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Age 21
Name Emmet Ray
Nicknames Forest Halo
Birth Date
Origin Gong Forest
Gender Male
Occupation(s) Marksman
Affiliation Forest Spirits
Devil Fruit

The marksman of the Forest Spirits, and the youngest member of the organization. He is very energetic and has a rivalry with Alexander Graham.


At the age of 2 he was taken into the custody of the Forest Spirits which took him as one of their children. He seems to have survived the plague that killed a large amount of people in the forest and became a Forest Spirit to protect the island from any outsider. It is in this time that he seems to have been tricked by his leader: Forest Soul to believe that he is actually part of the Forest and that if he makes friends with an outsider he will simply cut off his tree and kill him.

Present Story

He is the first one to see the Pretender Pirates arrive at the Gong Forest. He immediately starts fighting them and is able to take Luther Arianda hostage. He later fights Alexander on a tree top to recover Luther.


He seems to have a great skill by his bow-maneuvering skills and also slingshot and gun accuracy. He also seems to be able to "connect with the trees". This is actually a den den mushi camera system installed into the trees which tell him of the position of things.