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"You think darkness is your ally. You've merely adapted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it."

Forseti the Destroyer, known by his admiral alias Kurogame, is a giant serving as a admiral in the Marines. He is the founder and former leader of the illustrious Giant Squad and is the longest tenured officer throughout the entire marine organization.

Son of Odin, Forseti was once the prince of Elbaf, heralded as the esteemed Prince of Giants. Regal, egotistical, and full of pride, Forseti was constantly reminded that he was the pinnacle of the greatest warrior race; destined to rule the nation and become the world's strongest combatant. This undisputed fact remained unquestioned for the first several decades of his life. At least until Forseti lost the throne following his defeat to Frederick Barbarossa, a low-class warrior and pirate apprentice.

With his entire world-view shattered and his inherent value diminished, Forseti was banished from Elbaf before his father resigned power. Eager to restore his own beliefs, he attacked Marineford following the capture of several members of the Giant Warrior Pirates. But furthering his mental collapse, Forseti was defeated by none other than a lowly human. Imprisoned alongside the pirates, he finally realized his beliefs were incorrect. Fortunately, the Holy Mother earned their freedom. Unable to return home and still holding onto his dream to be the strongest, Forseti swallowed his pride and joined the Marines in order to acquire the strength that defeated him, becoming the first Giant officer.

Throughout the years, Forseti began to realize there was more value to life than strength. He became invested in upholding and protecting the systems implemented by the World Government. Developing his own form of justice, "Enduring Justice", Forseti earned even greater strength and resolve that were constantly tested over the decades. Unfortunately, his growth didn't compare to Barbarossa's who had returned to his life of piracy. Once again, the Red Giant diminished Forseti's beliefs, having managed to acquire even greater strength through self-absorbing motives. Enraged by this revelation and coerced by his superiors to abandon his morality to realize his potential as a destroyer, Forseti consumed the "most evil" devil fruit and adopted the motto of "Dark Justice". His sacrifice contributed to the demise of the Redbeard Pirates where he was promoted to Vice Admiral.

In succeeding decades, Forseti struggled between his ideologies and self-image. Among his peers, he was the empathetic leader of the Giant Squad, founder of the G-3 base and teacher of many. However, this level of compassion towards his peers made him feel guilty about his actions as a destroyer. The internal strife plagued and prevented him from realizing his potential; subsequently hindering him from receiving a promotion and allowing another to claim his dream epithet. It was not until the Sky Wars Saga where Forseti and his unit were tasked in the prevention of Elbafian support to the Wukong Pirates. During the invasion, Forseti came to terms with his role as the necessary evil and fully embraced it, leading to the near annihilation of his hometown.

Although forced to resign control over the nation following his victory, Forseti crusades through the seas with his troops engaging some of the world's most fearsome combatants. Succeeding the Kong, Forseti has become widely acknowledged as the inheritor of The Strongest Creature epithet and now stands as one of the elite few considered to be an admiral candidate.

Forseti serves as the author's main protagonist.




Giant Squad



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Friends and Allies


Frederick Barbarossa

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Donk E. Kong

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Tatsuya Ryushiki

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Abilities and Powers

Physical Abilities


As the original heir of the Elbafian throne, Forseti hails from a dynasty of powerful titans. From an early age, he was described to be exceptionally gifted with many expecting him to succeed his father.[1] With strength being of the utmost importance to the warriors of Elbaf, Forseti frequently spent time training and advancing his power. From lifting literal tons in the seas of the Warland region, to climbing Yggdrasil, Forseti developed an impressive reputation even among the his fellow giants. With his overwhelming might he managed to conquer renowned beasts like the Kracaken, Niddhog and Fenrir.[1] Taking a great deal of pride in his strength, Forseti often boasted about his status as the "Prince of the Giants", claiming that the Gods have chosen him to be the strongest to which most Giants did believe until Centennial Warrior Festival where Frederick Barbarossa, a giant with no ties to Elbaf, bested him in battle.[1]

Following his defeat, Forseti abandoned his pride and looked towards the seas to hone his strength. Eventually joining the Marines as the first Giant officer, he endured disgusting scrutiny that only motivated him to grow more powerful.[2] But relentless training was not the only thing that bolstered his strength. Developing a sense of justice and greater purpose pushed him beyond his limits to help others. After this epiphany, Forseti's abilities drastically increased. Drawing upon more might than ever before, he rose through the ranks with ease. With might capable of subsiding volcanoes, Forseti's might became the most feared giant at sea for a time, earning the epithet, "Forseti of the Giants". Most notably, Forseti bested "Skrýmir the Tormentor" in a four-decade long battle and Glitnir chose him as its successor.[3]

