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Forest Soul
Age 49
Name Edmund Von Moir
Nicknames Forest Soul
Birth Date
Origin West Blue
Gender Male
Occupation(s) Leader of Forest Spirits, Ex-Pirate
Affiliation Forest Spirits
Bounty 90,000,000 (This was from 20 years prior to present storyline)
Devil Fruit Sakura Sakura no Mi

The leader and founder of the Forest Spirits, along with Forest Wings he seems to be the only one aware that his organization cannot in fact communicate with the trees and that in reality it is only work of cameras.


He was once the great pirate Edmund Von Moir, whom on a raid on Whiskey Peak was captured by the large amount of Bounty Hunters. While being transported to Impel Down the Sea Stone on the ship shatters and the ship is attacked by a large Sea King. Edmund is able to escape and make it to an island alive. This island was Gong Forest. Here he creates the Forest Spirits in order to fool the natives and gain easy money and at the same time destroying his identity as a pirate. He then becomes an icon for Gong Forest. He raises Forest Halo as if he was his own son and is able to free the forest from intruders in fear that some may recognize him as a pirate.

Present Story

He seems to be aware of the Pretender Pirates arriving at Gong Forest and sends Halo to defeat them. After receiving news of Halo's disappearance, he sends Forest Mayhem and Forest Wings to kill them. He does not know that Halo is still alive but that he was convinced by Alexander that cameras are hidden in the trees and that he has teamed up with the pirates to defeat him.


He ate the Sakura Sakura no Mi and is a Sakura Tree man, this gives him the ability to produce various sakura leafs from his body which he uses to put in front of the enemy and blind him. He also seems to have a very strong resistance due to him being the bark of a tree. He isn't hurt by thunder but has a great weakness to fire. He can't seem to turn this ability off and is always in the appearance of an old tree with pink hair.