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Date Started: July 20th, 2020

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Setting: New World; Elbaf

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The Big Friendly Giant

The costumes were as colorful as a summer garden; bold yellows, magenta, cyan and emerald green. There are sequins sparkling in the brilliant afternoon sun and feathers of every color. No matter which direction one gazed upon, there was singing and dancing, drinking and smoking, laughing and crying; every corner filled with some activity. The titans of Elbaf rejoice as they celebrate their centennial festival.

"Oi, where me drink ye ugly bastard." Everyone cheered as the King of Elbaf, Odin, entered the renowned pub, Beanstalk. Leaving his detail outside, he greeted old friends and familiar faces as the bartender served him a drink of ale.

"Ey Odin-sama, I heard ye won't be participating in these here tourney." One drunken fellow boldly questioned.

"Aye, Mimir prophesied new beginnings after this here festival. Thank the gods too. I miss drinking after a long day of kick yer arses." Boisterous laugh erupted as the centuries old giants recalled good times.

"Did Mimir say yer son the next king then?" One of the hostess questioned with a slight blush on her face.

Odin gazed in her direction before turning back to crowd. "Why? He promise you'd be his queen if he does? Hahapapapapapa"

"AYE!" She cried out, somewhat embarrassed that the current king was making fun of her.

"Sorry to break yer lil' heart there lady. But me son has no claim to the throne. He gotta fight for it just like everybody else." Odin then proceeded to gulp down the entire pint of ale. BUUUUUURRRPPPPPP The loud belch echoed throughout the land.

Miles away, near the nation's legendary castle, Odin's first born and believed successor of the throne, Thor, awaits his chance to garner the title "King of Giants" surrounded by the Elbaf's most beautiful women.

"Who will be yer queen once you take the throne?" one of the maiden warriors questioned.

"Aye, you wouldn't think about marrying one of them pureblood ye? You deserve a woman who can treat ya right!" another commented.

"Ladies, ladies, there's enough of me to go around, don't ya know!" the blonde giant laughed as dozens of female hands caressed his body. "I don't see why I have to git married. My wife is the throne, the rest of you can be my mistresses!"

As the early celebrations were underway, the royal family's bastard emerged on the scene with a rather disappointed look. "Oi, Thor." Loki tried to grab his brother's attention but had little success. Navigating through the sea of whores that attempted to connive their way into the throne room., Loki continued to call for his brother "OIII THOR!"

Finally one cry broke through the barrier. "Aye Loki! Where have ye been? Grab a drink and a woman. Let's enjoy the festivities!" Making eye contact with his brother, he could tell he did not come here with promising new. Rising form his seat, Thor looked down upon the women. "Sorry ladies, we'll have to pick this up a weeee bit later."

"Awwww..." Cries of disappointment echoed throughout the room but none questioned his command. As the sea of whores vacated the premise, they all gave Loki a rather sour look. Whispers of Bastard and Half-blood emerged from the crowd.

Once they all departed Thor returned to his seat as he sipped on some his father's most pristine ale. "Why the god-awful look lil' bro. It's supposed to be a time of party and celebration. What ya down?"

Loki took a deep breath as he relayed the troubling news to his brother. "Mimir just prophesied something quite troubling..." He paused as it wasn't something that could easily explain. "Well, uh, you see..."

"What are ya drunk? Spit it out already!!" Thor demanded

"Mimir prophesied that you would not be King!" Loki relayed to the shocking news to his half-sibling. Although he hated to be the barer of bad news, this message brought a little joy to him; joy he hid well.

Thor's eyes opened widely for a moment, Loki could see the anger within them. But after a brief moment of madness, Thor calmed himself and began to laugh. "How old is that fool again. Nearly a millennium right? He can barely see, let alone see the future." Thor chugged down the ale he had remaining before continuing. "No need to fear baby bro, at the end of the coming days it'll be I who sits on the throne."

Loki simply nodded in response. "I should be on my way then. Preparations still need to be made." Turning his back to his brother, the mischievous giant let off a careful smirk. "That old fool has never been wrong once, Good Luck....Thor." he thought to himself.

Unbeknownst to the celebrating giants, a storm was brewing in the distance. Along the back of the historic sea-island turtle one of the world's mightiest crews set its sights on the Titan Paradise. The Wukong Pirates lead by the widely accepted Strongest Creature in the World, Donk E. Kong, were hours away with the future ruler of Elbaf aboard their vessel.

"Oi, Wukong, feels like yesterday we just started this journey." Frederick Barbara entered the captain's quarters as the end of their adventure was in their sights. "It seems like it was just yesterday, on my quest to becoming the Queen of Elbaf and your's to become the strongest creature."

The primate mink sat idly as the Tiny Giant entered his premise. Hitting his pipe, Kong let out a faint mist as she spoke. "Don't remind me~saru..."

A Decade Ago

Along the coast of Little Garden sat a rather bored Kong with with the lifeless bodies of the legendary Red and Blue Orges behind him. "Another day, another victory~saru." he mumbled to himself, hitting his pipe as he placed his staff back along its clutch.

"Oi! I've finally found you!" a deep yet feminine voice called out from the distance. "You didn't kill Dorry and Brogy did you!?!" Running towards the fainted bodies, the small female giant stomped her feet as she check the pulse of both of them.

Noticing a distinct yet familiar feeling from the Tiny Giant, Kong fixed his attention to her. "Lady, do I know~saru." Kong rose to his feet in order the lay eyes on the seemingly young titan. "Red-hair, fighting spirit and this feeling...are you my daughter!?!?!"

"NO!!!" she cried out, standing on equal footing with the great mink. "I'm Frederick Barbara, the daughter of the legendary Redbeard and future Queen of Elbaf!"

Returning back to his original position, Kong suddenly seemed less interested. "Who cares~saru..."

"You do! You just asked!!!!" Barbara exclaimed before taking a deep breath to regain her composure. "Anyways, I didn't come here to check on the two orges but to meet you."

Hitting his pipe, Kong stared into the sea not giving his former captain's daughter the time of day.

"Will you listen me!!!" she yelled, getting into the mink's face. "I came here to make a wager! I heard you're somewhat of a gambling addict!"

Barbara had finally piqued Kong's interest. "Fiend for competition but what are the stakes~saru."

Giving off a rather cynical smirk, Barbara gave out her terms. "If I win, you help me achieve my dream of becoming the Queen of Elbaf but if you win, I'll show a sea even Roger hasn't sailed!"

Kong couldn't help but show interest in the proposition. "Doesn't seem like you're risking anything." he began before rising once more. "How about if I win, you serve me for the rest of your life~saru."

With no hesitation, she quickly responded. "Deal!" holding an unfaltering smile.

