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The Gale Island Arc is the twenty-eighth story arc and the first arc in the Yonko saga. It follows the Straw Hats get tied up in the storms in the New World and land in Gale Island. There, at first they befriend the native Galians living on the island and make friends. Later, they spot Every and the Null Pirates tormenting the locals and the Straw Hats ask them why they are doing this. Every states that this is his island and he kicked off the leader before, Monkey D. Raul, Luffy's cousin. Luffy gets mad at this and starts attacking Every, but losing to him and getting stabbed. However, Luffy powers through and figures out a way to defeat Every and stop his mistreatment of the locals. He gathers them up and they start attacking all of the Null Pirates, which turns out to work. This is when Luffy is forced to use Gear Fourth once again to defeat Every. After he defeats Every, the locals tell him about Zuneisha and a bit about Kaido. Following this short encounter, they go to Zou to meet up with the Grand Fleet.

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