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Gaffel Altbier is one the founders and owners of the beer manifactiong company, Gaffel Kölsch & Co, and one the captains of the Drunkn Pirates together with his brother, Gaffel Becker. Unknown to most, Altbier is one of the Underworld Emperors, holding the position of the Emperor of Shipment.

Being trained at a young age by members of the Grinnaway Pirates, specifically Konung, Altbier is one of the few individuals able to use advanced techniques of Busoshoku Haki.


The upper part of Altbier's body is covered by a dark cloth, which is almost completely plain, with the exception of a pair of lines on his chest, which slightly jut outwards in its upper part. His shoulder pads are reminiscent of a mantle, bearing the same color of the cloth covering his chest and having lighter-colored edges, that connects to a leather collar.

His hood sports a furry purple crest on the back of it, and his visor a elaborated one, with bolts on its center and secured to his head by many bands; which further accentuate his knight-like appearance. He sports three metal bangles circling each of his biceps, and on his waistguard are long and fair skirt-like cloth, held up by a large metal belt bearing a symbol on its front.

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Altbier is shown to be highly intelligent, both emotionally and logistically. He promotes a carefree and jovial attitude with his brother and crew while being completely different during business meetings and dealings where he is more modest, serious, and sometimes seems a bit rude.

In combat he is always calm no matter the situation, having seen a Yonko face to face on multiple occasions made him less scared facing off against strong opponents.


Gaffel Becker

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Abilities and Powers

Fighting Style

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Altbier's fighting style is based on when a person is intoxicated, users move irregularly and erratically: they attack with no warning and defend with unconventional motions. Altbier have no conscious awareness of what actions they'll take, which also means opponents can't predict what they'll do.

According to Altbier, the Drunken Fist can only be mastered by observing a drunk person's movements, in Altbier's case he has studied the movements of his brother, Gaffel Becker, his whole life and is a master of this technique.


His control of Haki is so advanced that he can attack Devil Fruit users and cause them harm by bypassing their defenses, but he can do so without actually making physical contact with his opponent.

Altbier can use Busoshoku Haki at an advanced level that allows him to emit his Busoshoku Haki a short distance from his own body without a medium, such as a sword or other weapons.

Busoshoku Haki

Altbier is an extremely skilled user of Busoshoku Haki, being trained since childhood to master this technique by the infamous Konung, the King of the Sea.

Basic Techniques

The most basic technique of Busoshoku Haki grants Altbier an enhancement of power and durability. Altbier is able to use this technique on a single body part or even his whole body. This type of Haki also gives Altbier the ability to bypass the powers of a Devil Fruit user whose body has been altered by their fruit in some way, such as Logia intangiblity or body altering Paramecia, allowing him to damage the Devil Fruit user if he so desires. Although This techniques gives Altbier an advantage against Devil Fruit users it doesn't mean he can nullify the Devil Fruit user's Devil Fruit powers.

The next level of the Enhancement technique is the Hardening techniquse. A heavy concentration of this Haki can harden Altbier's body, giving him a greater increase of power and endurance that surpasses the weaker Enhancement application. This technique is easily able to block swords and other weapons, as Altbier's Busoshoku Haki is more effective than most other users normal blades and weapons will break if they come in contact with Altbier's body coated in Haki.

In advanced uses, the skin-blackening effect of Hardening on Altbier takes on a flame-like pattern and the shining color changes from the basic grey to a light purple, similar in color to his purple crest on the back of his helmet.

Another evolved step of the Enhancement technique is the Imbuement technique. By touching an object, Altbier can imbue it with his own Haki to greatly increase its power and endurance. Although this technique is rarely used by Altbier since he does not carry a weapon of any sort. Any weapon enhanced by Busoshoku Haki hits tremendously harder than it would without it, as well as allows the weapon to take more force and power without breaking. This type of Haki also allows Altbier to hurt Devil Fruit users, similar to the Enhancement technique. If able to Altbier uses his technique on weapons to increase their cutting capabilities and sturdiness.