"I like your style girl~saru. I'll let you decide the what we'll be competing." Confident in all facets of his abilities, Kong had little worry that he'd be able to defeat her in what ever competition she'd propose.

A Few Moments Later

"You conniving bitch~saru" Kong sucked his teeth as he heard her proposal.

"What, you said you'd let me decide and I did. First person to reach the bottom of the sea and return back up wins!" Well aware that Kong was a devil fruit user, she knew she couldn't lose. "It's fine if you want to just give up."

"Ten seconds..." Kong responded, pausing as he hit his pipe. "I'll give you a ten-second head start and then I'll win." he told the Tiny Giant, with a rather confident outlook.

Completely dumbfounded by the primate mink's response she took her stance. "Fine! But don't you come crying to me when I finish the race before you even start." Widening her feet, a look of sheer motivation and desire covered her face. "Ready...set...Go!" she exclaimed before diving into the water. "You stupid monkey, I was trained by Wotans. I'll be done with this in a couple of seconds." Reaching the nadir, she gazed upwards to see what her competitor would do. "Eight...nine..."

"Ten..." Wukong counted before walking toward the shore. Clenching his fist, he channeled his might into a single punch. "Ready or not, here I come!" his fist came down like a meteor crashing into the atmosphere. With a single punch, the tons and tons of salt water scattered for miles. "Maybe I should make her wear a skirt~saru." he thought as the sea's floor became apparent.

"Son of the a bitch!" she thought, as she was carried by the scattered sea, inevitably securing her defeat. Once the water returned, she arrived on shore nearly drowned from Kong's punch.

"So where's this place that not even Roger's sailed?" Kong questioned, quickly making the most of his winning of the gamble.

Regaining consciousness, Barbara turned to the massive mink with the same confident smirk she had before the match. She pointed upward. "There, up there. The white and white-white seas are untraveled seas with loads of treasure, islands and competition. Thing is..." her eyes glistened as she completed her sentence. "We have to go to Elbaf to travel up there."

With a puzzled look on his face, Kong was starting to realize how she deceived him. "Uh what~saru."

"Summit of the High West...a massive beanstalk on Elbaf that leads to the skies." she smiled, as their adventure was about to start. "We'll call our adventure Journey to the High West..."

A gentle knocking sound was heard on the door of the captain's quarters on the turtle-island-ship's back. After being hailed by his captain, the door opened revealing one of the Wukong Pirates' elite officers, Yin.

Though tall for most humans, when compared to his titanic captain and some crew mates he can be categorized as average. His dress consists of a black button down, black slacks which reach all the way down to his black pointy shoes, black gloves, and a waist length white coat. He brushed some of his blonde hair out of his face and made sure it was properly in it's place. He walked farther into the room, hands behind his back and his footsteps making near inaudible amounts of noise.

"Good morning captain, how do you do?" Apollo politely but plainly asked his gargantuan captain.

Hurrying through the place, with a swift cat foot, a small Black Cat approached behind Yin, with a cigar in its mouth. The cat gave off no unusual aura and just went about the place as if it was owning it. ""noninanenona nenanununinni nananunene nananunanonin ? nanunene nine nanunonanone nininna, nonino nanu nonune nanonan nananena nenu nanenu?(Whatya talking about Bakayin? Boss is always fine, why do you even care to ask?)" the cat purred in a soft feline voice, in a distinct meows that only a few could comprehend the meaning off. The few included the Captain of the Wukong Pirates and the Right Hand, Yin himself. The cat then jumped over Yin's head and closer to Wukong's legs, and made itself comfortable near his big toe. stretching itself and sharpening its claws before lying down.

"I'm here to ya know!" Barbara exclaimed stomping her feet as it has become common practice for the members of the Wukong Pirates to ignore her very existence at times, despite her large stature. "It might be our last couple of day together, so you guys should be nicer!!"

The smell of bud grew stronger as Wukong continued to hit his pipe while the three performed the usual formalities. "Ore, Yang quit it with that form, I don't speak pussy~saru." Despite his words, Wukong was indeed one of the few capable of understanding that cat's gibberish.

"I guess that's why you don't get any..." Barbara teased the infamous pirate.

Not paying any mind to Barbara's comments, Wukong continued. "Aye, since I'm with this whore during the invasion what's the plan, what do you have the crew doing~saru?" Although Wukong is the captain of the crew, he left most matters excluding him to Yin and Yang.

Apollo's eyebrow twitched from the slight annoyance caused by the booming voice of Wukong's female companion and his feline colleague's shenanigans. He reached into his coat and pulled out a ball of yarn, which he swiftly lobbed towards the black cat.

"I've sent my men ahead to the island. Some have already infiltrated the giant village while others are performing reconnaissance on the rest of the island. Everything is under control thus far. There is a loose end that I am aware of which I'll deal with myself," Apollo began coughing due to the smoke that had permeated through the whole room and had gotten stronger. Through coughs he continued, "I'll use my ability to pass on any important information that may come up." Apollo beat his chest softly and regained his composure.

Despite the great giants order, The Feline paid no need, and continued resting down his foot between all the giant talk. It would only budge out when Yin brought up a ball of yarn from his coat. At this point, the cats eye were sparkling with light, as it made its way to ctach it and have it for itself. As Yin the the ball of yarn, the cat swiftly caught on it it with its fore-paws, and began nonchalantly playing through the part when Apollo, began bring out the plan of his squadron.

As soon as Yin finished deliberating over his plan, the cat meowed whilst still playing with its yarn. "neninano nenano na nininannene nanena nenunu nananini neninane neninano nanena ninenunu nuni ninununane. nanene ninenunu ni nanonunaneninannana, ni nonunenunanananno nenenani na nanunaninu(They say a Giants are soo beig that they are full of holes. But from I experience, I would deny such a claim)" the cat paused, "nuno nenananu nine nanunnenenannenuno nunenanunaneninni nananeninun nununanne nonininani nenanonununona nanenunenna nonaneno neninninuna nanine nuni ninninu nenenenananonana ninenunu nunene nonin'ne nenananu ninanena. nenanene nanenenenenana, nona ninanona nunanana nunenanunanenana nenananeninananu nannanunonenine nuni nanuneni nunene nanenuninane nananinannena nanna nunininannana.nonineni nenina nenininine nenunanenu, nenanene nanenenenenana, nona nanan ninanona nenina nenu-nananununana nunininineno nonaneneninunene nunananuninni nanunu nunonane nenina nanunena nenanane (My Team is constantly preparing action plans which revolve around very single bit of info squeezed from our Yin's Team here. Rest assured, we have made prepared tactical analysis of both our armies defense and offence. With the right spark, rest assured, we can have the so-called mighty warriors leaping all over the Blue Seas)" Yang continued, without ever letting go of the yarn from its paws.

