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Gone With The Wind
Date Started: August 25th, 2020

Date Finished: October 28th, 2020

Setting: Little Garden; Grand Line

Characters Involved:

The Inferno Pirates head to Little Garden to have fun with dinosaurs. Though they will be doing more than that. They will meet a new rookie captain that is the daughter of the Warlord,Gahn O. Yaphet. Leo will also be challenging the Great Gahn to a duel. The question is,does Leo have enough firepower to defeat Gahn?


Jurassic Park style

"Orai!" Leo yelled out as he slammed a iron clad gloved fist into Merlin's sword! Then quickly transition into a kick but Merlin shoved him off. "I swear to God I'm going to kick your damn ass!" The two were seen fighting between one another.

"Damn it!" Merlin angrily responds as he adjusts his footing. "I said I didn't your damn pudding! You glutinous idiot!" Merlin then caught another one of Leo's punches, sending sparks made if metal clashing with metal! "So calm the hell down!"

"Liar! I'll kick your damn teeth in!" leo then rushed in, tackling Merlin as the two start to wrestle on the floor of the ship.

Mari then walks out of the ship and on to the top deck, holding a pudding cup and spoon. The two fighting then pause, turning their heads to see Mari holding the very same pudding this fight broke out in the first place.

"Is...is that my pudding?" Leo asks as he holds a clump of Merlin's hair.

"Nope." She responds before having another spoonful. "It's mine." Mari then smirks, knowing full well victory here was hers.

The waves of the sea began to shake the ship more and more, swaying side to side. Tesla was doing his best to steer the ship and keep the ship steady. Some seagulls we're seen close by, meaning land, an island was close by. Tsuki grabbed a rope which was tied to a sail and used it to help Tesla direct ship in the desired direction.

"It looks there's an island coming up!" Tesla yelled at the other who were arguing and fighting over the pudding from earlier. "Captain! The ships been getting moved around pretty violently. I think we should stop at that island until the winds and waters start to calm down."

All Tesla and Tsuki could see was Merlin and Mari who were strangling the captain, who decided to give his thumbs up while using his other hand to try and pry off the others.


A ship was about to land Little Garden's front beach. It was a shining day for the little island known as Little Garden. The weather around the island was terrible,yet on the island is calm and very hot. Dinosaurs filled the land,with a giant protecting the island itself. On the front of the ship,a teenage girl was on the front staring toward the island.

"You ready my princess?" A tall piece of walking cheese says to the girl.

"Is father coming soon Gouda?" The girl says,"He said he will be here."

"He has some other business to do before he comes here." Gouda says,"But he promises to be here."

"Ok." the girl says.

"Gaia,you look a lot like your mother." Gouda says,"Your father is proud of you saying you want to be a pirate."

"What are we even going to do?" Gaia says.

"I never saw it,but your father and his wife and friends ate devil fruits in a cave here in Little Garden." Gouda says,"Since your mother died,that fruit has been put back into circulation and the fruit was brought back where it came from."

"Here in Little Garden." Gaia says.

"Yup,and your father is happy to give the fruit to you." Gouda says,"And I'm sure your mother would be happy as well."

"...Yeah" Gaia says staring at the island.

As the Petit Milan, the Inferno Pirate's ship reached Little Garden they sailed into the canal that leads to the inside of the island. The entire crew were looking around at all the lush and lively plants seen all around them. All of the plans were huge, monstrously large. Leo was especially seen looking around as his eyes were lit up, looking at all the random and huge plants were peaking his natural curious side.

"Wooow! This place is so big! Look at the freaking tree! I'd need to fly to reach the top, hell i'd need to run up it's side to hope to reach the top! Look! Look! Look!" Leo was freaking out, loving the view of everything around them.

Sofia looked over at Leo and smiled fondly. "Captain always gets so happy and excited when we see islands like these."

"You got that right. This idiot freaks out wherever he goes." Mari adds as she's seen licking the spoon clean finishing off the pudding. "You should've seen him when he first got into Water Seven, we almost immediately lost him as he started to wander around the island."

"So who gets the first shift of watching this idiot? Seeing as how we're going to dock around here for the time being we can't really expect him to not leave the ship." Merlin asks while looking around hoping someone would raise their hands., to no results.

"Well I'll be staying on the ship and look her over to make sure she doesn't need any work down on her." Tesla says, "So I won't be allowed to look over Leo."

Sofia then eagerly raised her hand, "I will! I will! I'll look over Captain! Make sure he doesn't get into any trouble around the island." She then walks over and wraps herself around Leo's right arm."I promise to take good care of him!"

"Too Close!" Mari thought to herself, doing her best to hide the shock she simply turned her head away. "Hmph! I'll look over Leo too i suppose. Despite how nice you've been, you're still new and I need to make sure you're prepared for his stupidity."

