Genesis D. Lantis is the captain of the One-Eyed Pirates. He is a descendant of the royal family of the Great Kingdom.


Lantis is a man above average height. He has moppy brown hair. He wears an intricately-designed eyepatch over his right eye. His body has a considerable number of scars, including the one over his right eye.

He has an affinity for torn clothing. He wears a gray, slightly tattered jean jacket with a fur collar and his jolly roger on the back, which is open to display his muscular torso. Under the coat is a tattoo of the Great Kingdom's symbol on his back. He also wears ripped jeans and black shoes.


Unlike many pirates, Lantis has absolutely no interest in One Piece or becoming the Pirate King. His goal in life is to resurrect the Great Kingdom that was eradicated by what would later become the World Government. Having lost his biological family during the World Government's attempt to erase all evidence of the Great Kingdom, he is very protective of his crew, and vengeful toward the World Government, not hesitating to even attack World Nobles.

He is merciless toward Marines and enemy pirates, but has little interest in attacking random civilians. He does this mostly out of pragmatism, preferring to only use force against people who attack him first.

He tends to casually address people by their first names instead of their epithets, even if they're not close acquaintances.


Lantis' mother is descended from the Great Kingdom and of the family of D. Despite her lineage, she gained the one-sided attraction of a World Noble, putting Lantis into a conflict of being "the spawn of God and the Devil".

Abilities and Powers

Lantis has displayed superhuman strength, speed and endurance. He has displayed the ability to hear the "Voice of All Things".

Devil Fruit

Lantis ate the Logia-class Kuu Kuu no Mi (Void), allowing him to create, control and transform into vacuum, a region of space devoid of any sort of matter. He has shown many applications of the ability, including suction, creating massive windstorms, and surviving in outer space.


Lantis has displayed proficiency in all three forms of Haki.


  • Lantis's name may come from Atlantis, a legendary lost civilization which draws some parallels to the Great Kingdom.
  • Ironically, Lantis's Devil Fruit powers provide him the element of nothingness, while his ultimate goal is to destroy the nothingness that has become of his kingdom in the form of the Void Century.
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