Barbara couldn't help but interrupt the pirates' discussion. "Oi! This isn't an invasion but an alliance. There's no need to prepare for an assault. The centennial festival is nearing and every giant has a bid to compete for the crown and once I win I'll become queen and you'll have the strongest country in the world as ally, ye."

Wukong enjoyed the girl's courageousness and determination, she truly inherited her father's charismatic tendencies. But even after sailing the last decade with crew, she still remains naive and fails to understand that rarely do stratagems go according to plan. "Aye, too bad I don't trust ya in the slightest to win the tournament. To this date you have yet to land a single attack~saru." Wukong gazed to the left, where the treasure room aboard Daikame is located, and then continued, "Why don't you take one of those Devil Fruit before you compete."

Barbara clenched her fist upon hearing Wukong disrespectful words. "Oi...Kong, I'm a proud warrior from Elbaf. The giant are a true warrior race and I will not diminish our bloodline by eating one of those tainted fruits like my father did." Barbara eyes held that same confident look that she displayed nearly a decade ago when they started this journey. "I'm the strongest giant in the world, don't forget it!"

Wukong bursted into laughter, "Hoohooohaaahaaaa! Big talk, let's hope you back it up~saru." Wukong then returned his focus to his right and left hands. "And what preparations have we made to begin our ascent? I don't want our crew to get too comfortable in the Giant's land. How soon till we are able to climb the Summit of the High West-saru?"

Yang continued to play with its ball of yarn, pushing it closer and closer to the other female in the room. "nonune nanena na nonununan-nnona ? nonune neninunenuna nunnuno nenina nonanone nuni nunan. nininona neninanu na nenunenennanunanne, nanununona nanna nonununan nanna nanunu nenenanunene ninu nunununena. nine nine nennananenenenannanananuna ninune nene nenu nanunonanone nunanna na ninanununinni ninanna nin nunaninnenaninninni nenina nunano nnonanna nunininane nuni nenina nunanna.(You are a woman-nya ? You should know the ways of men. Give them a tournament, booze and women and all ruckus go loose. It is understandable for us to always lend a helping hand in maintaining the law nyand offer of the land.) " It meowed.

"nanna nanunene ? nunnuno ninunununenini nunan, nanuno nanunon nenu nenina nananoninu nanna nanane ninene nunanane ninune nununonane. nonununan nanena ninininenana nanna nanu nnune nnanana nenenani nununonanene. na nunan nuninuna nonune nonunenunanne nennananenenenanna ninuno nenananenana nine nine ninune nene, na nunaneneninananenani nuninuna nonune nonunenunanne nennananenenenanna.(And boss ? Only foolsih men, bow down to the Devil and eat its meat for power. Women are gifted and do not need such powers. A man like you wouldnt understand how sacred it is for us, a patriaarch like you wouldnt understand)" Yang continued to meow, now rubbing its body on Barbara's feet. Both the women were known for the powers of their race, and werent the consumers of the Devils Fruits, to reach the zenith of their potential they stood and such had to protect each others way of life at all cost.

"It shouldn't take more than two days, once reconnaissance is done we can begin to achieve our goal in the festival," Apollo responded to his captain. "I will go to the village myself once we make landfall to scope things out personally."

Apollo glared at the female giant next to his captain and said: "Also please try to stop yourself from causing any sort of scene before our plan is complete, princess."

Despite the negative connotation of Apollo's comment, Barbara couldn't help but blush. "You think I'm a princess." Due to Elbaf's kratetocric system, she's not commonly referred to as a princess. "Gosh, if you keep buttering me up I might have to make you my king."

With Wukong debriefed, he grew bored of their antics. "Alright you three, I've seen enough of your ugly mugs. Get the fuck out before I give you a reason to~saru."

Beauty and the Beast

Not a single cloud plagued the sky as the radiant sun glistened in the blue. Below it the mighty nation of Elbaf with its inhabitants assembled together as the centennial festival's main event was almost underway. Distant from the masses is the current King, Odin, seated next to empty throne as his wife, Frigg, was too ill to join today's festivities. However, the millennium long tradition waits for no one and as such, the tourney was soon to start. "Oi, where me drink. How am I supposed manage this fuckin' tourney without Aegir's nectar blessing me tongue."

"Aye massa" one of his servants rushed inside to retrieve another pints for the already intoxicated King. "Here you go me lord." he returned with two barrels in hand.

Palming the entire barrel, Odin titled his head back as he chugged the entire thing in a matter of moments. BURRRP Tossing it aside, he rose from his seat and addressed his nation. "OI!!!!" he yelled, actually managing to capture the attention of most. "It's time this aching bones rest and let another lead this nation. And as always our next leader will be decided in a tourney like no other." he paused for dramatic effect. "Ragnarok!!!"

The crowd cheered with excitement and thrill. "Ragnarok! Ragnarok! Ragnarok!" they repeated. The Giants of Elbaf are a warrior race like no other. They pride themselves in being the most honorable of combatants and their entire culture thrives on fighting.

"Now, challengers, please rise and stand along the champions platform." Odin demanded, before returning to his seat and palming the other barrel. "Another!" he told his servant as he watched the challengers debut.

Competing for the throne was an honor like no other for any Elbaf warrior. Although all are welcomed to compete, only a select few, leaders of specific Giant clans and tribes, tend to do so as one's life may not be sparred in such a vigorous competition. Albeit, there's no greater honor for a giant than dying during a battle for kingship.

The first competitor and the fan favorite, Odin's son Thor, was welcomed to the stage with cheers and chants. "Thor! Thor! Thor!" Flexing on his way to the platform, Thor held nothing a confident smile on his face. "None of these fools can challenge me! Not with this weapons." he gazed down at his hip where his signature weapon, Mjölnir, rested along it. "Longwang...I will use this brilliantly crafted weapon to come out victorious!"

The second competitor needs to introduction as this giant is known for his brutality in battle, it's Siguard! Siguard also gets in his cheers as the giant raises has large sword, Balmung, in the air. Siguard has a large smirk on his face feeling that victory is in his grasp. "They will soon cheer upon their knew hero as I, Siguard the Savage, will lay claim to the throne after his victory! With his mighty weapon Balmung, Siguard will claim the throne! Rah-hahahaha!" Siguard exclaimed.

The third competitor comes in,and everyone knows it is the famous man known for his MAXIMUM DESTRUCTION,Kronos. The crowd cheered for the titan,ready with his sword in chains and the axe on his back."I AM THE GOD OF MAXIMUM DESTRUCTION,KRONOS!!! And I AM HERE!!!" The crowd loudly cheered for this man,as there are stories of the man's strength,known for taking down many other giants more powerful than he is. And this to him is just another competition to prove he is the best.