"Does this mean I can go exploring!?" Leo asked, super excited and ready to look around the island "Alright Merlin! I'll be headed out!" Leo then runs and jumps off the ship!

"Well, let's get to it shall we?" Mari asked as she quickly ran and began to chase behind Leo, with Sofia following closely behind.

"While those three go do that, i'll look around the island too and see what kinda stuff we can supply on. With an island as lush as this, there should be fruit some where nearby." Merlin dictates as he secures both his swords to his hip and begins to take off the ship. "Jo, try to have lunch ready alright?" Merlin then takes off in the opposite direction of the others.


Meanwhile,in the giant forest,it is seen of a moose man and a giant are having a conversation while stoning themselves.

"Man,this leaf was the best one yet." The Giant says smoking on a pipe.

"Indeed." the moose man says,"This island has plenty of good pot to grow."

"You made any money out of it Ned?" The giant asks.

"Plenty,you would be surprised how many ask for stuff like this." Ned answers.

"With this weed plus your very light breeze,we are looking very chill man." The giant says.

"Very true Gong..." Ned answers,"Very true dude..."

Leo can be seen jumping from one giant branch to another! Exploring the massive forest with pure excitement. He ran up the side o one tree and leaped over a rather large lake. Both Sofia and Mari were fairly close by, doing their best to keep up with the over excited Pirate Captain.

"Captain seems so happy doesn't he?" Sofia asked as she jumped off another branch and gripping onto her trident. "He seems to light up when seeing new things."

Mari rolled her eyes, somewhat annoyed of Sofia. "This is just a regular thing for Leo, he likes to wander around, seeing new stuff. But hey I don't expect someone so new to know Leo well. But you'll learn as you go." The air between the two was that of rivals in all honesty.

"Hey you two think if there are giant plants there'd be like giant bugs or animals? I'd love to punch something huge in the face!" Leo asks as he performs a back flip over a few large branches. "This is so fun! We need to find something to eat too!"


Gaia was walking along the forest now,looking for Ned and Gong among the dense giant forest.

"Where would Uncle Ned and Gong." Gaia says,"It may be likely that Ned is stoning himself with Gong sleeping along the leaves. I can perhaps use the wind as a guide to where Ned is,cause he usually has a light breeze whenever he is in his moose form."

Suddenly a Velociraptor jumps at Gaia. The Velociraptor was only just short of Gaia's height,as Gaia is 7 feet tall and the Velociraptor was 6' 8" tall. Yet with its length advantage,the velociraptor was able to make Gaia fall down.

"AAHH!!" Gaia says,"HELP!!" She cries as a herd of Velociraptors suddenly come out. As it is known,Velociraptors hunted in packs. And it seems they found Gaia as a prey they could eat.

A sudden burst of flames was shot out sending three of the velociraptors flying and they slammed into a tree! As one of them tried to respond it's tail was stabbed into the ground by a trident.

"Those are real freaking dinosaurs!" Leo yelled as he appeared and slammed a kick down on another! "Whew!!! Awesome! Awesome! AWESOME!" Leo was enjoying all of it! He rushed over, charging t another velociraptor! One of them jumped up and tried to bite off Leo's head when a sudden slap was smacked against it by a fairly upset Mari.

"You need to watch your surroundings better ya idiot." Mari says as she pulls out her twin daggers. "This is one weird island though."

"Uhh,thanks..." Gaia says noticing all four Velociraptors of the pack were taken out by Leo,Mari,and Sofia,"Yes,thank you,I will make sure my father can have your gratitude."

"Huh?! Like i care who your dad is. Also, Hi!" Leo says as he stretches his arm out and his fires wee turned off.

"Don't be rude you idiot!" Mari proceeded to slap Leo while yelling at him. "Be smart and polite will you? Geez!"

"Hello there, I'm Sofia and the young man with a red hand imprint is my Captain, Elio Leonardo. The girl who gave him said imprint was someone who's position is well... anyway, she's Mari." Sofia introduced herself and the rest of the crew.

"My name is Gaia." Gaia says,"My father is a warlord,and he told me to be here. I am looking for a man named Ned and a giant named Gong,I don't know if you have seen them?"

"There are giants here too!? No way!" Leo asked rather excited before turning around and seeing Gaia. "Wow, she's pretty cute." He thought to himself and looked at Gaia better. "You said Warlord? Like a Warlord of the sea? Like..." He then paused to remember the yellow beat who recently taught him martial art, claiming to be one as well. "That sounds pretty cool too!"

"Oh boy, here he goes. Now he's going to want to meet some giant." Mari mumbled as she looked at the excitement in Leo's eyes.