Even after returning to a more treacherous sea, Forseti's might still allowed him to contend against the most powerful individuals. His strength, when coupled with haki and martial arts, allowed him to contend with enemies like Mischa and Redbeard, who were noted to have boundless strength at their disposal due to their abilities.[4] Napoleon believed if he could harness the prideful rage alongside the Yami Yami no Mi, Forseti could be the "Strongest Creature". However, he did not realize this prophecy until many decades later. Despite this, he was still able to contend with renowned enemies like Toshiro,[5] Trygve,[6] Tatsuya Ryushiki[7] and Edo Shishio. His strength garnered him victories against others like Donk E. Kong and Rumlar Zelgius, albeit prior to the height of their strength.[8]

Forseti's strength did not progress much again until the Sky Wars Saga where he and the Giant Squad were tasked with conquering the Greatest Military in the World, his hometown Elbaf. Fully embracing his role as a destroyer during this yearlong battle, his newfound might lead him to victory against the giants of Elbaf and successfully prevent them from participating in the war.[9] Since then he has served as the epitome of strength at sea. Clashing with the "Strongest Man in the World",[10] forcing a former admiral to flee,[11] engaging two yonko simultaneously,[12] and besting two of the Shichishokō in combat,[11][13] Forseti's might has stood against the world's mightiest and prevailed. Most notably, Forseti is the only known combatant to shatter a Saijō Ō Wazamono weapon in Dainsleif.[14] His awesome strength has been recognized as the greatest in the world, fulfilling Napoleon's prophecy and earning the epithet, the "Strongest Creature".[15]

Durability and Endurance

Befitting of someone of his stature and moniker, Forseti possesses remarkable durability that has served him famously throughout the centuries. As a giant, most traditional forms of weaponry and attacks have no effect on him. With this hereditary ability only honed over time, Forseti can endure powerful attacks without the use of Busoshoku Haki. Like a blade fortified through constant rigorous combat, Forseti's skin has become more resilient over the years as battles toughened his exterior. It's Elbafian belief that when a warrior prevails in battle, they become stronger in preparation for the next. Although only folklore, Forseti has embodied this very concept. There's a bit of truth to madness. Due to his mastery over busoshoku haki, which is a product of decades of battle, Forseti has permanently christened his skin in darkness, similar to a "Black Blade" (黒刀 Kokutō?).[16] Such a feat has earned him the epithet "Dark King" and has lead to many describing him to be tougher than the sturdiest metals.

Forseti has shown the ability to take absurd amounts of physical punishment from the most respected combatants across the seas. In his battle against Chiyoko, he tanked a barrage of shigan coupled with advanced haki applications only to counter attack moments after. During his battle with London Jack and Belial Eldritch, he withstood the full force of a Knock-Up Stream only to fall back down 10,000 meters and continue to destroy the rest of the island. He has shown to be resilient to extreme weather conditions like Vale's dehydrating sandstorms or Trygve's Boro Breath. During his time as one of the Three Calamities, he constantly endured the brunt of the limitless might of Mischa and Redbeard, a feat that cannot be diminished. Nearly as impressive, Forseti engaged the Queen of Elbaf for three months and did receive a single scar, despite her having a supreme grade weapon and being an impressive combatant in her own right.

More impressive than his strength or durability, Forseti possesses immense endurance that distinguishes him as a combatant. Even among his giant brethren, his endurance has been noted to be superior to any of his fellow titans. This distinction can mostly be attributed to durability, perseverance and willpower. Forseti displayed prodigal endurance during his youth, having survived multiple falls of varying heights from Yggdrasil, only to get back up and try again until he reached the White Sea. By far his most noteworthy feat was his forty year struggle against Skrýmir. For the first few decades, Forseti was beaten down and bludgeoned relentlessly. Each defeat preceded being knocked off the sky island, slamming into the abyss, nearly drowning on hundreds of occasions. Regardless, Forseti endured the daily eruption of the Knock-Up Stream to engage the pirate everyday, almost exclusive to suffer defeat. Forseti lost 14,235 times before eventually succeeding, displaying a level of resilience that none have mimicked.

