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Gaffel Becker, reffered to as the Drunk Knight and widely known as the Drunkest Pirate in the World, is one the captains of the Drunkn Pirates, a Shichibukai with a frozen bounty of 130,000,000 and one of owners of the biggest beer manifactiong company in the world, Gaffel Kölsch & Co, alongside the Underworld Emperor of Shipment and his brother, Gaffel Altbier.

At a very young age, Becker and his brother were exposed to the pirate life, being saved from slavery by the legendary Grinnaway of the Redbeard Pirates, taking them in and later abducting them under his own flag, making them apprentices of the Grinnaway Pirates after the aformention crews disbandenment. Under this time, the two brothers were trained in haki and well versed with the political side of the world. Eventually starting up their beer manufacerting company on Port Royal and later expanding to nearby islands. In this time, his brother would take care of that while Becker left to try the pirate life, an adventure that lead through multiple ups and downs but would leave Becker as one of the seven warlords and a respected ally of the Yonko, Rumlar Zelgius.

Becker is also the user of the Yūdō Yūdō no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows Becker to conduct equality between him and everyone within the range of his power. In Beckers case, making anyone nearby passout from the sudden overload of drunkeness, with only a few being able to resist.


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The first thing that people notice about Becker is that he’s constantly drunk and is rarely seen sober. He mainly drinks to cope with his past of his father beating him because he was drunk and then Becker fell into the same hole. He started drinking at an extremely young age and still does it constantly. Besides him being drunk, Becker is a happy and outward kind of guy, always happy to meet new people and have a drink with them. This can sometimes get him in trouble but he rarely gets pissed over things. Generally, he’s a typical drunk that will always try to get someone else into drinking with him and doesn’t really care about anything. The only real care that he has is for his crew. They are like a family for him and when he lost a lot of men to Rumlar’s forces, he became depressed and swore to get stronger. He eventually did this

Unlike a lot of characters, Becker’s personality doesn’t change when in combat but stays the same. He will make a few remarks here and there but mostly just have fun. Even in near-death scenarios, he will still be happy and uplifting. This is mostly because of him being drunk.

Although being drunk, he is capable of thinking stragitigly and is a very good strategist. His way of using the small forces that he had made him to the warlord that he is. A drunk on the outside but a genius strategist on the inside. This is a big advantage for Becker, since most of his opponents think of him as a drunk that does nothing but drink. Really, he’s a strong pirate that can easily hold his own, even against the likes of Vice-Admirals.




Thank~you Gahn, these is real~ly gooo0ood! You~re a great Burp friend.
— Becker to Gahn in A Monkey's Cold Mug of Beer on a Hot Summer Day.



Abilities and Powers

Fighting Style


Kenbunshoku Haki

Becker is able to use an advanced form of Kenbunshoku Haki while his brother is able to use an advanced form of Busoshoku Haki...

Busoshoku Haki

Devil Fruit

Yūdō Yūdō no Mi...


Early Life

Becker and his brother were born into a poor family that barely made any money. Their dad beat their mother on a daily basis and their dad was also a heavy drinker. Ever since the two boys were born, they were forced to do heavy work to earn a tiny bit of money for the family while their dad gambled almost everything away. It got so bad that they were forced to sell the little shed that they had and now lived on the streets. Their mother mainly made money by sleeping with other men and sold her body to anyone that offered a tiny bit of cash. When the two boys were just five, their dad had just lost the tiny bit of money they had and took his anger out on not only the mother but also Becker and his brother. It got so bad that their dad killed their mother right in front of them and forced the two boys to clean the mess up. Becker had just lost the most precious thing to him and needed a way to cope, so he stole his dad’s licker and began his drinking addiction. On the other hand, his brother had enough, and the next day he killed their dad by slowly strangling him to death. Becker wasn’t present to this but found out later that day because of his brother telling Becker to run away with him.

As they tried to run away, the two boys were captured and sold as slaves to do hard labor on a pirate ship. Both of the boys obviously weren’t happy with this but didn’t have any other choice. In fact, Becker’s brother tried to kill the people but failed again and again because of him being so small and young. One day when they were sailing off to some island, the ship was attacked by another pirate ship. This pirate crew was the infamous Grinnaway Pirates who had just saved them. The two boys were just seven when Grinnaway saved them and they had been on this pirate crew for almost a year. Grinnaway took the two boys under his wing and was the father figure for the two. Grinnaway tried his best to keep his pirate career away from Becker and his brother but it would always show up some way or the other. While being a member of the Redbeard Pirates, Grinnaway had the two boys be stationed on his own personal island (Port Royal) where he also sent all of his money too. To act as their new mother figure, a famous bounty hunter (Verona) and a good friend of Grinnaway kept the two boys under control. Becker’s addiction didn’t get better but actually got even worse than before. Especially with the influence of pirates, he drank even more than usual.

