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Frenzy as he is known only by his alias, is the member of the Wraith Pirates after the first civil war with the Imperial Dragon Pirates. He is most wanted by the Marines of many assassinations from the South and West Blue, catching the Ox Lord's interest of joining his crew. His bounty was raised to Bsymbol190,000,000.


Frenzy is tall and athletic built with long arms. His armor covers his upper body, shoulders and waist, leaving his stomach exposed with a tattoo. Has long wild white maneTwo gauntlets with razor sharpe blades as claws. He wears pair of maroon pants tucked inside his bandages wrapped around his calves.


So far he is a cold killer who would unleash his wilde side in combat but able to restrain his bloodlust if given the order by his captain. Very much loyal to Kahn as he is the captain, respects him by his power and strength even though he is offered the amount of payment, Frenzy thinks of as 'part of the reputation' never showing fear to the World Government but is cautious when an Admiral is around in battle. Frenzy likes to make use of his skills for the challenge for any assignments, no matter who the target is but sometimes preferring those by his limits and not anyone like an Admiral.

Abilities and Powers

Frenzy relies mostly on speed and incredible acrobatic ability for his use of being an assassin. His primary weapons are his clawed gauntlets to slash at his targets.


At some point after the Ox Lord and his followers disbanded from the Imperial Dragons, Frenzy joined them due to his reputation and talents after fighting Kahn's men over his bounty but eventually shown respect to him by his immense strength and wanting to take on strong opponents. Proving his worth to his new captain when the crew launched a raid on a marine outpost.


  • The image used for the character was made by Deviantart member Baiken032.
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