A true testament to his durability and endurance is his usage of his devil fruit, the Yami Yami no Mi. Although he's provided epic power and destructive abilities, the fruit does come at a price. The damage he does suffer is amplified tremendously as a result of darkness absorbing everything. Since acquiring the fruit, Forseti has experienced much more pain for attacks that do manage to harm him. And due to him being a massive target, Forseti has endured a wide range of painstaking attacks from lightning bolts, cataclysmic punches to even meito slashes. Yet despite this detriment, Forseti has remained one of the most enduring combatants in the world. Having suffered more pain than most cumulatively endure throughout their entire life, Forseti's pain tolerance is exceptional. Furthermore, the admiral has been shown traversing his darkness, an abyss of infinite gravity that crushes those within it.


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Devil Fruit

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Rising to the position of Admiral - one of four of the World Government’s most elite combatants crowned as the “'Greatest Military Powers" (最高戦力 Saikō Senryoku?) - Forseti has distinguished himself across various fields of combat, including mysterious power of Haki. He is one of the few people in the entire world capable of using all three forms of haki. With a natural affinity for combat, hailing from a royal bloodline within the warrior race, Forseti immediately showed a strong inclination towards the power that has only been refined for several centuries through rigorous combat against other renowned combatants, training and study.

Forseti’s proficiency towards haki is supplemented by his desires and motivations. Born a warrior and raised among them, Forseti’s desire to become the strongest is something that has motivated him throughout the centuries, even in the most treacherous situations. Despite being repetitively reminded his might wasn’t the apex, even after personally reaching new heights, he remained diligent and devoted to his dream until it was attained. And as a testament to his strength of will, Forseti has achieved his dream as he’s globally recognized as the “Strongest Creature”.

The hardest missions often require the strongest wills.
— Forseti to Frederick Barbara in Ragnarok

Although he possesses unquestionable faith in his own abilities, Forseti could not have achieved his goals without his belief in Justice. Being affirmed that his actions serve and benefit those beyond himself, his devotion to Justice keeps him diligent, especially when he doubts himself. In spite of the fact his justice revolves around destruction, he believes his actions bring about a necessary balance. Upon fully subscribing to this belief in the Sky Wars Saga, he awakened powers and might he previously could not achieve

Busoshoku Haki

Kenbunshoku Haki

Haoshoku Haki



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Early Life

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Forseti was born in the New World as an orphan of the Sheep House of Elbaf. Abandoned by his parents as they set out to sea with the Giant Warrior Pirates, Forseti was raised among kids of all different kinds of races, united by their shared experience. Fortunately, Mother Loiza raised each of them as one of her own and was raised with a particular set of values. Mother Loiza often encouraged Forseti to immerse himself in Elbaf culture as just because he lived at the Sheep House didn't mean he he couldn't get to known his heritage. As such, the young boy often visited the kingdom and befriend people of various ages. Particularly he had met a prominent warrior by the name of Heimdall who introduced him to the warrior beliefs of the their beloved nation.

As he grew older, he overheard Mother Loiza discussing the newspaper about the Giant Warrior Pirates. Still hoping someday his parents would return for him, Forseti often tuned in to hear updates. Upon discovering the poorly hid giant, Mother Loiza began to question the young boy. The range of questions left him shaken to the core and have influenced him for the remainder of his life. Since then, Forseti was blessed with glorious purpose: to debunk the notion that Giants were the savages and monsters that the rest of the world seemed to believe. Having lived and enjoyed the fun customs alongside his siblings in the Sheep House, he knew if the rest of the world knew of enjoyable giants are, all the lies would stop.

Guided and constantly motivated by Mother Loiza, Forseti realized he needed to become King of Elbaf in order to reveal the country's best to the rest of the world. With Centennial Warrior Festival only decades away, he hoped to become strong enough to be selected. Although constantly denied by Heimdall to be his student, Forseti often given advice and guidance by the decorated warrior. As he grew older it became known that Forseti was far from the average giant. With his size doubling those his age and his prodigal might supporting it, Forseti was prophesied to be the greatest of his generation, by the Wise One, barring he could defeat his greatest adversary who sailed the seas.

