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Fermi, also known by his alias Midorinari, is a Fox Humink and an Admiral of the Marines. He is known for being well antiquated with the World Nobles and the World Government as a whole and even assists them personally upon request. Fermi was also associated with Roxas before eventually moving out and, after joining the Marines, assisted their Marine Science Unit in helping develop material using seastones. Fermi also had previous ties to Germa Kingdom but decided to cut ties from them after revealing to the World Government that they have been making under-the-ground deals with pirates and other notable organizations.


Fermi is a very tall Humink that has a lot of fox features including the ears and two tails. His suit's attire consists of a dark green shirt with a yellow tie. He also wears dark green pants and white shoes.


Fermi, overall, is a very uptight and strict man who believes in hard work and swift punishment. Fermi often speaks in a professional tone often using bigger words to describe things (like instead of saying "the work must be done faster", he would say "the assignment must be completed at a more accelerated pace"). It has become a running gag where people will often tell him to word it easier and he will often do so if he feels like it. This is also quite ironic as Fermi is a man who values time over anything and often wastes it himself by having to explain what he means better.

Fermi is also known for keeping a calm and rational head rarely losing his cool and letting others get to him. Even when he was a child and was constantly picked on others for his Mink heritage (especially with his ears, tails, and paws for feet/legs), Fermi didn't let that get to him and instead kept focusing on his own plans. Even when faced with possible danger, Fermi will do his best not to express any fear and even stated that an honorable death is one who fought hard to stay alive.

Probably the most well known quirk about Fermi's personality is his workaholic nature. Fermi will often spend nights sleeping less and more of working on plans on how to deal with pirates or doing certain other things like taking late night strolls. There will be times where he considers 30 minutes enough time for a full night sleep and is often convinced to rest himself better before a major event (such as a war, liberating an island/kingdom, etc.) Fermi himself doesn't believe in taking breaks even once saying that in those 30 minutes, a whole fleet of pirates could've been rounded up. Fermi firmly believes in his own motto, "Unrest Justice" (アンレストジャスティス), as he feels like Justice must be carried out 24/7, day and night.

This personality often extends into how he fights as well. Thanks to his Devil Fruit powers, Fermi will often try to end battle as quick as possible. He even states that one shouldn't waste their time on one pirate as hundreds could've been rounded up in no time. There will be times he would allow pirates to hit him and take recoil damage as part of his powers, but Fermi states that it's because it is to allow pirates know they are fighting a fight they cannot win and the fastest solution is to force them to surrender on a spot. However, if someone is giving Fermi a hard time in battle, Fermi will get annoyed saying how he is losing precious times and will get a lot more destructive with his powers.

Fermi's view of hard work also extends to why he hates pirates. Fermi often says that people who become pirates are trying to find the "easy way out" since pirates take pride in stealing/robbing from others instead of being willing to join the Marines and work hard to earn their pay. This disdain, of course, was built from when he was a child after his parents became rich and stopped working and a village Fermi was staying in was often plundered by pirates who would steal from earnest people. Even the Warlords who ally with the World Government, Fermi still views them as even worse as they're still pirates who's crimes tend to get overlooked.

Another trait of Fermi is his devotion to the World Nobles. Thanks to personally assisting them for years, Fermi has grew to view their ways as just and will not tolerate anyone speaking ill about them. Fermi once caught a Marine calling the World Nobles as "uptight slobs" and Fermi was quick to kill the Marine saying that no Marine should ever speak ill of a Noble. When even people point out that the WNs are the most laziest of people in the world, Fermi simply states that their mere existence is their own work as the WG wouldn't exist without them as the world needs the WG to keep the pirates in line. He also views the World Government in high regard and isn't afraid to do jobs for them all while balancing out his duties as a Marine.

When not in battle and is "relaxing," Fermi's activities often involve work in a way especially since he is an effective fighter. He will often lift weights even while he is in the middle of viewing over pirate bounties while eating his meal. He has even also allowed himself to lift weights with his tails while sleeping at night. Fermi also appreciates hard work from others but hates laziness as seen when he saw Marines training while it was supposed to be lunch time and other Marines sleeping through instructions. Fermi's night activities include contrasting things and taking long runs outside.



