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Gahn O. Yaphet,better known as the Great Gahn is a notorious pirate known in the Grand Line. He is one of the captains of the Wind Pirates. He is the father of Gahn O. Gaia. Yaphet is known to create very cold wind storms and has been told of potential to destroy countries on end. He is a very kind person,yet can become restless and violent. He has been known to create terrible storms to wherever he goes. As known the Great Gahn,he is the founder of the Gahn Dynasty,as he is the King of Alabasta.


Yaphet has very spiky hair with the colors of red,black,and blonde. He is a very tall and muscular person,even though he has a thin build. He usually wears a black shirt with dark colored jeans and a blue mini-cape. He carries a pyramid on him that weighs 220 pounds. The pyramid on his neck is his way of showing his strength and showing he is the king of Alabasta.


Yaphet is known for being a ruthless man in battles,saying in legends he is known for eating human flesh. But he is most of the time a kind and nice person around. But when he gets mad,he can create storms by his anger thanks to his devil fruit. He can also get very violent when angered. When he gets angry,the wind does go strong to the north. As his devil fruit also sends wind pointing North.

As mentioned,he is a kind person to be around with as long as no one gets on his bad side. The man has been known to send some poor folk to inside his palace and feed them till their stomachs were full. He would also give them a nice bed to sleep with. Then he would have people build a house for the person and his family. And he would ask for nothing else except for the person to use the house,knowing that they are protected by The Great Gahn.

The man is known for having multiple wives and children. After his first wife died,he was so heartbroken,that he thought that more wives could help him. Which wasn't his wisest decision. But it helped him gain children in the process. He has 9 wives and 16 children as a result. He would have 10 sons and 6 daughters. He expects his sons to go out and become pirates and rulers themselves when they get older. He wishes his daughters to become honorable wives and also be great defenders of the house. As he trains them in fighting as well. But he has let his eldest daughter to become a pirate as she wished.

Abilities and Powers

Physical Prowess

Despite his skinny size,he is a muscular powerhouse. Him carrying the 220 pound pyramid is one of those testaments to his strength. He has been known for benching full-grown trees without his devil fruit form. He can punch through ships made of wood or steel. He also can lift his ship up and carry it to the other end of the island.

He has two of the three forms of haki. He trained himself in using armament the most,but is equally skilled in observation. He trained himself in using armament by punching boulders out of the way,it has been told that he can crack a mountain open if he needed to. His observation skills are known to be phenomenal,he can catch a bullet in mid air if a gun was aimed at him and fired a bullet at him.

Devil Fruit

His devil fruit ability is also an incredible devil fruit. It is the Bear Bear Fruit Model: Ya-O-Gah. That devil fruit is a mythical zoan that gives the user the ability to become a bear and manipulate wind. Now when Yaphet transforms into a bear,he also brings storms onto the island.

The devil fruit involves becoming a bear. And just by that,he has enhanced senses such as smelling and vision. He can retract claws if he wants to use them. The thick skin as a bear is like armor to Yaphet,protecting him from some attacks. He has enhanced speed and strength when he is a bear. He would also have enhance mauling techniques and a thick skull thanks to this power.

With the devil fruit also involving wind manipulation,he has used that power to great use. Most of the time,he likes to fight with his hands or claws depending on his form. So he would go all out and have brutal techniques to take out or kill his opponents. Like for example,he would wrap his hand with wind and then punch someone with the wind fist. He has been able to awaken his devil fruit to become even more powerful,which now makes him even more powerful with using wind.


He isn't known for using weapons much,but he does carry dual scimitars. He has used them in battle to show more of his ferocity. As he does like to use weapons that show fear,like scimitars or battle axes,but he uses them few times unless he knows he can lose without using it.


Early Life

Gahn O. Yaphet was born in the slums of Alabasta,his mother was a very poor woman. His father was one of the warriors of the king,but was still poor because the king was a selfish scumbag. He also had three brothers and a sister.

At age 9,he was forced to marry by his dad,who had a wedding arranged for Yaphet. Yaphet was then married by a girl named Sorte.

Around that same time,Yaphet's father gets killed in a battle against rebels. There was a rebellion happening during Yaphet's time because the King wasn't caring for the people there that there hasn't been rain around and the king has been taking all of the island's water supply for himself. At the place where his dad got killed,the king to waste his men toward the rebels and told Yaphet's dad's army to charge in and attack the rebels. They did and most of the soldiers died by being impaled by swords,guns,or pitchforks.

Yaphet showed anger after his dad was killed. Even though he didn't like his dad forcing him to marry,he still loved his dad. What even more mad was that the King wouldn't even let Yaphet's family have a funeral for their dad because after the battle,the king commanded the soldiers that were still alive to dig a mass grave for the soldiers and rebels that died,not giving the proper respect of a warrior's funeral. His sister was born without even knowing her father,which made Yaphet even more mad.