The fourth competitor walks forward with a massive grin on his face, basking in the roaring cheers of the audience! The mighty and massive, Trygve approached wearing his gran helmet covering his head and eyes, a flowing red cape, and his giant sized claymore alongside a golden shield! He raised his head up to take in the light, the cheers all of it and yelled, "Come at me! Let's make this battle glorious!" He then slammed both fists against his chest having a loud thud heard all over! The crowd cheered, some stomping their feet with anticipation as they fed off the excitement Trygve was giving off! The giant known for killing a bear outside his village at the age of 28 was live and ready for this!

Several other less renowned competitors followed. It seemed the first four competitors really captivated the attention of the audience only to be followed by lesser warriors. However, the air grew thin all of the sudden. Despite the beautiful day, it suddenly grew dark. A feint yet distinguishable tremor vibrated below the feet of the titans. "Oi, so he wasn't joking about competing..." Odin commented as he rested his hand along his face.

It's rare for someone to tower above a literal nation of Giants. Be that as it may, there's always a bigger fish. Centuries ago, a race of Giant far larger than those today roamed the seas as living deities. Their numbers have since dwindled throughout the years, to the point where they are near extinction. However, some do remain. Nearly a century ago, the Giant Warrior Pirates found a small family of them in an abandoned island. Their leader, Ymir, agreed to ally with the great nation of Elbaf on the condition he'd be welcomed to compete when the time comes. Piercing the skies and belittling the tallest of Giants, Ymir made his way to the stage with the entire audience completely in awe of his size. He merely said a single word. "Win..."

The crowd bursted into a fearsome chant. So long as he abided to their traditions and was willing to put on a good fight, they didn't care. "Ymir! Ymir! Ymir!" they chanted, in anticipation of the battles to come. Odin once again rose from his seat believing the last competitor had finally arrived. "Alright, now the the final challenger has arriv-"

"Wait!!!" Loki voice echoed from the distance. "There's another!!!" he chanted with an odd looking pair trailing behind him.

Several Minutes Ago

Along the coast of the lively isle, only one shop was open as the rest were captivated by the tourney. "Oi, Longwang, not interested in seeing your greatest work in action?" Loki welcomed himself into the famous blacksmith's home. "Not interested in watching a tourney you can't participate in?" In Elbaf culture, consuming a Devil Fruit is a taboo that is heavily frowned upon. As one's own might is held in the highest regard, participating in the tourney with a devil fruit power is strictly prohibited.

"Greetings prince Loki" he said and took his newly forged blade and quenched it in water. "What may have lead you here?" he asked while ignoring the question that Loki had just asked and threw the blade together with the rest in the corner. "Why aren't you at the festivities together with your brother! I'm sure he would love to have you by his side when he stands victorious"

"I could ask you the exact same question, Dragon King." Loki responded, intentionally avoiding the question. "What are you planning on naming such a beautiful weapon? More importantly, who'll wield it? Such a distinguished weapon deserves an equally as beautiful wielder." Due to both of them being Devil Fruit users, the two have developed quite the relationship throughout the years.

"The edge alignment is slightly off and the spine is weak. "I'll have to redo it again" Longwang responded while reaching down into his furnace and grabbing a piece of molten iron. He placed it on his anvil, took his hammer and proceeded to craft a new blade. "Why might you ask?

Prepared to answer the question, a cat caught Loki's tongue as an unpleasant feeling brewed deep in his stomach. "Oi, does it smell like rain to you?" he commented, noticing the room's temperature start to decline. "There wasn't a cloud in the sky ye, wonder what's going on?" Stepping outside, the lurking threat became a surreal sensation as Loki, for a moment, was paralyzed with incomprehensible disbelief. "Are the gods finally retaliating?" he mumbled as a sea of white began to hurdle towards the Giant Kingdom. "No wait, their coming from the seas. PIRAT-" he tried to yell.

However, right as he was about to alarm his kinsmen, the white haze surrounding him grabbed ahold of body, preventing him Loki doing so. Although at first it seemed to be the literal haze slowly suffocating him, the white began to take shape, revealing the true nature of the invasion. "Shhhhhh" Wukong muttered, augmenting his size to gag the giant as he materialized. "I'd prefer if I didn't have to kill my future subordinates because some shrimp can't see friend from foe~saru." Wukong stared into his eyes with malicious intent, exerting his will specifically onto Loki, completely subjugating him. "Oi, Yin. Find out what this one knows and then set him free~saru!"

"Wait!!!" Loki voice echoed from the distance. "There's another!!!" he chanted with an odd looking pair trailing behind him. Rushing towards his father, Loki panted in desperation.

"Eh, Loki what's wrong? Who are the two champions you've brought?" Odin questioned, unable to make out their appearance just yet.

"Just one, but she's backed by the world's strongest creature..." Loki responded, regaining his composure. "The beast they used to call "Hachiman" but now roams the seas as the Monkey King, Wukong!"

With his pinky digging for gold in the root of his ear, Wukong emerged from the distance with a rather uninterested look on his face. "Make sure you don't lose after I got you all the way here~saru." he told Barbara, as his gazed around the army of titans before allowing her to go on ahead to the platform.

Ignoring Wukong's comments of doubt, Barbara continued onwards, holding head high. "Oi, hope you boys didn't think I'd let you seize the crown." she arrogantly spat towards the other competitors before fixing her gaze onto Odin.

"Lil' Girl, are you sure you're in the right place? This is Ragnarok not some tea party." Odin chuckled, causing a chain of laughs from the crowd as well.

"You seemed to have that handled, so I'll stay down here and compete in your place." Barbara quickly snapped back.

Not expecting such a witty retaliation, Odin couldn't help but laugh. "Hahapapapapapa, I like you gurl. State your name so I can induct into the tournament, ye."

"I'm Frederick Barabara. Daughter of former King, Frederick Barbarossa." she chanted proudly.

Silence encompassed the entire festival before a storm of laughter unanimously affected every giant present. Odin attempted to speak through the deafening laughs. "Y-you're, hahapapa, the daughter of the Foolish King? Hahapapapapapa!"

Barbara couldn't make out what was so funny. Her father was the former king, a hero from what she was told. "I don't believe I get the joke..." But no one responded, they simply kept laughing at her, seemingly knowing some truth she clearly wasn't welcomed to knowing.

But amidst all the boisterous guffawing, the entire country became engulfed in unimaginable rage originating from one beast, the the most feared pirate alive. Without muttering a single word, any and everyone knew his thoughts. If you speak poorly about the only man I've been the knee to, I'll kill you. In that moment, the haze that trailed behind him cleared, revealing army of pirates the mink had at accumulated over the past decade.