"I am a very proud member of the Marines. It is my duty to execute Justice to those that are very well deserving of it. By any means necessary."
—Fermi addressing his status as a Marine.

Fermi is very dedicated to the Marines and has looked up to them ever since he was a child. This is because Fermi sees them as hard working people that try to protect the world with their own lives. He seems them as the top of the working class much unlike with pirates as he always view them as "taking the easy way out." As such, Fermi will show no mercy toward any pirates and is quick to exact Justice toward the most notorious of pirates.


Elio Giovanni

Fermi was very upset at Elio Giovanni for causing trouble at the Sabaody Archipelago. Even though he is a pirate, Fermi still grew to respect Gio's strength. This was shown after Fermi defeats Gio but offered him up a position on the Shichibukai instead of killing him saying that it will be a waste to let someone strong die out. Despite this, Fermi is often annoyed by Gio when the latter starts to demand food for his services.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Physical abilities

Even without using his Devil Fruit powers, Fermi is a very strong individual. Thanks to his Mink heritage, he has enhanced agility and strength being able to crush giant rocks with kicks. Fermi also likes to work and train hard on a daily bases as he is even able to keep his strength up high whenever he sleeps. After learning about the Rokushiki from watching other Marines and Vice Admirals use it, Fermi was able to pick up on their moves. More specially, he found that Soru and Tekkai are the most useful as it boosts his speed and defense any more. Soru combined with his Mink heritage speed allows him to move so fast it makes it seem like he is appearing in more places at once (afterimages). His Tekkai enhanced body combined with Haki allows him to reset even the strongest of cannon fire without so much of a scratch. Many often will say his destructive powers can match up to a Yonko though he as yet to fight one (as of right now at least). One of his feats include easily taking down Purplebeard who was a notorious pirate with over one hundred million bounty on his head and this was back when he was barely considered a rookie. However, one of his best feats is stopping an entire civil war that lasted for weeks and easily dominated the self-proclaimed Island Conquer Zero D. Rooke in battle (though the latter was able to escape that's to a sudden intervention of another crewmate's Devil Fruit powers).

Fermi is shown to have strong will being able to resist Conquer's Haki users. Thanks to his training and workaholic nature, Fermi is also immune to any sleep-related Devil Fruits as he considers work a bigger priority than sleep. He can also resist extreme temperatures being able to walk around in a desert with his uniform still on and on Drum Island without wearing a jacket (though both of these could contributed to his Devil Fruit powers and his Mink heritage). Fermi is also immune to any lust-related Devil Fruits as he considers work the best thing in his life. This later be shown when the Mero Mero no Mi user tried to use the Mero-Mero Beam on him but it had no effect.

These feats are what allowed him to solve certain crises when they arose such as helping to settle down pirate raids on islands single handedly. He was even called up to participate in a Buster Call showing the World Government views him in high regard. He was also shown to calm down riots during slave auctions and when visiting Impel Down, his presence alone is enough to silence even the criminals on Level 6 (especially the inmates that Fermi himself personally caused their imprisonment).

Angrboda D. Seiryuu, his main rival, has stated that Fermi is indeed way stronger than Tatsuya Ryushiki, who is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and the ruler of Dressrosa.[2]

Fermi is also strong enough to survive attacks from the Yonko Donk E. Kong and even is strong enough to damage him alongside his Devil Fruit powers. Though he lost to him in their one-on-one fight, Fermi still survived Kong's onslaught and was able to get back into the fight.[3]

Tactical prowess

Being a very level-headed man, Fermi is really good a coming up with solutions and battle plans. This was shown as early in his rookie days when he was able to lure Purplebeard to the beach knowing it will result in less causalities. He also rescued a World Noble be specifically targeting her kidnapper first and securing her safety first and foremost. And, of course, his plan to stop a civil war of a country was to have Marines stationed around every entry point and used his Haki to seek out the source of the civil war (a vice ruler who wanted full control that had the most malice which Fermi could sense from far away) and take him out resulting in far less deaths then they were imagining.


Because of his workaholic nature and training, Fermi can fight in battle for a very long time and take a lot of hits though he would rather end a battle quickly. This usually involves fighting against a tough army of pirates or trying to solve a problem that involves an entire island. One of Fermi's best feats of endurance, as stated above, was helping calming down a civil war for a week straight without sleeping. He is also able to walk/run through entire deserts and climb up mountains without so much as panting. Fermi himself states that anyone can achieve this feat of endurance if they're willing to put forth as much training and hard work as he does.

