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The Fujiwara Clan, otherwise known as the Fujiwara Dyasty to the inhabitants of Nakamura Island; is one of the most prominent and influential families in the known world. Due to their origins, historically, members of the Fujiwara Clan within Wano have been associated with "demons", being branded as Akuma.

However, in modern times, there are more so considered to be associated with Tengu; having transformed their image into one of a noble family that has assisted the people of Wano and aided in it's development for years, their previous history being erased through their own machinations over the years. In truth, the shared symbol of the Kagetaika-Gumi and all it's derivative groups is the family crest of the Clan.


The Fujiwara Clan are rumoured by those old enough to know to be the surviving members of a long extinct race that once carved a home for themselves on the surface of the lands inhabited by the underground dwelling Haze Tribe, who lived lives focused around maximizing the natural providence afforded to them by volcanic structures and the use of magma, seemingly having grown accustomed to it to such an extent their bodies produced the same toxic gases. Having lived in perfect symbiosis with the Haze Tribe, the original race from which the Fujiwara Clan persists, this alliance persists between the surviving members and the leaders of the tribe to this day, as seen in Starr J. Joanna's prominent membership in the empire of the family's Underworld activities as Izanami.

It is yet unknown how exactly the Fujiwara Family came to eventually live and inhabit the nation of Wano by the few historians who know of their true origin, though it is rumoured that the activites of the continent pullers allowed the family in some manner to proliferate within the nation. In addition, it is historically known that what was assumed to be a member of the Fujiwara Clan due to the description matching their biological traits appeared in the Nakamura Island, with timing as if in response to the summoning of the Devil itself. Amongst komagitsune who can shapeshift, enormous boars such as the Mountain God, the Fujiwara Clan and their unique hellish characteristics are considered to be yet another part of Wano's exotic diversity.

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