A Child's Dream

The surreal feeling of the mink pirate's killing intent had the entire nation silent for nearly a minute. As the current king and leader of the nation, Odin regained his composure and stood up to address the crowd. "Alright, alright. I believe the time for talk has come to an end. In the names of the Gods above, let us commence, RAGNAROK." The crowd cheered in response. It surely wasn't as lively as before; the looming threat of the pirate emperor still remained, however the warrior nation could not be tamed for long. Returning to his seat, Odin wagged his finger towards his bastard child and whispered into his ear. "Keep an eye on those pirates. Ragnarok must continue but we can't let pirates like that freely roam the nation. I need ya to be me eyes and ears."

Loki's eyes open widely and a slight grin emerged on his face. His father was acknowledging him. "I won't let you down sir!" he whispered with excitement before suddenly disappearing.

In the following hour, preparations were being made to commence the series of battles. Relocating to the center of the island, the sixteen champions awaited as the bracket was crafted. And after a short wait, the first match was revealed. Thor versus Frederick Barbara. "Why wait, this is the match everyone wants." Odin thought to himself, having intentionally paired the two against each other. Although Odin wasn't certain his son would be able to win the entire thing, especially given the appearance of the Oni, he wanted him to knock out the Foolish King's daughter as quickly as possible as not only should that bloodline never rule again but also the ruler of the nation should always be a King, not some girl.

The two competitors made the their way to the open plain. Literal mountains barricaded the crowd from the battlefield. Unlike human tournaments which usually have a referee and dozens of rules to help moderate the battle, Elbaf duels are simple. The battle stops until someone is killed or admits defeat. Although it appeared only dust and rubble lied below them, the blood sweat and tears of generations of competitors lied on this desolate fighting ground, ready to welcome more. "Are you ready!!!"

Barbara stood confidently as she gazed upwards to make eye contact with her competitor. "Enjoy it, because this the only time you'll look down on me." she muttered, taking note of the difference in height between the two. As the renowned, Tiny Giant, Barbara's size mirrored more of a freakishly large human rather than a giant, as Thor's size nearly double her own. And yet, no fear and anxiousness filled her body. She was calm and ready; ready to claim the throne she's dreamed about her entire life.

Thor held a rather cocky smile. Sure her showing up came to shock, but there wasn't anything to worry about. Not only is she the daughter of Elbaf's notorious fool but it seemed she didn't inherit any of his might. "How about ye get on both knee and suck me cock. Maybe I'll consider letting ya win." Thor chuckled at his own joke. "No, you need to discipline. Hanging around with those pirates has made you forget your place. Foolish girl...I guess you really are your father's daughter."


Thor did not hesitate. Withdrawing his mighty weapon, Mjolnir, he twirled it around before launching directly at his opponent. In terms of mass and size, the hammer's dimensions surpassed Barbara's. However, its craftsmanship went far beyond simply massive proportions. The hammer's design allows it to turn the wind into an ally, allowing it to empower the weapon in force and speed. As such, twirling the weapon around his wrist allowed his to launch his hammer at astronomical speeds and unquestionable precision. "Next..." he thought, deeming this match over already.

As if two sides on the same coin, Barbara did the exact opposite of his opponents and awaited his move. "A beautiful weapon..." she noted, as it came hurdling towards her with illogical speeds. Although her gut told her to meet challenge head on, her experience and training yelled at her not to do so. "This isn't my only match..." Barbara recognized before taking on a renoji dachi stance with an open palmed form. She slowed her breathing, awaiting for the last possible moment. Almost as if she were watching in slow motion, she waited for the gargantuan hammer to be only feet away before suddenly disappearing.

Despite viewing her father as an idol, Barbara spent little time with Barbarossa With the seas and his quest taking up the majority of his time, she was determined to become strong enough to join his crew and work alongside him. Left under the care of mermaids and wotans, Barbara studied both Giant Kata and Fishman Karate. These two powers, albeit different in nature, when utilized together effectively, the result is something remarkable.

Focusing on her breathing, Barbara called upon the energy of her past, her qi. Empowered by her literal century of age, unfathomable energy flowed through her body. "Sonic boom." she murmured before disappearing, effectively avoiding imminent defeat. Without wasting a moment, she suddenly appeared directly in front of Thor. "Samegawara Seiken" her fist met Thor's gut with a straight thrust with an open palm. Not only did the attack supply tremendous force but Barbara also used her opponent's massive stature against him, using the water in his body to amplify the potency of the attack.

"Hol-" the attack hit Thor straight on, sending him hurdling into one of the mountains over a mile away. His blood and saliva left a trail to point of landing, leaving a massive crater once his body connected with the Sierra. For a moment, it looked like it could all be over. But suddenly life filled Thor's body. Cough cough he gasped for air as he tried to speak. "Ye bitch." If he hadn't coated the area in darkness before the impact, he would've lost for sure; a fact he despised to his core. "I was gonna let you live but you're as good as dead now!"

Like a boomerang, Thor's hammer inevitably returned to him. Taking several deeps breaths, he began to violently twirl the hammer above his head, controlling the winds he did it. "I was gonna save this for the oni but you asked for it." Empowered by the same energy his opponent called upon, Thor used his might to conjure a literal cyclone. The heating radiating for his body along with the cool haze that Wukong summoned upon his arrival cause the winds to spin into a tornado where echoes of thunder grew loud and louder. "There's no dodging this...I guess you really are a fool, just like your father!" Launching his hammer yet again, this time it brought the wrath of god along with it. "Begone with the Thunderclap!"

Thor wasn't the only one with a well-crafted weapon at his disposal. Along Barbara's back, a massive gunbai awaited to be utilized. "This match is mine." she voiced, withdrawing his weapon as the whirlwind and ventured towards her with intent to kill. And yet an attack with enough force to wipeout a small country hurdling towards her, Barbara stood her ground. "I guess, you're just the fool." Once within range, she called upon her weapon. "Full Counter!"

With a single stroke, her gunbai redirected the attack back at Thor. Despite the simplicity of the counter, it required precision, might and speed to follow through. Utilizing her heighten sensing abilities, she waited for the most opportune moment. Once again channel her two fighting styles, she used the might of qigong to amplify the amount of water within the area she could bend to her wind. Utilizing the gunbai, she tripled the force and controlled the very direction of Thor's attack; bouncing it right back at him.

Thor could do nothing but watch as his attack returned to him. "Fu-" he began before he was overcome by the force of his hammer, the chaotic winds it carries, and lightning it produced. His body was beaten down so badly that it was amazing he managed to survive. But survive he did. As the storm cleared, Thor's lifeless body kissed the ground with bruises burns and blood covering it.

