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Failed Revolution Successful Retribution
Date Started: July10th, 2021

Date Finished: , 2021

Setting: Cereal Island

Characters Involved:

Synopsis: After getting beat by the Red Scarfs Akio and his squad have been ridiculed by their fellow marines for months and Akio, fed up with them, decides to do a solo mission where he takes out the Revolutionaries of Destruction to redeem himself.


"Yo, Rookie Losing Loser, get me a drink from over there" Akio sighed saying "You know, I don't even know your name, what's your rank?" the guy replies "Lieutenant. Why" Akio grits his teeth and responds "I'm your superior so naturally instead of bullying me you should be respecting me." the man then laughs "Hehehe..Why sshould I? Your nothing but a loser that lost to a ro-". Akio then slams the lieutenant's face into the wall and says "You know what? I'm done tolerating you and the rest of you", looking at the rest of the marines in the base "Just to prove it, I'm gonna hunt down all the Revolutionaries of Destruction and I'm gonna come back and you, all of you will give me my respect". One of the marines shout "SURE! WITH A VICE ADMIRAL BY YOUR SIDE!" and Akio shouts back "NO! I'M DOING IT SOLO.", this statement causes a ruckus in the base and Akio leaves, saying "I'm too tired for this, but I'm more tired of these random guys just disrespecting me cause I lost to a "rookie". And I want to make them eat their damn words.". He then gets on a sloop but gets stopped by a Myoga that seemed to just wake up pleading "Akio! What do you think your doing, do you have a death wish?" Akio replies "You too huh?" Myoga looks at him in confusion and says "Me too?" Akio says "I haven't went on a mission in 6 months, after we had that run-in with the Red Scarfs, I spent those 6 months training and working on myself with a "friend" per say and trust me. I can take them on." Myoga sighs and replies "I've done the same, but-" Akio cuts her off "Look, I'm gonna go no matter what, so just go on another mission or something and stay safe." then he takes off in the sloop, to their rumored base of operations, Cereal Island and he says "It's not confirmed but it's a start."

The Revolutionaries of Destruction

Mitch shouted "Alright boys, expect another attack today, kill everyone who comes and make sure they dont get out to tell their friends that The Revolutionaries of Destruction are stationed at Cereal Island" and they respond "Yes Sir!". Then the man walked into a room to the army commanders and the higher ranking officers, including Orpheus, then Katrina says "So you're anticipating another attack today huh?" Mitch takes a seat and replies "Precisely, oh and Gilbert! Hows the extra explode-y gunpowder going?" Gilbet answers "I've finished it actually, I've been working on a mobile cannon that can contain atleast 4 soldiers." Mitch says "Well that's very very good. Now then, army commanders, ready your squads, officers, go with them, Orpheus, turn into a griffon so no one will recognize you." Hugo chuckles and says "Straight to business huh?" Mitch replies "Yes, and this time, we bring the fight to them!We'll meet them halfway, and we will kill them" Orpheus whispers "B- but how do we know they are coming" Mitch slams his hand down on the table infront of Orpheus, looking straight down at him and says " Gilbert tell him your little theory why don't you?" Gilbert says "Yes sir, so everytime there has been an attack it has been around this time, every month, ever since it was rumored we were stationed here.". And then Mitch continues, saying "Aaaaaaaaaaaanyways it's time for you people to go and ready your personal ships and Gilbert, supply each ship with that special gunpowder will you?" and they all go their seperate ways to ready their squads. Katrina, with Camille rallies up her fleet and like clockwork they all start readying the ships and Katrina orders "Oh and this is half a raid so don't pack as much food." Camille cheers up the officers who are in a bad mood and around 10 minutes later the fleet is ready and Camille picks up the den den mushi they have on the main ship and mocks the rest of the officers but then Hugo, slightly irritated by her mocking him and Ivan's fleet picks up saying "Who said we weren't done? Stop mocking us and start praying that I don't kill you when we get back." then he angrily hangs up and orders the officers to load the cannons. Mitch gets on his personal ship with Orpheus in his hippogriff form and he connects to the den den mushi and says "It's time, Everyone takes off from a different angle, Hugo you go west, Katrina south and Ivan East. Got that? And after an hour we all return here". Everyone get ready and leaves to their respective places.

