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"I have been called many things as a child I was called Dracule for my resemblance to Mihawk. As a teenager I was branded with the surname of my grandfather and hunted to the ends of the earth. However as I took my rightful place as a king of murderers, thieves, rapists, and other such mad men I've come to prefer that men be they friend or foe address me as Davy Jones the Devil King of the sea."
—Gol D. Dracule

Gol D. Dracule better known under the moniker of Davy Jones is the illegitimate son of Fire Fist Ace and an unknown woman. Named after Dracule Mihawk for bearing an unusual resemblance to the war lord he is the leader the Devil King Pirates and primary antagonist of the Dark Continent saga.


The boy who would grow up to be the heir to Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Luffy was born in the Grand Line to a prostitute in a Marine Prison. He was sold into slavery by a corrupt Marine Officer where he'd spend most of his child hood serving Fishman.

From a young age he displayed a violent temper and often rebelled against his enslavers. One night while trying to escape he came upon a group of bandits who robbed a traveling merchant. Overcome by hunger he stole an apple the bandits had acquired from the merchant and ate it soon afterwards he discovered it was infact a devil fruit.

He would later join the marines under an alias finding the strongest sailors- and most likely to defect- eventually forming his own group of elite sailors. In time he would reveal his true colors and identity as the grandson of Gol D. Roger launching a full scale rebellion that crippled the world government and inciting civil wars across the world.


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  • He was born shortly have the death of his Portgas D. Ace
  • Despite being referred to around the world as Gol D. Dracule he answers only to the name Davy Jones.
  • Davy Jones has never met his uncle Luffy, or his father Ace.
  • He is an expert marksman.
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