Determined to fulfill his destiny, Forseti took on any challenge that came his way. Most notably, Forseti was tasked with engaging the Three Legendary Beasts. Combing through the titanic wasteland on Elbaf's most vulgar battleground, Forseti came across the first of three legendary beast, Fenrir. With plenty of giants losing their lives to the creature, most left the beast alone as defeating it would be risky. Forseti showed no such reluctance. Engaging the beast for over a year, Forseti returned to Elbaf with the beasts' fur on his shoulders and its teeth dangling around his neck. Many noticed the act of bravery the young giant showed and were impressed, throwing a feast in his return.

With no rest for the wicked, after only a few months of feasting, Forseti set sail to challenge the Monster of the Sea, Kracaken. Rather, he actually dove head first and recklessly engaged the beast. Having never engaged in underwater combat before, he was quickly dismantled almost killed by the beasts if he were not saved by the Wotans of Gymir. Even though the bombarded him with insults, the Wotans found it impressive a Giant would engage the almighty creature underwater and eventually fell to his side as he proclaimed he'd defeat it all on his own. And thus began his five year stint of engaging the aquatic creature. During this time, Forseti underwent some intense underwater training where his might would increase exponentially as pound turned to tons in the deep abyss. Adapting to water combat, Forset inevitably became formidable enough to defeat the notorious squid. Carrying it back to Elbaf, the entire kingdom feasted upon his return.

With Forseti becoming a legend of sorts with his triumphs, many began to believe in Forseti's claim to the throne. Many of his greatest supporters attempted to convince him to abandon his last quest in smiting Niddhog, the beast that protected Valhalla, but he refused, as he had already made up his mind long ago. Climbing the treacherous mountain, Forseti's will was truly tested as the weather combatted him. Unyielding frost coated the titanic hill that would freeze over even the most decorated giant. But Forseti did not quit. With his fingers nearly falling off, he eventually made it the Dragon's Den where he knew his only shot in winning would be to take to the ground. Leaping at it, Forseti latched onto the beast as the two tumbled thousands of meters. Eventually crashing into the crest of his hometown, many thought he died just as many before him. But arising from the debris was the righteous giant with the beast dangling by the neck!

Given his triumphs, the vast majority of the Elbaf population was in support of the young titan. However as the Centennial Warrior Festival commenced, a new competitor emerged from the seas. Boy-wonder and infamous criminal, Frederick Barbarossa, emerged to participate in the battle for the throne. While many doubted the pirate's strength, Forseti could sense the might of the red-haired titan, who towered over Forseti. Naturally, the two triumphed over their elders and met in the final battle. Their epic duel lasted nearly a decade but eventually the dishonorable yet clever tactics of Barbarossa along with his use of the human's fighting style secured him the victory.

The realization had dawned on him after Barbarossa spared his life that he'd have to wait another century for the chance to fight for the throne once again or abandon his dream, Forseti was completely distraught and unsure how to proceed with his life.

First Giant Marine

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Following his defeat, Forseti questioned his purpose in life. Unsure where to go and what to do next, he returned back to the Sheep House where he sought the advice of his beloved Mother Loiza who was years away from her deathbed. Her claiming words brought new life into the defeated giant as she told him most stories don't go as planned. Unbeknownst Forseti, Mother Loiza had hoped her child would have become King in order to establish an alliance between the Giants and the World Government but with the former pirate's victory, the global regime was forced to pivot.

Your story does not end here. Ruling is overrated anyways, I think the future holds a brighter path for you!
— Mother Loiza

Days following Barbarossa's appointment, the Marines announced the capture of multiple members of Giant Warrior Pirates, including Forseti's parents. Barbarossa, as a former apprentice and war-hungry, was eager to declare war against the global regime. But Mother Loiza intervened in the pretend execution ceremony in which she acted as though she was trying to stop it in order to prevent a war and work for coexistence between races. The giants bought her act and she was regarded as a hero as the members of the pirates were allowed free to return to Elbaf. Beside her during the proclamation was none other than Forseti who offered his loyalty to the World Government in place of their freedom. While this was unnecessary, the Marines accepted his offer and Forseti became the first giant to join the marines.