"Next..." Barbara yelled, alerting the whole crowd to her victory. The crowd was dumbfounded but after a moment of silence, the busted into cheers. "Holy shit! She's insane! She can be my queen!" The tide began to turn as her showing persuaded a lot of the audience to join her bandwagon.

Odin sucked his teeth. "Thor, ya fool. Your arrogance got the best of you. Clearly you were not meant to be king." he thought, as he rose from his seat to announce the victor. "And the winner is, Frederick Barbara!" a sea of cheers and applause followed. As Thor's body was carried off the field and Barbara left as well. "The next battle, Siguard versus Trygve." the two competitors were welcomed to the battlefield, force to follow up an insane match.

Siguard can be seen raising his weapon to the crowd signaling he is ready for combat.

"That last battle was intense! I have to say she knows her way around an arena. The brutality has me fired up as well! However, there could only be one giant here that is worthy to being called "savage" and that is me! Siguard the Siguard! Now, you will fall before me as I work up in the world for that seat in the throne!" said Siguard as he pointed his weapon toward Trygve.

Trygva stabbed his shield into the ground and placed his forehead down against as he closed his eyes and began to mumble a prayer. After a few short seconds he grabs the leather straps from behind and rises to his feet! He drew his sword, walking forward, drawing the massive claymore with his right hand! "You have what it takes to back up those words? Then come over here and I'll slay you like some savage animal!" He then slammed both his feet to the floor and took a defensive stance, raising his shield.

Siguard laughs boastfully before raising up his equally large claymore. "That puny shield isn't going to do a thing to my mighty weapon! It will split that thing in half easier than it can slice through mountains!" said Sigurd as he raises his massive sword overhead and charges toward Trygva.

Trygve saw the coming attack and grinned with joy! "Give it the best try you got!" He yelled from the bottom of his gut as he raised his shield overhead and blocked the coming attack! When Siguard's attack landed against his shield his knees buckled but in that instant used his hand holding his claymore and stabbed it forward aiming at Siguard's abdomen within terribly close distance!

"Not bad but I am better!" shouted Siguard as he grabbed the sword with his hand before it could connect. His hand, of course bled from grabbing onto it but ends up fighting through the pain thanks to his sheer toughness. "Hah! I've fought mighty beasts that hurt more than this! Taste a shot of a true sword!" shouted Siguard as he took another swing with his sword.

Trygve continued to smile as he twisted the hilt of his sword to have his sword continue to carve Siguard's hand! he then responded to the coming again by using his shield! As their weapons met Trygve felt the full force as vibration ran through his arm. Taking advantage again of being so close, he ran his forehead straight forward, aiming to land a headbutt!

Hansel and Gretel

Following the Wukong Pirates debut on Elbaf, Yin, Yang and their respective subordinates ventured out to complete their own missions as their captain watched as hopefully the first Queen of Elbaf fights for the throne. As the man who protects his captain from the shadows, Apollo starts by locating a former colleague of his, one equally familiar with the shadows.

On the outskirts of Elbaf lied a quiet little cottage, one brimming with the laughter of children. Though these children were about the size of a grown human, their child-like energy permeated through the air. All the children played outside while their caretaker was inside the cottage. A noticeable rustling in a nearby bush attracted the attention of all the massive children and they began to move away from the front of the cottage. Without even making a sound the cloaked figure of Apollo flashed into sight at the foot of the cottage door.

Clearing his throat he knocked on the door. When no one answered, Apollo made a small flicking gesture at the door's lock. A completely quiet burst of air broke the lock and he opened the door making his way into the cottage.

As the wooden door opened suddenly, the Sheep's House's overseer, Mother Caramel, sat idly with a lucy resting along her bottom lip, almost as if she was awaiting his arrival. "Did you think you could catch me with my tail between my legs, Brain?" she openly declared. With all the children occupied with her former ally's distraction, Caramel was free to drop her charade. "Come here to reveal you were secretly working the Wukong Pirates the whole time and want a way back in?"

The meticulous man walked towards his old Cipher Pol colleague, a bit distracted by double checking his perfectly square-filed nails. "Unfortunately no, Mountain Witch. I thought someone as paranoid as you would know I don't make decisions on a whim. Anyone who sees that man as just a big monkey is a fool," said Apollo. He stopped a few feet in front of the old woman and looked her in the eyes. "I have come here for a bit of a parley. Though not with the World Government or CP, it's with you. You see, within the next few hours this island will be the territory of the Wukong Pirates, and as a paranoid man myself and head of the Wukong Pirates intelligence I can't just stand idly while a government mole resides in close proximity. So I have a proposition." Apollo gestured toward an empty nearby chair and in a very polite tone asked: "Do you mind?"

"Yes, I'd prefer you'd stand. We don't welcome pirates here so you won't be here long." Caramel responded, taking note of Brain's approach. Under-going a similar training to the man who stood across from her, Caramel quickly realized Brain was trying to assert his influence over negotiations by quickly establishing his position and then painting the illusion of giving her control by asking for permission to sit only to quickly strip it away immediately after. "He was a clever one, it's a shame we lost him." Caramel pondered as the ashes of her Lucy began to crumble. "So what is this so-called proposition I can ever so kindly deny?"

"Well as I said, there will soon be no place for a government agent on this island. The only members of my crew who know about your operation are myself and some of my men. My captain is in quite a chipper mood today, and I'd hate for that to be ruined with the knowledge of a world government blight on his new territory," Apollo's friendly and polite charade dropped as his expression became dead serious. He held up his right hand with two fingers. "If you don't accept one of the following two options I will not only expose this operation to my crew and the giants of Elbaf, but the whole world. One: leave this island and give up your operation. I'll allow you to give the World Government any information you want, but you must go. Two: remain here and continue your operation with the orphans, but you will not give the World Government any information of the Wukong Pirates here and will feed them any false information I want you to send them." He returned his hands to behind his back and looked around the rest of the cottage a bit. Without making eye contact with Caramel Apollo said: "I urge you to consider these two options, I'd hate to see what the my crew, or worse, the giants of Elbaf would do to this place if word got out about this."

Caramel grew silent as she pondered over the Apollo's proposal. In all honesty both weren't entirely bad alternatives. Option one allowed her to return to base and re-assess; given her opponent's capabilities, battling against them would be strictly out of the question. Option two allowed her to move on form the life of secrecy, something that has most certainly crossed her mind on numerous occasions. However, despite the benefits both of these options hold, both are most certainly out of the question. "You speak as if you hold a Royal Flush but you don't realize I've already rigged the game."