He tries to join the rebels one day,but he didn't like the way the rebels were fighting. The rebels were not fighting with spirit is what Gahn would say. It seemed the rebels were mostly criminals or anarchists,but there were some rebels that were genuinely mad over the controls of the World Nobles rule there.

Yaphet tries to become a leader for the rebels,but the rebels didn't like him because of his inexperience and lack of strength. Some of the rebels even mocked him and beated the kid up since he was so weak.

Formation of the Wind Pirates

With Yaphet disgusted by the circumstances of Alabasta,Yaphet would eventually at the age of 17 run away with Sorte and became pirates to gain strength,experience and knowledge of freedom fighting. They already had two children,one being Gahn O. Gaia and Gahn O. Aladdin. They would steal one of the king's ships that was vacant in the middle of the night. They didn't know what to do initially but to go to the first group of people they see that could help them.

The relationship between Yaphet and Sorte had gotten better and better every year. When they gotten married,they were like good friends with each other. But by Yaphet was 17,they had a better and intimate relationship together. They both learned to rely on each other and work together when it came to surviving the slums of Alabasta. Their love is what Yaphet said to be the hammer of all of his plans.

They would travel to other islands and steal from the nearest stores to get food. Yaphet wouldn't try to kill someone unless it was a person that would definitely try to harm him or his family. There were times that he robbed from marines because he thought the marines don't share anyway so the only way to get better products is to take equipment from them.

One day,he landed in an island called Little Garden. Turns out that they would find two other guys that were there also. The two they would find would be Jinn Jo Daan and Yando O. Ned. The four decided to go together and explore the island known as Little Garden. There,they would find a cave that was protected by a giant named Gong. Gong was a giant that created his own form of martial arts and was using it to survive out there in the island against dinosaurs. Gong also was a defender of the cave,as it had four devil fruits inside it. Gong was brought here by a stranger saying that he was to defend the fruits with his life.

The four,by fate,had to fight the giant till they were all tired of fighting. But the willpower of the four were incredible,it even made Gong admired them. Gong then thought that it was these four that were worthy of the fruits. Gong was then suddenly friendly to the four and told them that they can enter the cave and reap the results of eating the devil fruits. The four ate the devil fruits together,each getting their devil fruit powers. And after eating the devil fruits,they all made a bond saying that they will be forever known as the Wind Pirates.

And from then on,the world would be known of the presence of the Wind Pirates. All of them recruiting members along their way and fighting marines and conquering land such as Little Garden itself,as they promised to defend the land with Gong. There was a convoy of marines that came onto Little Garden one day and saw the four pirates. And the four pirates took on the marines and annihilated them,not without leaving a couple marines alive to tell the World Government that they will be taking over Little Garden.

While he was in Little Garden,he would be trained by Gong in the martial arts that Gong taught himself. Yaphet would also train himself by punching through boulders and trees while also lifting such objects. He was able to take out a giant t-rex with his own fists after his training.

The Crusades Begin

After training himself for a while in Little Garden. He goes to a small marine base that is closest to Little Garden and takes it on. Him and Sorte would both take on the marines in the base and would attempt to take over the base and destroy it.

The battle inside the marine base was carnage. Yaphet would leave the place destroyed and every marine dead inside it. Blood was everywhere and carnage was seen throughout the base. Before Yaphet and Sorte left the place,Yaphet left a warning written on the wall with blood. The warning was that the crusades are about to begin,and he was recruiting people to his cause.

Gaining Recruits for the Crusade

When he started going on these crusades,he started gaining his crewmates from them indebting their lives to Yaphet,since most of them were from marine prisons.

His most infamous crew mate is LeFleur Gouda,a swordsman who has a devil fruit which manipulates cheese. Gouda was being experimented on by marines in a marine lab base. And Yaphet and Sorte were taking on marines in the base and found Gouda in a cage,shaped like a block of cheese. This made Yaphet even angrier and had him go on an even more bloody rampage. Yaphet even used some of the experiments on the marines to have them taste their own medicine. He then would take pictures of what he did at that lab and show it to the World Government through mailing them.

He would gain a Steelsmith named Benny after taking out a commodore that was being unfair to the citizens of an island. Benny became a notorious cyborg in Gahn's crew. Being known to fire cannonballs from his fingers.

Yaphet would also gain a giant viking from Elbaf named Bork. Bork was in a marine prison made for giants when Yaphet and Sorte raided into the prison one day and freed the prisoners. Bork would repay them by joining the Wind Pirates and fight for the crusade.