While mentally it took some time to overcome his loss to Barbarossa, he realized this opportunity provided him with the ability to truly change the perception of people on his own and not through contracts and signatures. He planned on saving people and slaying pirates all to fulfill his dream to change the perception of Giants in the world. And it was a perception that desperately needed changing. Upon the joining as Commodore, he faced a major persecution. His subordinates would intentionally ignore direct orders and his superiors would ignore his requests for missions. Civilians and officers alike would refer to him a savage and pirates would insult for supporting an organization that hated his kind. Forseti was truly a black sheep and the path was much darker and more rigorous than anticipated.

But Forseti was not one to give up in the face of hardship. If he wasn't being given opportunity then he'd make one on his own. Hearing report of pack of sea kings laying waste to affiliates in the Grand Line, he attempted to sail but no ship suited for his size was available or even made. So instead he charted the waters on his own, utilizing his Wotan training to tread through the world's most rigorous sea to save humans. After a several week expedition, he managed to reach the hoard and killed numerous before causing the remainder to migrate. Although most were reluctant to call him their savior, but the tale of Forseti of the Giants had begun.

Slowly but sure, with each succeeding mission, Forseti gained a little more respect and praise. From defeating entire crews, to contributing to the construction of Tequila Wolf, to cleaning and carrying ships to even organizing festivities, Forseti did as much as he could to change the perception of giants. And he made major strides. Continuously appearing in the newspaper made the public generally less fearful of Giants. However, as the only active Giant within the Marines, many began to disassociate him with giants and began to consider a deity of sorts, a champion dedicated the protection of its people. It was sometimes difficult to not drown in praise but Forseti remained diligent in his mission.

Obviously not everyone was as accepting of Forseti as others. The World Nobles especially seemed to have a degree of disdain for him which often contributed to the lack of promotions and accreditation. Additionally many of his peers who were traumatized from poor experiences with Giants. From these racists, rumor had spread that Forseti did not believe in enforcing justice against his own kind, when in reality his kind really didn't turn to crime as frequently. Be that as it may, his decision to not interfere with the legendary duel between Drogo and Barkin left even his supporters with doubt. With life testing him yet again, a new opportunity arose to prove himself.

Clash of the Titans

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Although Forseti had planted his foot down on intervening in Drogo's and Barkin's duel, the two captains were not the only giants at sea. Their first mate, and one of the few Giants who escaped the grasp of the Marines during their pretend execution, Skymir, still sailed the seas causing mayhem and carnage. With Skymir defeating entire fleets, many looked toward Forseti, who was clearly under ranked to be clashing with such a decorated opponent, to challenge the beast because of his heritage. Wanting to prove the doubters wrong and allowing the anger of his parents to drive him, Forseti became determined Glimi to challenge the pirate!

The assignment proved to be greater than anticipated as finding the island was damn near impossible. With only a name, Forseti scoured the seas looking for any clues that could guide him. His adventures was long, tiring and enduring. Nonetheless, he persevered through the struggles and inevitably found clues about it by befriending many from across the globe. Eventually reaching the famous Tree of Knowledge, he discerned that the island was actually located in the skies. With no other means of getting there even though he was told he was a lunatic, he allowed a Knock Up Stream to send him hurdling into the skies whilst taking on the force comparable to that of an eruption.

Surviving the trip, Forseti made it to Glimi where he finally met Skymir, who was surprisingly waiting for him. Intentionally alerting the world of his location, Skymir wanted a challenger who could survive the Knock Up Stream to engage in a duel likes his captains. As the two engaged each other though it became apparent that there was a vast disparity in skill. Forseti was undoubtedly outmatched and bludgeoned nearly to death. Sent hurdling down to the Blue Sea, he survived on sheer luck. Most would have given up due to the difference in skill, the journey to get there and the toll it takes to fall. But Forseti couldn't, he wouldn't dare return back without completing the mission. Not wanting to ruin the image of race his race, he struggled to the stream and challenged him again.

You can kick me down as many times as you want! I will not concede as long as I can draw breath!

And that's how it was for decades, Forseti defeated sent back to the ocean, only to spring back up again the next day. At first it seemed each attempt was as fruitless as the last but as time went on and his injuries stopped hurting as much, he began to recall what teachings from Heimdall. Focusing on his breathing, Forseti built on the concepts taught by Heimdall and watching Skymir to become a self-taught practitioner of Glima. Each day was a new opportunity to improve and better himself. Each day he drew closer to his goal. But each day it seemed Skymir had a new trick up his sleeve. Around the time the two were evenly matched in power, Skymir began to utilize a new power, haki. And once again, Forseti was back at square one.