Advanced Techniques

After years of using and training his Busoshoku Haki, and being trained by Konang as a child, gave Altbier tremendous knowlegde of Busoshoku Haki and allowed him to advance his Haki to the next level. Altbier has gained the ability of advanced Busoshoku Haki, mainly two abilities called Emission and Internal Destruction.

Emission allows Altbier to project his Haki flow from his body without a use of another medium. This technique allows Altbier to damage and repel his opponent without making direct contact or using brute force. This technique can also be combined with the Imbuement application, allowing Altbier to emit the Haki from his weapons instead of from himself.

The Internal Destruction technique is a stronger version of the Emission technique and allows Altbier to channel his Haki into his opponent and damage them from the inside. Like the Emission technique, Internal Destruction can also be used in conjunction with Hardening.

Kenbunshoku Haki

Unlike Busoshoku Haki, Altbier is only able to use the basic usage of Kenbunshoku Haki although that is not to say he is still proficient in using Kenbunshoku Haki. This type of Haki allows Altbier to sense the presence, strength, and emotions of others. Kenbunshoku Haki allows Altbier the ability of extrasensory perception, together with several helpful abilities. These abilities are useful in most occasions, especially in combat.


Early Life

Altbier and his brother were born into a poor family that barely made any money. Their dad beat their mother on a daily basis and their dad was also a heavy drinker. Ever since the two boys were born, they were forced to do heavy work to earn a tiny bit of money for the family while their dad gambled almost everything away. It got so bad that they were forced to sell the little shed that they had and now lived on the streets. Their mother mainly made money by sleeping with other men and sold her body to anyone that offered a tiny bit of cash. When the two boys were just five, their dad had just lost the tiny bit of money they had and took his anger out on not only the mother but also the two brothers. It got so bad that their dad killed their mother right in front of them and forced the two boys to clean up the mess. After losing his precious mother, Altbier had enough, and the next day he killed their dad by slowly strangling him to death.

As they tried to run away, the two boys were captured and sold as slaves to do hard labor on a pirate ship. Both of the boys obviously weren’t happy with this but didn’t have any other choice. Altbier tried to kill the people but failed again and again because of him being so small and young. One day when they were sailing off to some island, the ship was attacked by another pirate ship. This pirate crew was the infamous Grinnaway Pirates who had just saved them. The two boys were just seven when Grinnaway saved them and they had been on this pirate crew for almost a year. Grinnaway took the two boys under his wing and was a father figure for them. Grinnaway tried his best to keep his pirate career away from the two boys but it would always show up some way or the other. While being a member of the Redbeard Pirates, Grinnaway had the two boys be stationed on his own personal island, Port Royal, where he also sent all of his money. To act as their new mother figure, a famous bounty hunter and a good friend of Grinnaway kept the two boys under control. While his brother kept drinking, Altbier was fascinated with the money that was sent to the island and was taught how to use money respectfully, wisely, and financially. He worked on the island for a while and gained a basic understanding of a business. Altbier was also taught the basics of Armament Haki by a member of Grinnaway's crew and a master of Haki, Konung.

One day when Grinnaway visited the two boys, he spoke about Gaffel Becker’s addiction, Altbier's brother, and how he could make a beer company. Becker laughed this off but Altbier saw this as a perfect opportunity to earn a lot of money. At the age of just thirteen, Altbier started researching alcohol and how it was made, and by using the experience of working on Port Royal as a child, made a company named Gaffel Kölsch & Co with his brother. They quickly made a name for themselves among pirates. This was mostly because of Grinnaway who told a lot of his "friends" about the alcohol made from the two boys and gained quite a bit of money from this. Even with this fame and money, Altbier's brother quickly got bored with this and wanted to become a pirate. Altbier continued his own career and made the company even larger than before. They had even managed to get an island without the help of Grinnaway and this was their base for many years. Some years passed and when the two boys turned eighteen, Grinnaway told the two boys to go out and do their own thing. Essentially having them go out to their own island and pursue the beer company career as well as the pirate career.