Devil Fruit

Main article: Ganma Ganma no Mi

Fermi ate the Ganma Ganma no Mi, a Logia-class Devil Fruit that allows him to control, manipulate, and control nuclear energy. This Devil Fruit is very powerful as one using a direct attack against him will result in getting blown up (as attacking a nuclear core in general is just asking for trouble). Fermi mainly uses his powers to fire gamma beams at his foes which is hot enough to go through their bodies instantly and leaves behind large explosions in their wake. It should be noted that even if someone dodges the blasts, the user can still be infected by the nuclear radiation if they stand near him long enough. Of course, Fermi himself can control the amounts of nuclear energy he puts off and often just tries to kill or incapacitate his opponents as quick as possible. Fermi can also store up a lot of nuclear energy into a small orb and then toss it which is strong enough to nuke an entire island. Use of his powers too much in an area could also make it uninhabitable since it can be permanently be corrupted by his powers. People who are hit with his Devil Fruit powers directly will turn bright green and eventually die from radiation poisoning if not treated. Naturally, Fermi is also immune to any type of radiation and a unique piece of trivia that he can stare into the sun's rays for as long as he wants without worrying about being blinded.

Fermi has also put partial use to his powers especially when combined with Electro. Fermi's gamma/nuclear radiation can be used in power sources to help power certain things such as buildings and even entire cities. Fermi is also a lot cleaner as he can make it so that certain power plants he controls don't let out dangerous smoke/fumes. Although, he does still advise those without bio suits should stay away from the high levels of radiation. Fermi also has his own personal vehicle, a type of hovercar, that is powered by his powers that he uses to fly through the air.


Fermi possesses both Busoshoku Haki and Kenbunshoku Haki. Fermi actually had Kenbunshoku Haki since he was a kid as he was always able to pick up other people's conversations or other sounds that cannot be normally heard by people. He was often dismissed by his parents saying it's mainly his Mink heritage with his fox ears but Fermi knew he always could pick up noises better than his full-Mink mom. Later in his life, once he was in danger due to a sudden pirate raid, Fermi was able to pick up on their presence themselves and knew how close they were to him. Much later during training with Vice Admirals, they were able to confirm he does have Kenbunshoku Haki. Fermi mainly uses Kenbunshoku Haki to pick up on the emotions and presence of other people. This ability is useful when he was able to find the person who was the source of a civil war and take him out specially. Fermi is also able to pick up on any sneak attacks with this Haki.

During his more extensive training with Vice Admirals, Fermi was able to use Busoshoku Haki. Naturally, Fermi uses this to increase his attack power and attack other Logia users easily. Fermi can harden up not only his body and legs but his tails as well allowing for a more effective tool. Fermi can also harden his entire body with Busoshoku Haki and combines it with Tekkai that allows him to resist almost any attack that is throw at him (best feat of strength was taking a ship-sized cannon without a scratch). Fermi is also able to use the advanced form of Busoshoku Haki allowing him to attack others without making direct contact. Although he often does use his Devil Fruit powers to attack from a distance, this technique is a great up close option should someone try to get close to him. Fermi can also apply this Haki to his weapon so it would't break too easily.

Electro and Sulong

Being half Mink, Fermi has access to both Electro and Sulong but it's more of imperfect versions considering his human half. Fermi's Electro is often strong enough to at least break apart trees when concentrated enough but Fermi often uses his Ganma powers in battle instead. Fermi often uses Electro to, instead, power certain devices though his DF powers can also power objects as well. Fermi's Electro also sparks whenever he is clashing with a tough individual with Haki.

As for his Sulong form, only Fermi's hair and tail glows pure white with his eyes turning read instead of his entire body. Fermi's strength and speed are improved even more making fighting him at night under a full moon a challenge. Fermi often describes himself in this state "calm but ready to explode". As such, Fermi does train himself to control his form and is especially helpful when fighting at night (considering he does tend to take strolls at night and will often take down rouge pirates or bandits that crosses his path). Once it was later revealed that Fermi was a rare "Special Humink" after training his body more, he has gained access to using the full power of Electro and Sulong.