And over the course of his crusades,he would gain other members through rescuing them in their prisons. Most of them that joined were minks. He would gain a Bear Mink girl named Goldilocks. He has a tiger mink man named Khan Shere. He gained a raven birdman named Poe. He would also gain a lion humink named Harold.

And over the course of his crusades,his crusades got the attention of an old man who was a revolutionary named Brown John. John liked the way Yaphet was doing his crusades,with a brutal mind and violent action,John then offer himself to the crew as a scout member for them to take on tougher marines.

A reminder of his true goal

It has been a few years,about when he was 21,he has been making a name for himself for his brutal ways of killing marines. And it seemed to caught the attention of the Admiral Fermi. Fermi and Yaphet would one day fight in a marine base Fermi was in one day,in fact Fermi was expecting Yaphet to come to the base he was in.

Turns out Fermi was right,Yaphet came to the base and was killing marines left and right until he saw Fermi. Fermi was real mad looking at Yaphet's chaos and made Yaphet pay for it.

They had a long battle that lasted for hours or days. But Yaphet was bested in the battle against Fermi and was about to die until his wife Sorte and other crew members would save him before he dies.

After that battle,Yaphet was reminded of himself why he became a pirate. He became a pirate to become stronger and prove himself worthy to lead the rebellion. So then,he decides after he recovers,he would go back to Alabasta and lead the rebellion to save Alabasta and become king.

Taking Alabasta

When Yaphet was about 22 years old,he would have a total of five children with his wife Sorte. His daughter Gaia being the oldest and having four sons after her. It was five years since he left Alabasta. He already made himself a name as a pirate,and now he has come to Alabasta to fulfill his promise and vengeance.

He got there and immediately assisted the rebels that were fighting the marines and the king's soldiers. He defeated the marines and soldiers with his physical prowess and was in a rage in his bear form. The rebels were immediately in awe of Yaphet's power. And the rebels immediately asked him to be the leader of the rebellion. But first,Yaphet had to gain the trust of the rebels in each district,since some of the rebels had their own agenda for fighting the king.

He was able to get each district's rebels to follow him. As they all saw the anger and the ferocity in each of their battles. The rebels say it was like Yaphet's anger alone can kill the World Noble Family.

Yaphet though said an idea to the rebels. Yaphet thought that not all of the citizens of Alabasta would want to be affiliated with pirates. So he decided to plan that he would hold the Noble Family hostage and will hold them until the marines give him the Warlord position. That way,the kingdom is still related to the World Government.

Not all of the rebel groups agreed,but two-thirds of them agreed to it. So it made the decision to carry out the plan to become warlord and king of Alabasta.

One day,Yaphet would lead an all out charge into the palace. He would lead all of the rebels in the island plus pirates that were willing to help him into the army of marines and the noble's soldiers.

The battle lasted for many hours. But it was seen that Yaphet was tearing the enemy apart with his claws. And Yaphet was successful in capturing the royal noble family and held them hostage.

He then calls the World Government,telling them he has the Noble Family hostaged. And he would have them hostaged until the marines give him Alabasta and the position of the 7 Warlords of the Sea. Which eventually they would. So The Great Gahn was declared king of Alabasta and one of the seven warlords of the sea.

The battle didn't come out without a price. During the battle,the king had knights that had seastone armor. Yaphet's wife tried to attack the knights with her wind powers,but she didn't noticed they were wearing seastone. The attack only was repelled and weakened Sorte. Sorte fell and the knights finished her off,killing her.

Yaphet at the moment saw that and was angry. He wanted to fight the knights so bad but he knew he has to avoid them. After the battle,he found the knights that killed her. He had them executed when he saw them. He tore the bodies of the knights apart after they were stripped of their armor. It was said he also ate the flesh of the knights also.

Days after the war,he was now a widow and heartbroken,longing for his wife. Eventually,he would marry nine more wives and promises to protect each of them with his life. He would also gain another eleven children from the nine wives.

Now,he rules Alabasta while taking care of sixteen children,training each of them and figuring out which one should be his successor.


-Kid from Alabasta disgusted by the circumstances of his nations

-Tries to join and lead the rebels but lacks the experience strength and knowledge

-Becomes a pirate in order to earn these things

-Commences the "Crusades" which targets marines instead of other pirates (as they failed his country)

-Earns bunch of infamy by killing marines

-Has near death experience with Admiral maybe? Which reminds him that his goal is not to be a notorious pirate but help his nation (tho he has become notorious along the way)

-Returns home, earns trusts of rebels and captures the royal family.

-Keeps them hostage and requests he becomes leader of Alabasta under the position of warlord (the admiral confirms his strength and capabilities)

-Becomes warlord


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