she wears a pair of goggles on her forehead.

As a child, Moira had shoulder length messy hair that almost reached her collar bone. Her outfit mainly consisted of an orange tank top most of it tucked in but a small bit untucked, blue pants and black boots. Due to her appearance growing up, many people mistaken Moira as a boy.
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Moira as a child.


Moira's personality is a mixture of both her mother and her father. Like Kid, Moira usually is either angry or making sarcastic jokes. Because of her two colored eyes, she is quite sensitive to being mocked, insulted or glanced at. Due to this, she is quick to resort to violence and is also known to be cruel and highly vindictive.

Like Kira, despite her angry personality, she is caring, loyal, intelligent, calm and charismatic. She is willing to put her life on the line for her crew members and would not back down from any challenge that stands in her way.

From both of her parents, she is highly fearless and has a strong penchant for violence but does know how to control her violence tendencies in certain situations.

As a child, Moira had a more tomboy attitude with a no excuse attitude and would often beat anyone up who dare to make fun of her for her two colored eyes or who try to bully her brother Kier.



Moira has full authority over her crew and has a strong relationship with her crewmembers. She trusts her crewmembers more than she trusts any other pirate crew. Her lifelong best friend Clover often would keep her calm whenever Moira would lose her temper and is usually her partner when facing against other pirates. Her other trusted crewmembers Bea and Ro are highly respectful and loyal to Moira along with the other crewmembers of the Demon Pirates.


Tigress D. Kira

Kira is the mother of Moira. Not much is known about their relationship but from what Moira could recall from when she was a child; she described her mother as the most beautiful woman on the high seas. Moira was only with Kira until she was eight years old then left her with a family friend along with her brother Kier. Moira has no ill feelings towards her mother knowing why she left her behind when she was eight but hopes to reunite with her ten years later.

Eustass Kid

Moira at one point had a strong hatred for her father for believing that he left her, Kier and Kira behind. At a younger age, she had a stronger admiration for him but knowing why he left them behind Moira never knew the real reason which grew to her resenting him. Deep down, Moira would often blush and smile whenever someone were to tell her stories about her father's voyage showing she still has high respect and love for him. After learning the truth about why her abandoned the family, Moira's perspective of her father changed and her respect for him has strengthen to where she is proud to be the daughter of Eustass Kid(although she always has deep down).

Eustass D. Kier

Kier is Moira's younger brother. Not much is known about their relationship but is known that they got along very well growing up and respectively had their own pirate crews. Whenever they cross paths, they would often help one another out but Moira is known to be highly protective of her brother and vise versa.

Abilities and Powers

Thanks to Moira's intellect and fearless personality, she has gained notoriety across the sea as the Demon Temptress. The moment she reveals whom she is the daughter of, many pirates would cower in fear before her.

Physical Abilities

From both Kid and Kira, Moira has demonstrated to have immeasurable strength despite her size. She is also extremely powerful in hand-to-hand combat when facing her enemies. Unlike her parents, she can take on her opponents without getting exhausted after a long period of time and has a large amount of stamina when fighting. Like Kid, she has an incredible recovery rate and her body is able to heal within a few days.

Devil Fruit

Moira consumed the Hito Hito no Mi: Model Akuma, a mythical zoan devil fruit that grants her the ability to turn into a demon. She is able to turn into a semi demon or a full fledge demon with the ability of flight, slight gravity manipulation, fire manipulation, and fire construct.


Moira can use both Haoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki according to Zoro.

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