But Forseti could taste victory. Even with the introduction of an entirely new skillset, Forseti endured and kept fighting. He slowly began to pick-up on the nuances of the two abilities, he worked at it on his own. Training after his defeats, Forseti steadily improved and the difference in skill was no longer as wide. Forseti began bruising and something seriously injuring his opponent. And eventually the day came where Forseti finally took Skymir down with him as he plummeted into the sea. With Skymir not having battled in the ocean in some time and much more drained than times before, Forseti managed to defeat him with a combination of wits and strength. With his time finally coming to an end, Skymir left the marine his legendary weapon, Glitnir, as a token of his respect and proof of victory.

Three Calamities

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The years had escaped Forseti with his mind singularly focused on defeating Skymir. Unfortunately what he had believed to be only a few years was actually nearly half a century. Upon returning back to Marineford, there was no one who could attest to his affiliation, at least no one except Napoleon. Being a historian of Marine chronicles and prominent within the organization, Napoleon attested to Forseti position and sang his praises beyond a reasonable doubt. He was appointed to the rank of Rear Admiral. But with his praise sung, once again Forseti was to be tested. In the decades he has been engaging in his epic duel, his former rival Frederick Barbarossa had returned to piracy under the moniker, Redbeard. Expected to at least remove the titan from the seas for at least a few years, Forseti returned to the seas to face the next monster.

Upon locating the vainglorious pirate, the two immediately engaged each other but it wasn't much of fight. Supposedly devouring one of men from above, Redbeard had attained the power of the a god. Enduring his onslaught of thunderous attacks for days, Forseti was eventually saved by his superior on the cusp of death. Ashamed by his loss, Forseti lived in anguish for some time. How he had tarnished the reputation he was trying to build for giants, leaving the battlefield with neither victory or death. He was disgraced and disappointed. Seeing the disgruntled titan, Napoleon would return with a proposition. If he wished to challenge Redbeard and uphold his devotion of justice, he would need to abandon the teachings taught to him and consume a devil fruit.

To surpass monsters, you have to abandon the morales for the sake of.the greater good. That's what Justice is.
— Napoleon to Forseti

It took Forseti months to act on Napoleon's words. The idea of abandoning his cultural beliefs was not something easy to do. But as he looked inwards to determine what he wanted, to show the world giants are defined by the worst of them, he realized sacrifice was necessary for greatness. Accepting his superior's proposal, Forseti was gifted with the incredibly rare Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model; Behemoth. Cursed with new power, he tested his might against the Empress of the Sea and captain of the Mermaid Pirates,Mischa. Their duel was epic as opposing power of dryness and water clashed. Their battle spanned for weeks until the Red Titan emerged to partake in the battle. Ending in a stalemate, their duel earned them fame and infamy across the seas as they were labeled as the Three Calamities.

Throughout the years the three would engage in duels amongst each other. Although never being able to triumph over Redbeard, he often forced Mischa to withdraw in their encounters. His success in challenging the titans that could easily defeat fleets earned him much praise among his peers, with many beginning to speculate he was being groomed to become the next admiral. His unprecedented success continued as he was challenged by the next generation of pirates. Clashing and defeating rising stars like Donk E. Kong, Forseti was one of the most promising talents among Sora Daisuke, Diane and Edo Shishio. Inevitably, the Marines clashed with the Redbeard Pirates during the events of God Valley Incident, which lead to the fall of the crew.

Following these events, Forseti was promoted to Vice Admiral.

Formation: Giant Squad

Following Redbeard's fall, Elbaf fell into the hands of the former King. Rushing to develop strong ties with the country on behalf of the World Government, Forseti established G-4 in order to deter pirates from attempting to usurp power as well as develop good faith between the two parties. Once again becoming the paradigm of giants within the Marine organization, Forseti attracted many enlisted and interested giants to serve under him. Forseti founded Giant Squad, as he garnered an entire platoon of titans, with the hope that his legacy will continue onwards centuries after his retirement. Hoping to teach his subordinates and comrades to uphold the same ideals of Equal Justice as he, Forseti would offer guidance and experience to those who joined and helped rebuild Elbaf despite the nation not being an affiliate.