One day when Grinnaway visited the two boys, he spoke about Becker’s addiction and how he could make a beer company. Becker laughed this off but his brother saw this as a perfect opportunity to earn a bit of cash. At the age of just thirteen, Becker’s brother started researching alcohol and how it was made. Becker on the other hand wanted more to drink so he offered to help out. Together they started the Gaffel Kölsch & Co and quickly made a name for themselves among pirates. This was mostly because of Grinnaway who told a lot of his friends about the alcohol made from the two boys and gained quite a bit of money from this. Even with this fame and money, Becker quickly got bored with this and wanted to become a pirate. Grinnaway wasn’t too happy when hearing this but eventually supported Becker and even helped him start his adventures. At this time, Becker was just fifteen and wasn’t really the best pirate but still enjoyed the pirate life. His brother had continued his own career and made the company even larger than before. They had even managed to get an island without the help of Grinnaway and this was their base for many years. Some years passed and when the two boys turned eighteen, Grinnaway told the two boys to go out and do their own thing. Essentially having them to go out to their own island and pursue the beer company career as well as the pirate career.

Not long after, Becker had split off from his brother and became a solo pirate while his brother gained influence in the underworld. In a short amount of time, he had gained a large amount of forces that could rival that of vice-admirals. Around this time was the first encounter between Becker and the yonko Rumlar Zelgias' own forces. The yonko himself was not present but the fear of just a flag wavering in the sky was enough to send shivers down the spines of Becker and his crew. Most of his forces were lost and Becker was forced to travel back to his brother together with the core members of his crew. The sight of his brother was a pleased one at that, they had not seen each other for some time now. Becker had told his brother of what had happened and that he wanted to get stronger in hopes of regaining what he lost. His brother acknowledged Becker's determination and had managed to fetch a devil fruit via his connections in the underworld. He gave it to his brother and told him to not waste it or sell it for some more booze. Luckily for the two, Becker was not going to waste this opportunity and ate the fruit straight away. He had now gained the ability of the Inducement Inducement Fruit which allows him to give other people similar effects that he’s reserving. This could be him being drunk would make other people around him drunk. Another usage could be him taking damage or getting healed, he could choose which people in a certain radius to effect. He decided that it was for the best to stop his pirate career and started training instead. His loss of men took a toll on him and he would rather help his brother then risk more getting hurt.

Nine years later, making the two boys thirty years old, their influence had spread throughout the entire world and was practically the world’s biggest beer manufacturing company. Becker had recently started to pick up his old pirate career once more and started being an active pirate. To announce to the world that he was back, he had planned an attack on a marine headquarters not far from their base. His plan involved going in and stealing as many marine ships that he was capable of. To help him with this, his brother had hired a few mercenaries from the underworld to act as marines so that they could get intel prior to the attack. This intel was fatal in ensuring the victory of Becker and his crew. Becker and his crew had hijacked three marine vessels that they used to get onto the base. Each vessel was filled to the prim with explosives that were to act as a diversion for the main force to infiltrate and grab a hold of the other ships. The crew had snuck past the harbor in some crates and was ready to fire the explosive. As soon as the explosives were set off, marines from all around scattered around towards the ships who were docked on three different places to spread the forces out even more. The main force, together with the spies on the inside, easily made their way into the base’s docking arrior and began to load crates onto the ships. This was not planned but they might as well take it while they were at it. They obviously had to take down a few marines but, with the help of Becker’s devil fruit power and his usage of Kenbunshoku Haki, it was easy as a day breeze. They came in with three hijacked ships and came out with more than seven times as much and the loot they acquired was priceless. The reasoning for such an opundense amount of ships and loot was that the base had been used as a storage unit for underworld dealings. This was also how Becker found out of this base, with the help of his brother of course. He did all of this while being drunk, which helped because of his devil fruit and his heightened senses when being drunk.

Because of this accident, the WG sent him a letter asking him if he wanted to become a warlord. He originally threw the letter in the trash but his brother told him that this would be a huge advantage for both of them. So he sends a letter back saying, and I quote “As long as I can drink then I’m fine! Do whatever you shitheads want with me or my crew. I don’t really care.” This was obviously written by Becker’s brother since he was too drunk to write or just think straight. Becker’s brother saw this opportunity to not only spread their influence even more but to also cover up the shady business that he was doing. Around nine years later, the crew made an alliance with Rumlar Zelgius and moved their whole operations onto one of his islands in Totto Land. This was mostly just to get more protection since the shady business that Becker’s brother was doing really started to go wild. At the same time, Becker thought this was a good opportunity to hopefully one day strike within and revenge his fallen brothers. Although, where it stands now, Becker is nowhere near the strength to take down Rumlar and mostly stays away from the island anyway. The two had made a deal where Zelgius would get free licker for life as long as they had their operations in Totto Land and were under the protection of the yonko. On the other hand, the WG didn’t like this and warned Becker that he was going to lose his warlord title. Luckily for Becker, he made a deal with the WG for them to send spies via the crew to spy on Zelgius for him keeping the title of warlord. Normally it would be his brother that would have done this but Becker knew that if he would want to take down Zelgius, he would need all the help he could get.

A Monkey's Cold Mug of Beer on a Hot Summer Day



  • The characters name is based on a german beer company, Gaffel Becker & Co
    • The characters pirate crew and company is based on the beer Gaffel Kölsch, made by Gaffel Becker & Co
  • Becker's apperance is based on Bickslow from Fairy Tail