The Fall

After 30 minutes of sailing Akio finally arrives to an empty Cereal Island and he sighs in exhaustion and says "Maybe they're deeper in the island". As explores the island he finds a bunch of buildings which have the Revolutionaries of Destruction's marking on it and he says "Hm, so this is their island huh? Then" he yawns and continues "Where are they exactly?" and he stops and decides to investigate the base and he finds many plans to take down the marines and even plans to kill the celestial dragons. Akio then says "I'll take these, and not many people know this exists, so perhaps after I take these bastards down I can take these buildings out and have my personal safe haven." he then chuckles and says "That would be nice.". After investigating all the building he then says "From the looks of it they are out on a raid of sorts, so, I'll just wait on them right here." he sits down at what seems to be the port of the island and he starts to yawn and eventually drifts away to sleep.

30 minutes later

The fleets return to the island and all the officers and army commanders disembark their ships and the high end officers and army commanders walk to Mitch and they all say "We saw no one on the way here" Mitch replies "Really now? Well, I caught a bounty hunter getting ready to kill us alone. What a sad idiot?". Then they overhear a man shouting "WHO THE HELL INTERRUPTED MY GOD DAMN SLEEP!?" and he starts beating up all the officers around him and turns to the bunch and then he remembers "Oh yeah, you're the Revolutionaries of Destruction correct?" Mitch replies "Yes, in the flesh." and the man says "Well, I'll be taking you to prison then." all the people near him laugh, including the army commanders and then Hugo says "Yeah, I'd like you to see you try, and die, just like the rest of your marine friends" they start laughing even harder. But then Akio punches Hugo into one of the ships and reveals his talons and says "I'm really tired of being laughed at y'know?" then he goes to slash at Camille and wounds her deeply. Then Katrina tries to cut him down but he dodges quite easily and punches her into the ground. And he turns to Ivan and punches him into the air, throws him down to the floor and skydives Mitch. Then he says "Do I have your attention now? Thank you. Now then, your gonna just come with me into the ship and you'll get prosecuted. Sounds good?" then everyone of them get back up and Hugo says "Alright, I'll take you seriously." the rest of them nod. Akio replies "Well show me, 1 on 1, or 2 on 1. Won't make a difference.". Then Hugo gets even angrier and charges at Akio and knocks him back. Then Akio punches him back, launching him into the ship again and then Hugo calls Magatsu and they both get ready to fight Akio and then Magatsu slashes at him cutting into his arm and Hugo punches him into a nearby tree. Then Akio gets back up and he retaliates by cutting into both of them with his talons and then he throws Hugo way into a far away building and punches Magatsu, but it doesn't knock him out like Akio expected it to and he says "Durable aren't you?" then Magatsu does a surprise attack, slashing into his chest. Then Akio rapidly punches Magatsu, his chest, his face, his shoulder, his gut, in a cycle over and over again, leaving Magatsu on his last legs. Akio then punches him into the ground. Katrina and Camille then dashes at him and Camille uses her speed and starts to damage everywhere and Katrina tries to slash at him but he grabs Camille and says "Sorry about this ladies" then he throws Camille into Katrina distracting both of them. Katrina catches Camille and Akio grabs them both and flies them above the clouds and drops them and he says "They'll live, I think." then he flies back down to see them completely winded but not ready to give up. Then Katrina deepens the cut that Magatsu made with her sword, albeit very sloppily. This slows down Akio a bit and he starts to cough but Camille takes advantage and starts to try to take him out before he gets up but he tries to slap her away with his wings which she dodges. Katrina then tries to stab him in the gut but he regains his senses completely and rolls out the way and scratches her face with his talons. Giving her a scar on her face. Angry, she tries to behead him but he once again dodges and uppercuts her. He barely dodges it, cutting a piece of hair off his head. He looks at the lock of hair and sighs. He then flies back and grabs her face with his talon-foot and slams her into the ground, knocking her out. At this point he appears a lot