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Around thirty years ago, Forseti engaged in an legendary clash against Toshiro. Taking place in the famous battlefield of Titan, the two further scarred the blotched wasteland in the months they engaged each other. With both parties needing to withdraw, the battle ended in a stalemate to be picked up once again at a later date. Forseti left the engagement reminded that he needed to improve if he were going to keep up with the generation of pirates to follow his titanic rivals.

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Outside of fostering the relationship with Elbaf, Forseti and the Giant Squad were tasked with the capture or destruction of the remnants of the Rainbow Beard Alliance, a pirate alliance that pledged loyalty to the Red Titan during his prime. Scattered throughout the Grand Line, the Giant Squad followed every lead and hunted the pirates down with a particular level of efficacy and tenacity. Forseti engaged the majority of the affiliated crew captains including, Greenbeard, Pinkbeard, Silverbeard and even the infamous Goldbeard. With their outlandish size, absurdly large ship and stunning abilities, the unit was commonly referred to as Kaiju by pirates and marines alike, attesting to their awesome power and influence. Given his success, many believed the next promotion of admiral would fall onto him. However, it had been decided that Forseti's promotion would be contingent on successfully allying the nation of titans.

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The time had come for the Centennial Warrior Festival once again. Unlike last time where he was competitor seeking to earn the throne, he could no longer compete given his consumption of a devil fruit. As such, his faith as placed in the temporary king's son, Thor. While the blonde titan was the undisputed favorite of the tourney, Frederick Barbara arrived with her fleet of pirates along with the infamous pirate, Donk E. Kong. Having bested him in battle in the past and wanting to uphold Elbaf tradition, Forseti allowed the pirate to remain so long as he did not interfere in the events of the tourney, which he agreed to. Unfortunately the events of the tournament did not transpire as planned. Barbara prove to be quite the skilled fighter just as her father, overwhelming the best had to offer, including Thor. With victory falling into the hands of Barbara who pledged to ally with the Wukong Pirates, Forseti and the Giant Squad engaged the fearsome pirate crew. In a week-long clash, Forseti primarily engaged Kong but unlike their bout in the past, Kong bested Forseti in combat.

Honor or Justice

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Disgraced in defeat, Forseti was once again unsure how to progress. With Giants of Elbaf repulsed by his behavior and the marines disappointed in his defeat, it had dawned on Forseti that he was not the paradigm of his race. Stuck between his ideals of upholding justice but also maintaining his honor as a warrior from Elbaf, Forseti didn't know how to juggle the two anymore or rather he needed to make a choice. Dreading the decision, Forseti instead decided to rush back to sea alone in order to find the answers. Although visiting many islands during the period, the highlight of his journey was engaging Trygve for several years. In a battle of land and skies, the two sent shockwaves that shook the earth to its very core for years. It was here where Forseti awakened advanced Busoshoku for the first time. But the greatest revelation he had during this conflict was where he truly landed. With his might clearly not being enough to defeat his foe in a timely manner, although confident he would triumph eventually, Forseti was left with a choice: upholding his honor as a giant of Elbaf by battling until Trygve was defeated or returning back to his unit, where he can grow and devote himself to justice. Forseti chose the latter.

Screw this! Screw everyone! I'm done living my life trying to be someone I'm not! Victory, defeat, who cares, I need to get back and do something that actually matters...
— Forseti's realization

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Returning to his unit, Forseti sought to redefined his stance on justice. While maintaining his belief in justice being applied to everyone equally, he realized he hadn't determined what Justice truly meant. Throughout his life, he had simply did what he thought was right, but over the years doing what he believed was correct has left him with confusion and anguish. Who was he to determine such things. Realizing the flaws in his own beliefs, he looked towards others to find the answer.

First turning to the newly appointed Fleet Admiral, Diane, she highlighted her form of justice, Chivalrous Justice. Her doctrine emphasizes that she abides to a honor code defined by herself, even when those she faces do not. Her unwavering resolve towards her honorable beliefs empowers and fuels her, which has made her the marine she had become. While this was insightful, Forseti did not share her ability to define a system. With that being said, she offered him some helpful advice. "Faith, belief, conviction, these are what empower us. It doesn't have to be something you define but you have to put your faith in something and live by it." These words helped Forseti move forward.