Fermi wields a kusarigama which is a Japanese weapon that has a blade on one end and a long chain at the end. The entire chain part of the weapon is made out of seastone and he often uses it to bind Devil Fruit users weakening them on contact and, if necessary, use the blade part of the weapon to stab/cut people with. Fermi often radiates it with his powers first and, naturally, Fermi has enough skill with his weapon to not accidentally hit himself with the chain part of it. Fermi created this weapon when he was helping with sea-stone enhancements while he was assistant the Marine Science Unit as stated above. Fermi's kusarigama is a little different from traditional ones as the chain itself can retract in and out of the socket and is able to extend it out by pressing a button on it.


Before Joining the Marines/Affiliation with the Marine Scientist Unit

Fermi grew up as an only child to a family of researchers (one of them, his mother, was a full Mink) who were stationed on an island in Roxas. They were a known family that always valued hard work and raised Fermi to be that way. Fermi himself actually enjoyed the concept of hard work and even spent his free time making smaller inventions such as small cannons and other devices like hand-made remotes. Fermi also often likes to train himself physically as he always wanted to be a strong Marine. Fermi will often watch announcements or read newspapers on how pirates will pillage villages and cause trouble but the hard-working Marines will always put a stop to them and ensure people are safe. For a time, Fermi felt like he was in a good place until a few months later.

Months later, Fermi's parents actually won a major lottery and became millionaires in an instant. Fermi thought his parents would've used the money to buy even more supplies to work on or at least relocate to a different island with more resources but, instead, decided to quit their jobs and live in luxuray without having to do a thing anymore. Fermi was of course displeased by his parents decision and even begged them to reconsider. However, they themselves told him that work is work until you're suddenly rich and don't have to work anymore. Over time, they became far more lazy and overweight and even hired servants to tend to their every need and will. Fermi grew even more upset by his parents even going far as saying they're worse than pirates. Fermi then decided to leave home knowing his parents wouldn't miss him when he was gone and decided to head out on a boat he modified himself toward a distant island leaving Roxas.

Fermi eventually found himself on an island (lets call it Yango) that is fairly populated with people. Fermi is relived by each of them appearing to be hard at work. Unfortunately, when Fermi made himself known to the people, they all started to shun him because of his half-Mink nature. Minks, in general, are rare to see around and the people of Yango are the same type that also view Fishmen in the same light. Because of this, Fermi lived out in an abandoned house in a forest and lived off of the many fruits and fish he is able to gather up. Fermi actually liked this solitude mostly because it's good work and appeals to his Mink half. Fermi will build up the house using different types of resources he found throughout the forest. Over time, as Fermi is training himself and takes his short breaks to eat, his ears will often pick up the conversations heard in town. They will often say things like "They wondered where that Mink child" went or even saying things like "Wonder if he got eaten already." This was mainly from the children and harsh adults telling their children to stay away but Fermi will often just ignore this saying he is what is and lives his own life.

Periodically, there will be hunters going into the forest mainly for deer to hunt and Fermi knows to get out of their way. Over time, Fermi would eventually be able to actually pick up the hunter's presence not just by his ears but by reading over their auras. Of course, Fermi didn't know that he had awakened his Observation Haki as the danger of being killed by the hunters every time was high. Thanks to this, Fermi was able to stay out of their range each time and continued to live his life in solitude while continuing to craft many things out of the stuff he had. More months then years have passed and Fermi will still spy on the village at times to see what is happening even using his Observation Haki to sense their activities. However, the people of Yango soon start to become more reliant on advanced technology and their people started to not do as much work anymore. Especially since it's mayor actually wanted the "do it themselves" machinery. Fermi was upset by this knowing these people ended up the same way as his parents was and suddenly wanted to leave the island. His desire to join the Marines rises even more despite his younger age. It should be noted that around this time, Fermi found a strange fruit in the forest that was being guarded by a large hawk and after taking down the hawk, claims the fruit for himself and eats it. Of course, this will be the Ganma Ganma no Mi but he won't discover he has these powers until sometime later.

One day not too long later, a bunch of pirates started a massive raid the island of Yango. They started to plunder stores, steal crops, and even kill innocent bystanders that tried to oppose them. Fermi was able to sense them from afar and tried to keep quiet in his house. Fermi was disgusted by the pirate's actions as, while they did treated him harshly and they grew lazy themselves over time, Fermi, at the end of the day, still hates the pirate's need of pillaging more saying their tickets to life is to steal from others all the time.