more tired and he says "Dodging your attacks are getting a bit tiring..." and he flies up into the sky and comes down like a bullet and stabs Camille in the chest which leaves her incapacitated. He then looks to Mitch, Ivan and Gilbert and he says "Wanna surrender now?" Mitch then signals to the people still on the ship, then they start firing the cannons at Akio who doesn't manage to dodge all of them but he manages to get out of the barrage and immediately flies up to Gilbert and punches him into the sea which catches him by surprise and knocks him out. But then Ivan punches Akio into the ground and Akio slowly gets up and screeches at Ivan which disorientates him enough for him to land a hit on him but Ivan retaliates by punching him again, knocking him back. Then Akio, seeing that a simple approach wouldn't help him, decides to fly into a ship. Ivan then commands all the men on board the ship to kill him, but Akio bursts out the hull and rips off the anchor, causing the ship to float away and he then speeds to Ivan and wraps him up with the chains of the anchor tightly and tosses the anchor into the sea, dragging Ivan into the sea. Then he turns to Mitch and Mitch says "Heheheheh, your a strong one aren't you?" Akio, worn out, replies "Let's get this over with please?" Mitch then speeds past him, jumps and punches him in the shoulder, Akio then jumps back and asks "How did you get behind me so fast?" Mitch replies "Oh that's just my thing you know?" he then segways into another topic, saying "Now it's your turn. Hit me!". Akio then prepares to stab him but Mitch simply dodges and hits him in the head. Akio then turns to Mitch and screeches at him, distracting him and he then stabs him in both his legs with both his talons, then he stabs him in the chest. Mitch then falls to the ground laughing but then he looks to Orpheus and he shouts "PICK ME UP!" Orpheus then turns into a hippogriff and flies to grab Mitch but Akio grabs onto his hoofs and slams him into the ground, causing him to transform back into a human, then Akio turns back to Mitch, but finds he isn't there and is instead fleeing into the ocean, following Gilbert. Akio then goes to follow him but he remembers Orpheus and he goes back and wakes up Orpheus who says "Is he gone?" Akio asks "Was he forcing him to work for you?" Orpheus nods and says "T-The rest of the officers.." but both of them look up to see them cowering in fear. Akio says "Seems we won't have to worry about that huh?" he then asks "Hey wanna be a marine?" Orpheus says "Really? Although I worked for them" Akio replies "You don't even have a bounty." Orpheus grins weakly and he says "It's like I'm finally free." Akio asks "Well is that a no or a yes?" Orpheus stops and thinks for a second and answers "I want to.. but I think I'm too weak." Akio responds "Well I could take you under my wing." as he covers him with his wing. Orpheus says "Sure I'll become a marine.. and I'll make sure that no one else like that maniac Mitch comes to power." Akio helps him up and says "That's the spirit!" Orpheus then points to Mitch's ship and says "Someone's in here. He's a marine." so they both get in the ship and see a orange haired boy about Orpheus' age roped up and dragging themselves on the floor, trying to knock over a table with a devil fruit on it. He knocks over the table and catches the devil fruit in his mouth, looking at Akio and Orpheus daringly. He then bites into the devil fruit and revolts at the taste of it, seeming like he's gonna vomit. then Akio cuts the rope and he says "You can trust us, I'm Liutenant Akio Hiyashi and he's..." Orpheus says "Izanagi Orpheus" Akio continues "Yeah, and he's not a marine yet but he's still with me." the boy brushes himself off and says "My name's Vesuvius." Akio replies "Well it's nice to meet you but would you mind helping out with packing up these guys", pointing at the unconscious revolutionaries. However one of the revolutionaries, Magatsu, managed to get away but Akio, being extremely fatigued didn't notice.


The two marines and Orpheus finish immobilizing the revolutionaries that were there and they got them in Akio's sloop. Akio then says "By the way, what was that devil fruit Vesuvius?" Vesuvius replies "I don't know.. but I guess we'll figure it out.".

Back at Cereal Island Magatsu hid in the trees where he saw Akio, Orpheus and Vesuvius leaving he then says " damned traitor, and that marine...I'll get my revenge. I'm sure of it. So watch yourselves cause the Revolutionaries Of Destruction will be back. And more destructive than ever!"