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Godspeed is a companion of Akira and is the first mate of the (To be determined). Not much is known about Godspeed since he doesn't talk and also only trust's Akira after he saved his life from a marine captain. After this event, Godspeed has been by Akira's side ever since and keeps protecting him from danger.

After the events of Winter Wonderland, Akira and Godspeed made allies with the Bluebeard Pirates and stayed at their home island for some time. After this, a member of the Bluebeard Pirates, Shuten Dōji, joined Akira and Godspeed in their adventure, leading to Godspeed not being the only member anymore.


Godspeed is a tall, strong-looking male with a black face, an evil grin that goes from one side of his face to the other. He has a pointed chin and deeply sunken eyes. He also has a large "crown" atop his head with 4 gold horns with a heart located in the center and a white egg-shaped piece to top it all off. He has various black markings along his body which appear to be some sort of tattoo from around the void century.

For his clothing he wears nothing on the upper part of his body but instead has a few jewelry like golden arm bracelets that are on his wrist's and his upper arms. He also has a necklace that he cares much about and if anyone that he does not trust either touch or brake it, he will become violent. For his lower half he has puffy black pants with an orange piece hanging down from his waist. He also wears no shoes which is to make it easier for him to move and make him more mobile.




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Godspeed using his devil fruit


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