Unfortunately for him, a bunch of pirates come crashing into Fermi's house and were pleased by how much stuff he created in his free time. They were opting to steal it all and spare the young Humink's life but Fermi refused to let his hard work go to pirates. Fermi does start to knock away some of the pirates thanks to his strength from all of his wilderness training, but he was quickly overwhelmed by their numbers. Just right as the pirate captain was about to kill him, a bunch of Marines arrived on the scene. Turned out the mayor called in the Marines as soon the pirates invaded and were able to get there fast.

The Marines and the pirates fought with Fermi cheering on the Marines.

However, when one Marine gets stabbed and was about to get killed by one of the pirate captain's men, Fermi suddenly shot out a green beam that went through the man killing him and left a large explosion in his wake. The pirates and Marines alike was shocked by this and the pirate captain, pissed by his fallen comrade, charges Fermi but when he attacks, his attack went through him. Having realized he has powers, Fermi then explodes his body onto the captain knocking him out. The rest of the pirate soon cower in fear leaving them easy targets for the Marines to round up.

As the Marines were discussing their plans, Fermi walks up to one wanting to join their cause saying he is indeed strong and wanted to be hard workers like they are. The Marines, though grateful for his help and wanting to join them, said that they may not feel right about a Mink joining them even if he is just part Mink. Fermi keeps insisting that he will work hard saying that both his parents and the people of Yango became lazy and wanted to do something more in his life. The Marines pondered a bit and after seeing how he constructed items in his house on top of his Devil Fruit powers, the Marines decided to let him join.

Of course, after getting to Navy HQ, the higher ups were furious that their men bought back a half-Mink saying that the WN's will never hear the end of this if they should catch on. However, they eventually got convinced to let him join after hearing about his inventive prowess and powerful Devil Fruit powers but let him work in solitude or away from everyone else. Of course, Fermi valued the work but was getting the cold shoulder from everyone else. Fermi didn't really care and was just happy to be actually doing work.

Sooner or later, Fermi finished all of his assignments early and was wondering about the base looking for more work to do. He soon stumbles upon a scientist who was trying to work on a device that was requested to be made. Fermi was able to help out the scientist create the device in time and the scientist was grateful and wonders how a half-Mink could be so smart. Fermi simply says he is self taught (trying not to bring up his past on Roxas with his family he grew to hate). Nonetheless, this scientist reveals he is part of the Marine Scientist Unit and would appreciate his assistance if possible.

Fermi will go on to help out the Marine Scientist Unit for awhile. He will often help plan out blueprints for certain weapons and other things. However, Fermi soon found himself helping out with a bigger project involving Seastone. At this point, Fermi knew he was a Devil Fruit user and that Seastone can weaken Devil Fruit users so he wore special gloves he made to help him work with Seastone weapons and gear without feeling weak. Over time, Fermi grew to impress the scientists more and was even allowed to construct his own weapon where he made the chain part of it made completely out of seatone as they recommended it as Devil Fruit users are pretty common with pirates. Fermi will work with them for a little while longer but the higher ups soon put him back on chore boy duty basically and he would continue working in that position until years later.

Liberating the Purplebeard Pirates

Weeks after Roger's execution, a notorious pirate by the name of Chain S. Walters, also known as Purplebeard, had been terrorizing an entire kingdom with his crew, the Purplebeard Pirates. Purplebeard, of course, declared that it was his era as he and his crew were successful in conquering an entire kingdom (let's call it Kuril) and that he will be the next Pirate King. Many Marines were dispatched to try to deal with them via a request from the previous rulers but they were subsequently taken down by Purplebeard's crew. This is mainly because Purplebeard has laid many explosive traps around the kingdom and, even if they Marines are able to get back, he has his higher offers with large cannons take down the Marines from land.