Decades ago, after the Giant Warrior Pirates disbanded, some of their members were captured by the Marines. Carmel worked with the government, and they performed a pretend execution ceremony in which Carmel acted as though she was trying to stop it in order to prevent a war and work for coexistence between races. The giants bought her act, and Carmel opened an orphanage called the Sheep's House on Elbaf, becoming known as the Holy Mother.

"Unlike that beast you call a captain, I'm a hero here. There's nothing you or that Foolish King's bastard daughter can do to change that." Finishing her lucy, Caramel concluded her respond with the following. "So go ahead, make your accusations. I have both the World Government and the Giants backing me...It's unfortunate really, you showed such promise and yet here you are making mistakes, alarming the enemy that you're planning to attack instead of just killing them. Seems like the Marejois was right to let you go."

Apollo retreated into a thinking stance, with his hand on his chin and his eyes closed. After a pause he said: "Well if that's your answer... then so be it. Your overconfidence may have bought you a day or two, but it has absolutely made my life a lot harder," Apollo turned around and walked towards the door and made a waving motion with his right hand. "Anyway good luck with everything, considering your situation will change quickly if you don't leave," Apollo opened the door and turned around before closing it. "Oh yeah by the way... I wouldn't bother with your transponder snails anymore. I never liked those things they're so unreliable..." With this Apollo closed the door and began to move at lightning speeds back towards the giant town to reunite with his captain.

The CATastrophe

Following the Wukong Pirates debut on Elbaf, Yin, Yang and their respective subordinates ventured out to complete their own missions as their captain watched as hopefully the first Queen of Elbaf won the throne.

Yang broke out from the core group and immediately went running towards the scent of Sake. Everything was huge for her. Yang being in cat form, normal humans were already giant for her, but now, Yang was nothing but an ant in this giant-verse. "Hmm? and I thought boss was giant enough already, but this is geez" Yang thought to itself, as it slipped past the stadium security and found a place near a large Giant sized Sake bowl. Licking the Sake from the bowl, Yang began its feast while eyeing on the ongoing tournament.

Abiding to his father's request, Loki quickly departed to keep tabs on the Great Ape's troops. But who to follow? There were so many pirates, some large, some small, how was he supposed to deduce which one would provide him with the most valuable piece of information. But among the crowd of pirates, one grabbed his attention. It wasn't a man with intimidating stature or a woman with unmatched beauty but rather a cat, so small and trivial. It's the perfect stealth transformation, capable of wandering the island without any issues. "It must be you, it has be!" Loki whispered to himself, lurking behind the cat and watching from the distance. "What ever you do, whatever you find, I'll be there to stop it!"

Yang continued to sip the drink from the bowl, as it sensed a menacing glare looking at it. Shivered by the thought, Yang continued to drink the Sake until it couldnt do much longer. Yang pounced up and began determining the location of the person staring at it. Until she should Loki, she began staring at him in a more menacing look.

Startled by the cat's ominous look, Loki fell to his feet abruptly. "A Cat sìth..." he mumbled, attempting to regain his composure. Ready to run tail and report back to Dad, a loss memory remerged in his mind. "He'll never be good as good as Thor." The disgusting thought murdered his fear and allowed him to restart his mission; he rose to his feet giggling. "OH ho, you could scare me CAT! I'm son of Odin, King of the Giants. I do not bow the the whim of a feline!" he chanted aloud.

Yang was intrigued by the Giants behavior, while she saw a Giant who wasnt as gigantic like the others she saw on her way, this particular Giant was taller than her boss, and she saw a childish heart in the giant body. Yang, nimbly approached Loki and scratched her back on the legs of Loki, waiting for his response.

"Oh no, is this the end!" Loki squinted his eyes shut with sweat dripping down his massive back as he awaited for immediate death as the feline so effortlessly approached him. But much to his surprise, he felt the warm soft feeling the cat's fur against his leg. "Oh no it's tryna seduce me with its cuteness!" he once again shriveled up in fear before realizing something rather peculiar. "Wait, it isn't working?!? Maybe if I pretend I'm seduced then she'll lower her guard down and I'll be able to catch her! I'm so smart, muahahahah!" Returning from his mental dialogue, Loki squated down and attempted to pet the cat with his pinky finger. "Who's a good kitty!" he spoke with a rather unnatural smile on his face.

Yangs, quick response was to bite Loki's pinky finger. "nenenunu nonannuninni nonune nenenenunina nininanne, noninane'ne nonane nunenunanunanu ?(stop yanking you stupid giant, what's yar problem ?)" Yang purred, violently at the little giant, the purr while previously being decipherable by Yang's crew-mates. It just appeared to be random cat noises to the stranger giant.

"OWWWWW!" Loki exclaimed, before realizing the bite didn't really hurt. "Oh right, I'm a Giant and this is a cat." For a second, Loki began to wonder what he was doing. "Why am I following a cat? A cat? A little feline that'll probably never give anything valuable." But just as Loki was regretting his tactical decisions, he noticed a hint of speech or pattern in the cat purrs. "What is it? What's wrong kitty kitty? Are you telling me where your ship is?"

Yang facepalmed in its head about the situation it was in. But deciding that it was a good way to waste some time, Yang motioned Loki to follow it and jolted down the street.

"Mission success!" Loki exclaimed, following the cat as the navigated through the streets of Elbaf. As they strolled through the country, Loki contemplated what he'd do if he came across one of the crew members. "I'll pretend to be a merchant, offer them goods and shit. Yea, yeah! That'll definitely work!" he thought confidently.

As Yang sprint across the streets, in her tiny kitty form with the giant Loki just behind her, she head-dashed straight to the feet of a mysterious figure. Yang was shocked for her life, immediately stopping to look at the figure. "No way did I not pick up his presence." Yang quickly transformed into her regular human form, immediately striking a fighting pose. "Who are you ?" she angry questioned. Words from Wukong and Barbarra, crept her brain, as long she was standing in the Giants lair, she was to cause no disruption in harmony. But the figure, standing in front of her was a human male and not of the Giant species.

The mysterious shadow, no revealed to be Shinzui, albeit over a lot of disguise. "A feline, turning into a beautiful maiden, only to turn the playground red with blood via her ball of yarn." Shinzui spoke prophetically. "You must be a companion of Great Pirate Wukong, am I right ?" he asked or rather questioned the duo, or in particularly, the Pirate Yang. He then gazed at Loki who was standing right behind her, although maintaining a bit of social distancing for the girl. "And... you must be the Giant Loki, son of Great Giant Odin and the younger brother of Thors of the Fifth Day of the Week."

"That doesn't matter !!" Yang spoke in a angered manner, bringing out her umbrella and pointing it towards Shinzui's nose. "How do you know Wukong ?" answer me, she questioned Shinzui, "tell me how and spare your life."