Not long after, Altbier started gaining influence in the Underworld while his brother had split off from him and became a solo pirate. In the underworld, Altbier bought "cheap" items and later on sold them for a higher price, among other things. Around this time was the first encounter between Altbier's brother and the Yonko Rumlar Zelgius' forces. The Yonko himself was not present during this encounter. Most of his forces were lost and Becker was forced to travel back to Altbier together with the core members of his crew. The two brothers had not seen each other for some time now. Becker had told Altbier of what had happened and that he wanted to get stronger in hopes of regaining what he lost. Altbier acknowledged Becker's determination and had managed to fetch a Devil Fruit via his connections in the underworld, the Yūdō Yūdō no Mi. He gave it to his brother and told him to not waste it or sell it for some more booze. After taking the Devil Fruit, Becker quickly ate it. Becker decided that it was for the best to stop his pirate career and started training instead and he started helping his brother and their business.

After observing his brother and his movement in combat, Altbier made a personal martial art technique that is based on the movements of a drunk individual. This didn't just help Altbier make a unique martial art style but it also helps him to act as his brother if that is ever necessary. Altbier moves irregularly and erratically, he attacks with no warning and defends with unconventional motions. Altbier has no conscious awareness of what actions he'll take, which also means opponents can't predict what he'll do. Altbier using this technique with his Busoshoku Haki which he was taught as a child and continues training his advanced Busoshoku Haki.

Nine years later, making the two boys thirty years old, their influence had spread throughout the entire world and was practically the world’s biggest beer manufacturing company. Becker had recently started to pick up his old pirate career once more and started being an active pirate. To announce to the world that he was back, he had planned an attack on a marine headquarters not far from their base. His plan involved going in and stealing as many marine ships that he was capable of. To help him with this, Altbier had hired a few mercenaries from the underworld to act as marines so that they could get intel prior to the attack. This intel was fatal in ensuring their victory. They came in with three hijacked ships and came out with more than seven times as much and the loot they acquired was priceless. The reasoning for such an opulence amount of ships and loot was that the base had been used as a storage unit for underworld dealings. This was also how Becker found out of this base, with the help of Altbier of course. While his brother and his crew were busy breaking into the marine base, Altbier was taking care of the financial side of the operation and a plan b if his brother got caught. The operation needed a lot of planning beforehand from Altbier. Altbier had to make sure his brother didn't mess up during the mission and used his influence in the underworld to buy a bunch of den den mushis he used to constantly have contact with his brother and the crew. Altbier's plan b included getting more information from the crew during the mission to learn more about the layout of the base which he used to make an escape plan if the crew would fail their mission. Altbier would risk anything to bring back his brother if he failed.

Because of this accident, the World Government sent Gaffel Becker a letter asking him if he wanted to become a Shichibukai. He originally threw the letter in the trash but Altbier told him that this would be a huge advantage for both of them. Altbier wrote a letter, as his brother was too drunk to write it. Altbier saw this opportunity to not only spread their influence even more but to also cover up the shady business that he was doing. Around nine years later, the crew made an alliance with Rumlar Zelgius and moved their whole operations onto one of his islands in Totto Land. This was mostly just to get more protection since the shady business that Altbier was doing really started to go wild and out of control. The two had made a deal where Zelgius would get free alcohol for life as long as they had their operations in Totto Land and were under the protection of the Yonko.

Since his brother became a Shichibukai, the World Government didn’t like this and warned his brother that he was going to lose his Shichibukai title. Luckily for him, he made a deal with the World Government for them to send spies via the crew to spy on Zelgius to keep the title of Shichibukai. Altbier wasn't particularly happy about Becker's decision at first since it made the World Government closer to Altbier and his business in the underworld but after a while, Altbier realized that he could use these spies to gain information, not just on Zelgius but also the World Government, that he would be able to use as a bargaining chip or sell in the Underworld.

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Name Position Bounty
Gaffel Altbier "Emperor of Shipment" Bsymbol.gif175,000,000

First Bounty: It is currently unknown how Altbier gained his first bounty but he managed to gain a bounty of Bsymbol.gif175,000,000

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  • Gaffel Altbier's apperance is based on Bickslow from Fairy Tail.
  • It took over 3 months for Altbier's Underworld Emperor application to be reviewed and accepted.