At Marine HQ, the higher ups kept trying to devise ways to take down Purplebeard without completely destroying the kingdom/island. Although they have consider wiping it from existence not wanting a pirate that isn't affiliated with them having control of an entire kingdom. Fermi himself overheard this conversation and volunteered to take down the pirates and reclaim the kingdom. Of course, Fermi wanted to prove his asset to the World Government and a chance to fully demonstrate his powers. Of course, they were against this idea saying that a half Mink shouldn't be allowed to lead over some of their men to a battle they know they were going to lose. However, Fermi was determined to prove his worth and even said they could executed him should he fail in this mission (or even just dies against Purplebeard and his crew) and even wanted one ship full of Marines. The WG eventually agreed to this idea but reminded him on his own promise.

It was quite a bumpy ride to the Kuril kingdom where Purplebeard was continuing his untouched reign. The many Marines on the ship were of course hesitant to allow someone who is that young and is a half Mink be leading him to do a major mission especially calling him foolish to have only bring one battleship. Fermi simply states he is as strong as one himself that they should trust him. Of course they're still wary and decided to keep their guards up. They finally reach the waters close to Kuril where Fermi himself uses his fox ears to listen out for any upcoming attacks. He also adds a touch of Observation Haki to sense out anything in the water and, sure enough, sees a bunch of mines in the water which is why other Marine ships were blown up as soon they entered. The mines are hidden a bit deeper in the water so they can't be seen from the top right away by the normal eyes.

Fermi then starts to put good use of his powers in action and uses his powers to send out a bunch of nuclear lasers at the minds to destroy them from a distance and tells everyone to move on. The Marines were caught off guard on how he was able to both sense out the mines and destroy them from afar and decided to move closer to the island. The Marines were ready to fight but Fermi suddenly orders them to stay back knowing there could be a trap. The Marines were still against this but Fermi assures them he has a handle on the situation. Fermi soon flights out and notices all of the cannons that are stationed around the kingdom. Fermi was then able to destroy each one with just a small nuclear laser thanks to his powers. Once all of the cannons are taken down, Fermi motions for the Marines to land and they all start going after the pirates.

Purplebeard, who was acting like a king in a castle, heard of this and was furious that the Marines were able to break through his defenses. Purplebeard sends forth his strongest commanders to take down the Marines hoping not being able to fight them himself. Fermi and the Marines were able to easily take down the Purplebeard Pirates and their commanders especially with Fermi leading them around. Some had Devil Fruit powers including one that could increase their size to a giant but they all eventually feel to the small fleet of Marines lead by Fermi. Eventually, Purplebeard himself was upset to hear the majority of his crew taken down and decided to take on Fermi himself.

In the meantime, Fermi and the Marines were starting to tie up the rogue pirates and making sure the innocents are fine. As things started to settle down, Purplebeard soon came pissed that his crew was taken down. Fermi asks him to come quietly but Purplebeard wasn't budging deciding to take them all on knowing they aren't any levels highter than a Vice Admiral or even Rear Admiral. Purplebeard then reveals his powers by transforming two giant rocks near by into cannons which fires at Fermi and the Marines. They were able to dodge the sudden attack and Fermi quickly knows he is a Devil Fruit user.

Purplebeard reveals he eaten the Made Made no Mi which allows him to turn any inorganic object into a cannon making him an Artillery Man. He says that the cannons that were stationed around the kingdom were created by him and his powers declaring he doesn't need a crew as he is his one many army. Fermi knows Purplebeard's powers are too dangerous to fight alongside other people. Fermi orders the Marines to take care of the pirates and innocent people while he was able to lead Purplebeard to the beach knowing there weren't any people around. Purplebeard thought that it was because there wasn't going to be much objects for him to make into cannons but reveals he has a belt full of stones that he can make into cannons on a whim.

Fermi simply states he won't be able to touch him with the cannons and motions him to try anyway. A pissed off Purplebeard at this point decides to send out a bunch of cannons which all fires at Fermi. Purplebeard laughs thinking he has won but Fermi soon reforms himself with his powers asking if that's all he has got. Purplebeard gets even more deranged and uses over a hundred cannons toward Fermi to no avail. Purplebeard then decides to attack Fermi head on with his giant club and when he does, Fermi uses an effect of his powers to explode his body causing Purplebeard to reel backwards. Fermi then takes out his Kusarigama and uses the chain part to wrap up Purplebeard. Purplebeard starts to feel a lot weaker since the chain was made of seastone and Fermi, threatening him with the blade part of his weapon which was also lit up with his DF powers, threatened him not to move.

