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Formage is a high-level transformation only used by the Space Pirates Commanders.


You are flawed, a lung, a tailbone, all designed to stop you from fighting to your full potential. Let me remove those weakpoints of the human flesh and turn you into what you deserve to be. -Sirius before granting this Technique to Kraken

Kraken in its Formage-State.[1]

Formage is only accessible with the help of Sirius Devil Fruit. By giving a massive boost of oxygin in the brain, the user can transform in a better fighter. According to Sirius the original human body has flaws which makes it harder to fight against a strong foe. But Formage negates that problem, and gets the user in their ultimate style where in the body nothing is in the way. Every cell is specifically used for fighting at optimal performance.


Agrona in the middle of her Formage-transformation

Once the User has mastered this transformation they can use it at will and battle more efficiently. Before however obtaining through the Formage-training, the User changes drastically from the outside. As always a piece of his/her Formage is still dormant.


So far, there is only 1 level of Formage, and that's the only one. However, the User gains a lot of beneficials like more strength, speed and the rate of the abilities are increased dramatically. The downside however is that Formage feeds on your life energy itself. Meaning using it too much can result in a painfull death. As found out by Kraken's predecessor. Who died of Sirius feeding more oxygen forcing the Formage to eat up all life energy of the user.


  • Formage can take only 1 second or can take a whole hour to charge. Depending on the users experience with Formage


  1. This is basicly Maxwell Duo his Gundam.

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