A group of people that protect their homeland of the Gong Forest. They take any outsider as a harm even if they still haven't met him/her and deal with any problem by killing the one responsible for it. It should be seen that they are not pirates but rather an organization much like CP9.



After the great pirate Edmund Von Moir escaped from a marine ship while being brought to Impel Down he stranded upon Gong Forest. It is here that he decided to throw off the mantle of a pirate before more marines end up chasing him. After being accepted by the community he creates a new alias: Forest Soul and starts cheating the people into believing that he could talk with the trees while actually it was all part of a Devil Fruit ability. A man from the community sees this and blackmails Forest Soul so he can join the act too. He becomes Forest Wings and together they become the Forest Spirits. Soul and Wings decide to install a Den Den Mushi camera system on the forest so they can see anywhere and their act becomes more believable. People begin joining the duo without actually knowing that they can't talk with trees and that it is all part of a charade. One day, the group finds a baby on the beach. Seeing great potential in him, Soul and Wings take him in and name him Forest Halo. It has been 19 years since then when the Pretender Pirates arrive to Gong Forest.

Pretender Pirates Invasion



Forest Soul (Leader)

Forest Wings (Engineer)

Forest Halo (Marksman)

Forest Faith (Swordsman)

Forest Horns (Black Belt)

Forest Mayhem (Monkey)