Minutes later, Purplebeard (who's arms was bound up with seastone) was taken to the Marine ship alongside all members of his crew. Every citizen of Kurli was grateful toward Fermi and the Marines for helping them out with even the Marines themselves impressed by Fermi ignoring he is part Mink. Fermi and his squad sail back to Marineford with the infamous Purplebeard and his crew in tow. It's safe to say how surprised someone is able to liberate a known pirate let alone bring him back in just under a week (it takes about 3 days to sail to Kurli from Marine HQ). Many of the higher ups were alerted of this not just because it's Purplebeard that was brought in but a complete rookie who have done so mainly the Humink who worked for a little while in the Science Unit.

Fermi's actions was met with a lot of praise with even some other Marines apologizing for their racism toward him. The higher ups even felt like Fermi is more suited for the battlefield Throughout the weeks, Fermi will spend all the time helping out the Marines and go on other missions to help arrest pirates that were causing trouble. It would often get to the point where there are assignments that Fermi can do by himself. Even if Fermi isn't personally assigned one, he will often take the work on his own starting to develop more about his trait about working really hard and always on the clock. Eventually, Fermi's actions allowed him to be able to achieve Vice Admiral rank.

The World Noble Kidnapping Incident

A few months have passed after Purplebeard was taken down and everyone at Marine HQ was treating Fermi a lot better. There are some that are still wary of him being half a Mink but look past that thanks to his devotion to the Marines and how much he has helped out. Many are impressed by his constant workaholic nature. However, this can't be said about the World Nobles themselves.

One day, a family of World Nobles were passing by discussing slaves they would want and noticed Fermi is among the other Vice Admirals at the time. They were very upset about a half Mink being one and wanted him demoted and even put up for slavery. Fermi knew he couldn't speak against the World Nobles even if he was trying to politely telling them how much he has helped out. Fortunately, another Vice Admiral he personally knew one of the WN's told him he may be part Mink, it is a good asset to the World Government and, by extension, them. The WN's were still annoyed by not having their request granted but were instead more focus on wanting a strong human slave at the time. They then walked off with Fermi knowing he needs to impress them as well through hard work. Especially since there could be a chance that they will still try to get him demoted or kicked from the Marines.

For the next few weeks, Fermi spend his time trying to earn the trust of the World Nobles but they seemed more fixated on their own goals. They still do shoot him looks every now and again still upset someone that his part Mink is working for the WG. Over the time, Fermi does notice that the same WN family has been increasing their numbers with work slaves and some look especially annoyed namely one large put together man (lets call him Lars lol). Fermi can sense an amount of hostility from the man and knows he should try to warn the WNs about but the other Vice Admirals/Marines advise against it saying anything to the WNs without permission or his disbarment from the WG is certain. Fermi decided to take on many other assignments in the meantime but still was wary about that slave that looked like he was going to snap.

And sure enough, about a month later, a crises as occurred that everyone in Marine HQ at the time were ordered to hear. The horde of slaves that were being used by the WNs rebelled and took the daughter of the WNs hostage threatening to kill her should they even make a move on them. The leader of the rebels, Lars, was able to break free of his slave collar thanks to his gained strength and decide held her at ransom demanding for the World Government to pay them a lot of money and even overlook their crimes if they want her back. The Marines was in an up-war and wondered how the slave was even able to break free with someone else mentioning there was a spy in the Marines. The WN's were quick to assume Fermi was the spy saying that he is "one of them" but Fermi assures he isn't and is willing to save her. He knows this would be a good opportunity to get on the WN's good side but he also said that it was unforgivable that someone would mess with a WN. Both sides (the WN's and the Marines themselves) were at a standstill but the WN's reluctantly agreed knowing they have to have their daughter back ordering Fermi to save her as quick as possible. Believing in things should be done as quick as possible, Fermi accepted.

