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The Fukyuu Fukyuu no Mi (Spread Spread Fruit) is a Paramecia Type Devil Fruit used by Kanari Katto. It allows the user to split inorganic matter at will, making them a Breaker Human.

Named Techniques

To'neru Rain (English: Tunnel Line or Viz: Earth Path)

The user creates a tunnel through the earth.

Futa Purotekuta (English: Lid Protector or Viz: Splitter Shield)

The user creates a shield of split materials.

Fukyuu Fukyuu no Mi
Japanese Name: Fukyuu Fukyuu no MI
English Name: Spread Spread Fruit
Meaning: Spreading objects
First Appearance: Chapter 556; Episode 448
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Kanari Katto
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