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Fīrudo Fīrudo no Mi
Japanese Name: フィールドフィールドフルーツ
English Name: Field Field Fruit
Meaning: Barriers, domes, shields
First Appearance: {{{first}}}
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Midnight D. Steve

The Fīrudo Fīrudo no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create force fields in any shape or form, making the user a Force Field Humans. It was eaten by the captain of the Gem Pirates, Midnight D. Steve.

Strength and Weaknesses


The main strength of the fruit it that it allows Steve to create barriers, domes and also shields and they all resembling a pane of glass that can be shape and form to any shape that the users desires. The way that Steve create and from barriers, domes, and shield by simply crossing his fingers to summon it to defend himself.

The barriers, domes, and shields serve as the defense if is able to protect himself but not only to him but for is crew when he wants to protect them from the attacks that the enemies would try but he protects them than himself but he cares about his crew. It also serve a offense as he is about to launches his attacks at his opponents and use this as his advantages. He clams that he is about to create a dome that can cover a whole island.


Steve state that if he can't cross his fingers he won't able to create barriers, domes, and shields. Besides this weakness, it shares the standard weaknesses of Devil Fruit.


Steve use this fruit for his combat skills and also use is powers for defending himself and his crew members by creating domes and/or shields. He also use this for his offense purposes by either launching barriers, domes, and shields at his opponents and also able to create a island size dome to protect the island.


  • Bubble Dome: Steve first cross both his fingers to summon a dome-shaped bubble to either around himself and/or his crew members to for protection form any opponents' attacks.
    • Bubble Dome: Hamster Bowling Ball: Steve cross his fingers to summon a dome-shaped bubble and then he run starts to run like a hamster to run over his opponents.
    • Bubble Dome: Cannonball: Steve first jump high in the air and then he cross his finger to summon the Bubble Dome and then he falls down at a high speed like a meteorite to crush his opponents and creating a crater.
  • Urchin Bubble Dome: This is the advanced version of Bubble Dome. Steve first cross his both fingers to create a dome-shaped bubble around himself and then he starts to squeezed his hands while his fingers are crossed sprouts spikes around it for his offense attacks and defenses.
    • Urchin Bubble Dome: Hedgehog Bowling Ball: Steve summons the Urchin Bubble Dome when he crossed and squeezed his fingers and then he starts run like a hamster to run over and impel his enemies.
    • Urchin Bubble Dome: Meteorite Spike Ball: Steve first jumps high in the air and then summons the Urchin Bubble Dome and then he falls down at a rapid speed to smash his opponents while he create a large crater.
    • Urchin Bubble Dome Secret Technique: Pink Spike Cannonball Throw: This is one of his powerful techniques. Steve first jump in the air with Moon Walk as high as possible, and then he summons his Urchin Bubble Dome around himself then he activates Iron Mass and falls down at a rapid speed and the dome then starts to become on fire and then creates a crater size hole to wipe out his opponents.
  • Dome Boxing Gloves:: Steve first cross both his fingers and summons a pair of round domes around his hands and perform any boxing against his opponents and giving then a fatal blow.
    • Dome Boxing: Pink Dragon Uppercut: Steve summons his Dome Boxing Gloves and he then he uppercuts a opponent and sending them flying to the air.
    • Dome Boxing: Pink Gatling: Steve summons his Dome Boxing Glove and then he starts to he starts throwing punches at his opponents at a rapid speed and sending then flying away in the air, and he fires his punches like an powerful Gatling Gun and as he continues to punching through.
    • Dome Boxing Secret Technique: Pink Ultra Punch: This is one of Steve's powerful technique. He first get in a standing position and then he summons a Dome Boxing Glove around one of his hands, and then he put his hand back and starting to vibrate and then after a 10 seconds he unleashed it give out a powerful punch to his opponents that their bones shattered.
  • Hexo-Shield: Steve first crossed his fingers and then he summons a shield and then he use his fingers to shape the shield into a hexogen, and use it as a shield for defense or offense.
    • Hexo-Shield: Border Wall: Steve first summons small hexogen shaped shields and then he puts them together to form a wall, to either defend himself or his crew members.
      • Hexo-Shield: Border Wall Ramming Bull: After Steve creates the Hexo-Shield: Border Wall, he then he starts to launch it at his opponents in order to crush them.
      • Hexo-Shield: Border Wall Shielding: After Steve creates the Hexo-Shield: Border Wall, he use this as a defense for him and his crew in order to protect the people he cares.
  • Hexo-Shield: Stack: Steve creates multiple hexogen-shaped shields and then he stack then together to create a thicker one to push back his opponents.
    • Hexo-Shield: Three Tear Stack: Steve first creates three hexogen-shaped shields and then he stacks them together to become thicker and them launches it at his push then back.
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