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Fedora C. John is a very tall human and an infamous pirate and the captain of the Mad Pirates. He is from a kingdom called the Kingdom of Hearts and his father was a famous marine and his mother was a chef for the king there. He is known for his hypnosis techniques and his experiments that are deemed strange. He also just ate the compress compress fruit.


He is very tall,nearly standing seven feet tall. His height is also seemed taller when he wears his famous top hat,which make him seem seven inches taller. He is also a very thin for his height. He has long,black hair which goes with his black suit he usually wears. He also wears long,laced up,black, combat boots instead of fancy boots to go with his suit. He also carries a pocket watch that is usually in his chest-pocket.


John is mostly social and nice to those he is friends with,especially his crew in the Mad Pirates. He is usually laid-backed and peaceful whenever he is not studying in the latest chemistry or doing any of his experiments. He loves to sometimes annoy people with his riddles that he knows sometimes,even exchanging riddles with his friend Abbott C. Hak who also knows some great riddles. He also has a fond of drinking tea and smoking grass whenever he has the time for it, as it greatly calms him. He is very loyal to his crew and will be very kind to those that are his friends. He is also best friends with his first mate,Fitzroy K. Alice, since they have known each other since they were children, as with most of the Mad Pirates crew. They all had grown up with each other and lived in the same island.

Abilities and Powers

As he grew up, he gained two abilities,he was specializing in chemistry and baking. He would learn how to bake from his mom,who was the head beker for the monarch in the Kingdom of Hearts. He gained chemistry skills from his dad,who was a marine chemist. He became very skilled in those skills,that he decided to use both at the same time. So he can create his experiments in food.

His experiments are of the strange type. He likes to work on mushrooms a lot,sometimes drugging tea with things. He mixes his serums with cake batter most times to place it in cakes. He is best known for two things though,for making a growth serum (similar to what his dad made) and placing it in a cake and feeds it to his crewmates sometimes if needed or if he wants to pull a prank on them. He also made a clear liquid that's a shrinking potion. With the pet cat,Sam the Cat.


Besides owning a standard pistol. He has a steel pipe he uses to fight. He trained himself in using 3 styles of stick fighting,but is willing to train himself some more. He also with his experiments added another element to his pole,he can turn his pole on fire. With a press of a button on the pole,the pole can turn itself on fire.

With John being a chemist,he can create things that can be useful in battle. For example,he can make smoke pellets for him to drop to get away from certain situations.


John was born at the Kingdom of Hearts in the East Blue. His mother was a baker for the kingdom and his father was a marine chemist. When he was born,he was born short,but thanks to his dad's chemistry,he was able to have a taller height than he was supposed to. The formula was fed to him when he was 14,he was 4' 11" and wasn't expected to grow anymore,but with his dad's formula,he grew to a near 7 feet by the age of 18.

Ever since he was young,he was curious what the life of a pirate was like,and what lies beyond the oceans. So he formed a crew,most of them being his great friends that he convinced to join,and decided they will take on the seas.




Breath of the Wild

Buried In The Sand

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