Of course, Fermi had to been careful in this case. Although he wants to get this task done as quick as possible as he knows the WNs are impatient themselves. Lars in particular was on a Marine ship in the middle of the ocean and was able to get one thanks the Marine traitor (lets call him Kast). The daughter of the WN family can be seen yelling at the slaves wanting her to let her go threatening to have them all executed. Lars and Kast both laugh in her face with Lars in particular saying he deserves to be paid back for all the time he was her slave. Kast even states that he was planning to saved them when the time was right. As the two laugh at their accomplishments and hopes to hear an answer from the WN soon, a bright green light is seen hovering above them. Everyone was confused by what this was but Kast, having an idea what it is considering he knows of Fermi during his time as a Marine, gets out the way as a bunch of green rays rain down piercing through the other slaves and leaving small explosions on the ground. Fermi knows to hold back on his power to not hurt the WN and reforms himself on the middle of the ship.

"Crap! It's Vice Admiral Fermi!" was all what Kast could say before trying to hide. Lars confronts Fermi saying he shouldn't make any more moves or he will kill the WN and the WN could be seen yelling at Fermi even calling him a "dog" to save her faster. Fermi, knowing what he has to do, starts to use Soru along with his Mink speed to quickly zip by the slaves and starts to kill them off one by one. Though the WN was upset at him for killing her slaves, Fermi simply states that they aren't hard works and since they committed the atrocity of kidnapping a WN, they deserve to die. The WN was quick to shut up and agree with this with Lars trying to attack Fermi directly. Fermi simply allows Lars to attack him as the attack doesn't hurt him thanks to his DF's intangibility and uses the side effect of his powers to blow himself up in front of Lars sending the large slave backwards. Fermi then walks up to Lars saying he committed the greatest of crimes by kidnapping a WN and shoots a concentrated beam of radiation energy through his skull killing him instantly.

Although the WN was a bit impressed on how he took care of her kidnappers, she was more upset that he killed off each of her slaves. Fermi apologized saying that WG would've wanted them killed off for what they did but offers a replacement before forcing Kast to come out of hiding and threatening him if he doesn't comply as he is a traitor. The WN is pleased by this knowing he was a former Marine and thinking he'll be a better hard worker than the last slaves. Fermi then takes everyone back to the base with the officials even more impressed by Fermi's accomplishment. Even the WN's were taken back on how someone like Fermi could get a job like that done considering what he is. The family then agree to overlook him being part Mink with Fermi thanking them. He then asked a question that he wanted to be an admiral that would want to help out even more and the WN's were hesitant but decided that he will work around them for awhile and they will consider it.

For the next few years, Fermi would work close by the World Nobles. He will often accompany them whenever they are about to pick out a slave and when one tries to escape (even with an explosive collar on), the WN's will order Fermi to kill them quick as he does so each time. Fermi firmly believes in hard work and often knows how to pick out a good hard-working slave until they eventually tire out. The other WNs were appalled to have been working with a half-Mink but they did eventually start to warm up to him saying that he is at least more useful than most of their own assistants. Working for them more as eventually caused all of the WNs to look past his species and see him as a valuable asset to the World Government.

Fermi then asked again if he would be able to become an Admiral at one point if he would apply hoping to gain the WN's approval. They eventually agreed that while he already helps them out as is as a VA, they won't mind if he would be an admiral as his increased rank could help them out even more. Fermi thanks them for their approval and goes back to do his things.


  • He is named after Enrico Fermi, an Italian physicist, who is one of the first people to sustain a nuclear chain reaction. This is a reference to both Fermi's powers and outside experience as a scientist/physicist.
  • His admiral alias,Midorinari, translates to "Green Fox".
    • Anyone closer to him (such as Zero D. Echo) may also call him by "Inari" refencing the Japanese fox deity.
  • His birthday is on December 20 which is also the same day that the first nuclear power plant generated electricity through atomic fission.
    • As such, his use of Electro and Devil Fruit powers are also a reference to this.
  • Whenever Fermi is charging up his attacks using his Devil Fruit powers, it makes a click/static sound similar to a Geigar counter's radar whenever it picks up radiation.
  • His favorite food is any type of rice dish especially takikomi gohan. This is a reference to the rice god Inari which also fits Fermi's motif (as it's part of his alias). He also appears to only drink tea which is a drink that is also heavily associated with Inari.
  • Fermi's use of big words, love of inventions, and being part Fox with two tails is a reference to Miles "Tails" Prower from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.


  1. Silencing The Beast: Fermi and Gio's interactions are first explored.
  2. You Reap What You Sow: Seiryuu states that Fermi is stronger than Ryushiki.
  3. Operation: Skyfall: Fermi fights Kong.