Paolo Gilliamo
Age 17
Birth name
Also known as
Birth Date
Gender Male
Occupation(s) Pirate
Affiliation Ginka Pirates
Bounty 49,000,000
Devil Fruit Crab Crab Fruit

Felicio Ganderas is the first mate of the Ginka Pirates.

Appearance and Personality

Felicio Ganderas is a young man with long brown hair and an aggressive face. He is usually very humorous, but can get cocky very easily.

Powers and Abilities

Felicio ate the Zoan type Crab Crab fruit, making him a Crab man. In battle, he prefers to use a cutlass.


After having left his home island, Paolo Gilliamo encounters the bandit leader Felicio Ganderas. After fighting him for a while, he chooses to become a bandit himself, but soon realizes that his destination is to find One Piece. After he and Felicio are able to defeat the Bandit King Higuma, they steal a ship from a local noble and start their adventure. Later, the two are caught by the marines and brought into jale where a mysterious woman frees them. She states that her name is Tabitha Blackmight and that she ever wanted to become a pirate, not at least because her late husband was one. When they try to flee from the jail, they have to fight the torturer Ferras, who is defeated by a combinated attack of Paolo and Tabitha. On the prate ship they used to flee, they find the sickly looking vagabond Didier Horas, who has never had any friends. Paolo chooses to recruit him due to Didiers devil fruit powers. After many adventures, they encounter Felicios brother Fernando Harrossi, a Den Den Mushi expert, who ever wanted to see his brother, whom he thought death and Francesca Swallow, a priestess with overnatural powers caused by a Devil Fruit. Both of them join the crew, soon followed by the former marine lieutenant Eduardo Bartiso, who wants to become the frendliest man in the world. Now they enter Grand Line, soon reaching the kingdom of Barramundo. After defeating its cruel tyrant, Cuda, they are joined by Barracco Guranjiera, a short man with incredible fighting skills and Yanus Liccia, an ex-Impel Down jailer with the powers of a devil fruit. Their adventure is yet to be continued.