Flare Guns are weapons which fires spiritual energy and is being used by the Space Pirates. Flare Guns are put on by putting them into ones finger and then they become a tool which the user can forever use.



A Flare Gun without attached to a person.[1]

Flare Guns are only possible to use offensively. They work by pulling out the users spiritual energy and firing it as an blast to an opponent. The blasts can contain small explosions, depending on what level the user is in comparison of spiritual energy. The maximum of Flare Guns possible to have are 10, and they can't be taken off.



An updated Flare Gun, which is used by Sirius.[1]

So far, all Space Pirates Commanders use the ordinary Flare Gun, but their leader Sirius uses the upgraded version of the Flare Gun. Which can pull out alot more spiritual energy then an ordinary Flare Gun. In terms of this, the normal Flare Gun use is limited by the gun itself. While the upgraded version can take as many spiritual energy from the user as possible. Also it seems that the Upgraded version of the Flare Gun has a downside, it drains spiritual energy all the time. Meaning that the user must mantain his energy at all times, or he will die because the recovery isn't as fast as the Flare Gun steals spiritual energy.


  • The Flare Guns, because they are almost invisible to see that the blast came from the gun, it appears as if the user is firing energy from his hands. Much to the same manner DragonBallZ.


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External Links - The anime it what seems as the Flare Gun is trying to mimic. DBZ-characters can also fire KI from their hands.

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