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Galileo (or just "Gali" for short) is a winged beast that was raised by the captain himself.


Galileo appears exceptionally friendly and yet also very paranoid. Being around pirates his entire life he has grown wary of how some of them work. Even on the Space Pirates, some minds scare him so much then it is not uncommon for him to shiver at the sight of even some of the weakest members of the crew. Further more, because many of the crew were brought in from bad lifestyles, he is aware of how twisted some of their minds are.

When by his captain's side he will often stare at people, which unknown to them is a sign he is inside their head. He also has no moral grounds nor knows any boundaries and while may take something like a betrayal plot out of someones head he may also steal other information out of there as well like family memories and emotions.



Though just an animal so therefore has no rank, he is treated better then even some of the lower ranked crew members. He quickly became enemies of Agrona for this reason and she often sends him flying across the room into the opposite wall when no one is looking claiming it was an accident. His captain of course adores him and he is often by his side.

Abilities and powers

Galileo is telepathic, though none of the crew are aware of that and he acts as Sirius' eyes and ears when he is not around. Since none of the crew are aware if his ability, he roams the ship freely listening to everyone's thoughts. Though not intelligent as most of the crew, he is aware that not all information needs to reach Sirius' ears, and will often not tell his captain the full details on what he has heard. He can cause memory loss when needs to but often doesn't because of the information lost in doing so.

Though telepathic, he is otherwise weak other then being able to fly and his telepathy is limited only to the thoughts of those with what he calls "an open mind". Some minds, such as those of his captain and the commanders, are simply too well disciplined or "closed" for him to enter, though Sirius ensures the beast that that does not matter as he trusts them anyway.


Galileo was originally given him when he was a baby via a tribute from another pirate crew intending for the beast to kill him. The beast had been starved near to death before hand and his species, even as babies, are renowned for becoming exceptionally vicious when food is low. However, it became obvious within minutes the beast liked the Space Pirate captain more then its owners. Since Galileo was just a baby, Sirius took it into his crew like any other crew member he had before him.

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