After Diane, Forseti turned to the famous Hero of the Marines, Sora Daisuke next. The two discussed his form of justice, Heroic Justice, which revolves around bringing peace to the most amount of people. The Hero explained to Forseti that he believed he is a servant to the masses and that his actions are driven towards help the most amount of people, not penalizing those who have committed wrong-doing. Given his size and abilities, Forseti realized he probably could not uphold this form of justice well. But Daisuke's advice did help him realize that he did have to live by some personal system of beliefs but just having a belief would be enough.

Finally he met with the rising star, Fermi. Although the two fundamentally had disagreement in beliefs, especially with regards to those who ruled, the young marine offered Forseti new perspective. While possessing unwavering beliefs is important, what's equally important is devotion to these beliefs. Fermi coined formed of justice, Unresting Justice, highlight this very nature. Diligence and consistency are equally as important as belief and Forseti had realized that throughout his life, he has not remained consistent. Surprisingly, despite their differences, Fermi's advice helped Forseti remodel his form of justice the most.

In the end, Forseti did not trust his ideals enough to develop his own system so he abandoned them, and inherited the laws of the World Government. Realizing the Absolute Justice doctrine, Forseti devoted himself to these beliefs fully and would not deviate from them ever.

Challenging Beliefs

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Forseti returned to his position with new purpose and drive. With an entirely new perspective, Forseti viewed the world differently. Before returning to his position as leader of the Giant Squad, Forseti needed to test his resolve. Sailing through Paradise, Forseti searched for pirates and the law breakers far and wide. And although he dismantled the many overly ambitious pirates who sailed to the Grand Line, he was surprised when he found Marines of all ranks who abusing their powers and positions for their own benefits and personal gain. Decades prior, Forseti would've looked the other way as he wanted those same Marines to view him as the paradigm of Giant excellence. But with his alignment changed permanently, even those who have Justice printed on the back of their clothes were not exempt from his purging. As such, Forseti would take completely annihilate ships and even branches of Marines if they were breaking the law. Given his thoroughness along with his mastery over his fruit, Forseti earned a new epithet, Forseti the Drought.

Returning to the New World, Forseti gathered word of a dragon conquering one of the twenty kingdoms, Dressrosa. Sailing to the the renowned kingdom, Forseti challenged Tatsuya Ryushiki. The two engaged in an intense brawl that threatened the entirety of the kingdom and its inhabitants. If it were not for the decisive actions of the Daisuke who relayed the order of withdrawal to him, the kingdom would not remained. Forseti's devotion to absolute justice had nobles loving the titan but the Fleet Admiral did not share those feelings. Deeming him too dangerous to protect affiliates, Forseti was ordered to return back to Marineford to review his misconduct and was facing disciplinary action.

On his return to headquarters, Forseti crossed paths with the "Drunken Beast", Admiral Edo Shishio. Upon viewing his reckless behavior and borderline heinous antics, Forseti was compelled to act. Challenging the Admiral, despite already being under review, the two engaged in an epic clash that would later be highlighted in the news. Their duel would eventually be stopped by the Fleet Admiral before any major casualties or damages could occur but it became apparent Forseti was becoming a problem. Challenging a superior, destroying bases and acting on his own accord, Forseti was suspended from active duty. But the suspension did not seem bother the titan as he was simply following the beliefs established by the Marines. He could feel himself growing stronger, able to illicit real change and he did not plan on stopping. Returning to G-3, Forseti began to plot his next move while teaching his subordinates the new doctrine.

Eventually Forseti was reinstated and reappointed as leader of the Giant Squad.

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Three years ago, Forseti and the Giant Squad invaded Whole Cake Island in an attempt to defeat the Bloodbeard Pirates. Their crusade through the pirate emperor's territory was one that was not advised but followed through anyway. With the objective of overthrowing Bloodbeard taking precedent, Forseti and the Giant Squad completely annihilated as many islands as they could, showing no remorse for the civilians residing there. Eventually, the squad was confronted by the higher ranking officers and the Yonko himself. Their battle lasted days and was the definition of carnage. Engaging Bloodbeard primarily, Forseti cared little for the loss of his subordinates, which drastically diminished with every passing hour. Eventually receiving the order to withdraw, Forseti reluctantly retired from the engagement with only forty percent of his fighting force remaining. Be that as it may, the Giant Squad had earned quite the reputation after challenging the entirety of a yonko militia.