Shinzui feigned being threatened by the young lady, holding up his arms in a typical Hands up motion, in an act that felt like he was surrendering to her. But in his case,his palms reached to his face-level, rather than way up. "We were once comrades you see. We fought side by side and he was the best there was." As soon as he said best, he accompanied it with a "OK" gesture with his palms near his face level. This was all a means for Shinzui to collect information, as he wondered why Wukong was present in the island with his new crew. His gesture allowing him to read Yang's mind.

Yang was not satisfied with Shinzui's answer. "Stop playing around and tell me the truth. A foul-creature like you being a old friend of Boss ? I find that hard to believe. Tell me the truth or I will trigger my umbrella on your neck, turning you into ANOTHER corpse." She threatened the Shinzui.

By that time, Shinzui had finished gathering all information he needed and he was in a state of confusion. "Using that to do that ? Such a state is undeniable." Shinzui grumbled inside his own head. "I have to go,..." Shinzui excused himself. "But if you are truly are one of his men, then I will see you soon." he said, before flickering out of view.

Yang quickly jumped out of spot, trying to find her target using her low Kenbunshoku skills. But he was nowhere to be seen or sensed. She looked at Loki, who was larger than her, to scope around the area. "Who is he ? Should I report to the boss ?" she thought trying to analyze whatever happened.

Loki's eyes couldn't comprehend what he had seen. Cats turning into women, pirate history, teleportation, the life of the seas was not something the Royal giant was familiar with and was quite overwhelmed. "O-o-oi, uh, are you the cat I was following?" Loki questioned the female who seemed to be lost in thought. "Should I retreat now and report back to father. This should be more than enough information, right?!?" Somewhat scared, Loki slow back petaled in order to make his escape.

"Looks like this cat and mouse chase is over Giant." Ruby, have a retreating call to Loki, speaking to him for the first time via her human form. She began scouting the area for any evidence left over by the mysterious stranger. Then going to one of the rendezvous points she meets a Wukong messenger. "I want you to find boss and immediately give him this message." She narrates the entire incident to the messenger. "Now go..I will scout the area for more clues." The Messenger nods and quickly rushes towards Wukong to give him the message.

The Dark Horsemen

As the battles continued on Wukong felt a certain uneasiness in his stomach. It was familiar yet he could't exactly but his thumb on what it was. Be that as it may, he couldn't simply let this uneasiness remain unchecked, not when an alliance with the world's most powerful military was in the balance. Rising from his seat, Wukong began to follow the trail in which the feeling originated, telling his troops to remain attentive as he'd be back soon enough. As Kong ventured in that direction, a messenger suddenly crossed paths with him offering some insight on Yang's situation. "Seems the winds of the past are pushing against the present~saru." Wukong muttered as he continued to follow this uneasiness with a potential suspect in mind.

Having drunk at least a Giants Pint of Elbaf's finest Sake, Shinzui was just about to go watch the tournament unfolding itself, or rather he had business a pretty terrible one. But he wouldnt have it is way, not today. Just as he stepped out of the only normal sized bar in town. He was welcomed by the foot of a Giant Warrior. Immediately, sensing who it was, that it was none other than his old crew-mate. He jumped to the roof of the building, quickly enough to at the height of the Giants Chest, with a considerable distance maintained between the two. "Hello there Partner, what brings a Pirate here to Giants Haven, didn't the times you caused havoc whilst on the Ship of Red-Beard, satisfy your hunger-saru?" Shinzui was the first to bring up the conversation while mocking Wukong's accent.

Wukong rolled his eyes upon seeing his fellow comrade. "What are you doing here, Pestilence?" Wukong fought the urge to mutter his usual suffix as attempt to show times were no longer the same; the two were no longer horsemen apart of Redbeard's ships. "Fortunately, my business has nothing to do with you anymore, so why don't you scram before this becomes something it shouldn't~saru." He immediately regretted following up. Hitting his pipe, white haze began to emerge from his mouth as he awaited his old companion's response.

Shinzui smiled, as he heard the monkey's words after a long time, "I decide what whether the business as something to do with me or not, as much as I want to, I'd rather not stick my tongue out in this Giants Paradise." Shinzui spoke, holding the grip of a kunai hidden in his waist, "I am once again asking you. Not tired of your pirate life?"

Wukong rolled his eyes as Shinzui tried to control the conversation with his verbal finesse. With his interest more geared towards the semi-finals thats soon to occur, Wukong let out a deep sigh. "Aren't you tired of faking like you're not one." Wukong replied before turning around. "I don't have the time nor the interest in playing your games Pestilence. Do what ya want but interfere with my plans and I'll do what I should've done years ago~saru." Wukong commented, recalling the time he dreamt of killing the other Horsemen due to their disinterest in falling under his banner.

"Pestilence? I have dropped that name to the sea along with my former captains body...Uchihahahaha" Shinzui revealed, "Look , I am a Ninja of Wano, don't bother to categorize me in the same category as you, Giant Monkey. I am a Shinobi from the Country of Wano. What you couldn't do years ago do you think you can do it now ?"

Wukong suddenly stopped as heard Shinzui's words questioning his might. While Shinzui may have abandoned his name along with his captain, Wukong has succeeded him. Not only has become the World's Strongest Creature like his precursor but also he's about to claim the World's Greatest Military as well. He personally carries no shame in being a subordinate to Redbeard and the fact that Shinzui did, laughable. "Is that a challenge?" Wukong's inner gambling side started to kick in. "You couldn't keep up with me then, what would make you think you could now?" he turned, as his blood started to boil.

Shinzui jumped backwards in response to Wukongs war-cry. "What indeed? Who knows? It would depend on whether you can actually strike me and create a ruckus? Would you dare to do that? Especially today?" He replied, patiently, waiting for the Monkey to climb the wrong tree (make a wrong move).

Wukong wasn't one to second guess himself. The opinions of sheep mattered not to a lion, or in this case monkey. In actuality, if Shinzui was determined to sabotage or ruin the festivities of this event, it would naturally fall on Wukong to put the threat to rest, or else what would be the point of the alliance. The clouds that carried over during Wukong's original appearance of Elbaf began to metastasized and rumble above. "I guess you were never pirate. You wouldn't understand that formalities are customs taught and upheld by the weak, I have no time for such things~saru." If Shinzui insisted on making this a big deal, Wukong would certainly address it.

"You are wrong," Shinzui rebuked, "Formalities are customs upheld by the strong, which is why only the minority upheld to those standards. Unfortunately, Shinobi and Pirates do not partake in such nonsenses" he would add, "There is no way I can stop you single-handedly without causing a ruckus." Shinzui would then fade away from Wukong's sight, similar to how he did with Yang.