Gaia giggles and then says,"Thing is I don't know where he is. Though some extra people along the walk would be great. Don't know where Mr.LeFleur went."

"Well it looks like trouble follows you, which is great because I been on the ship for a while and need to get some good fights in." Leo says, "Who knows if we're lucky a bigger Dino comes to fight!"

"Maybe..." Gaia says.

As they were walking,they were talking to each other. Mostly Gaia talking to get to know them as they were walking in the dense forest of the Little Garden.

"So you guys were at Alabasta recently?" Gaia says,"I heard about the giant treasure hunt that my dad held there."

"Yeah, they tried to arrest us and some friends from other crews. It was so awesome! There were Marines, Bounty Hunters and this super strong swordsman!" Leo summed up the story with so much excitement as he couldn't help but feel it as he remembered the fight he had with Miyamoto. " so your dad must be important if he 'held' it."

"Of course." Gaia says,"My dad is the king of Alabasta,he gets to hold those events if he wants to."

"So he's a warlord and a king? Cool!" Leo was overload hearing that. The idea if a pirate being both was exciting for him.

Both Mari and Sofia looked over at the two chatting and puffed their cheeks and glared at them. "Too close." They both thought at once. "She's too close to him."

"So uhhh you two." Gaia says to Mari and Sofia,"Do you two have any knowledge of this island,and what are you doing here?"

"The weather outside the island's coast was bad so we decided we'd pull into the island to dock." Sofia says, trying to do her best to hide his displeased she was with the way Gaia and Leo were talking. "Captain likes to go sight seeing and we heard trouble. That's when we found you."

"I am still grateful for the help." Gaia says,"I promise to not bother much when I find my friends to meet."

Nearby,Ned and Gong notice talking.

"I sense people coming through the wind." Ned says.

"I wonder if they're friend or foe." Gong says.

"Don't be so hasty giant." Ned says,"Patience and tranquility helps you stay on the even road."

"You're still high I think." Gong says.

"Want another leaf?" Ned then gives to Gong.

"No trouble at all, helps keep us busy." Leo says as he looks around their surroundings. "Plus i'd love to meet a warlord myself! Meeting strong pirates is always fun!"

Suddenly, a giant Brachiosaurus is seen walking across the giant forest. The feet of the dinosaur was shaking the ground every time it stepped onto the jungle ground.

"That is a large herbivore." Gaia says looking at the brachiosaurus.

"Awww man. I was hoping for something like a T-rex. But this is cool too!" Leo then lights both of his hands on fire and flew up, maneuver around its neck and landed on his head with a smile on his face. "Awesome!"

"Please be careful Mr.Leo," Gaia says,"You don't know if it will move its head." She then looks at Mari and Sofia,"He does this normally?"

"You have no idea." Mari says with a plain face "Trust me when i say this idiot does things way worse than this on a daily basis."

"I've only just joined the crew and I know this isn't close to the wildest thing he could do or has done." Sofia says joining in the conversation.

"Is it just me,or do I see a fire kid riding on that dinosaur there?" Gong says noticing Leo riding on the Brachiosaurus.

Ned was too stoned to notice that Gong asked a question to him.

"Always you and your leaves." Gong says.

"you guys think if i punch this guy he'll put a fight and try to shake me off?" Leo asks as he looks around and see the island from the Dino's point of view. "This is so cool!"

Seen in the perimeter and beach of the island. A tall and skinny man with the craziest hair style is jumping out of a ship. His neck holding a very heavy pyramid as a necklace.

"You guys stay here!" The man says,"I will go over to Gouda and walk over to the cave,where you'll meet your captain."

"YES SIR!!" people on the crew would say to the tall man.

Food Time

Leo looks around and jumps off the back and began to fly around. He sees a few giant bugs and proceeded to shoot balls of fire at them! "Awesome! Aweosme!" Leo's stomach then began to rumble. "Hmm...i'm getting hungry now."

"Oh no... Mari whispered as she knows Le's face of hunger. "Looks like the idiot is hungry, i hope this island's wild life is ready to meet an actual predator."

"Well if he can find and eat a t-rex." Gaia says,"That would make my day."

Leo then lands in a clearing, with nothing but empty grass. "Phew! I wonder if there's some fruit or something around here. I could really go for like a snack or somethi-" Leo paused as the floor under him began to quake! IT wasn't constant shaking though, more like heavy and strong footsteps. Then a massive cry was heard as a charging triceratops was coming straight at Leo!

"Oh? You wanna fight big guy!? Well bring it!" Leo says before his stomach starts to growl and some drool slipped out his outh. "actually, speaking of a snack...Maybe you'l do." Leo began to light his amrs and forehead on fire! He jumps over the head of the charging Dino and landed on it's beack before releasing a blast of fire to the back of his neck! forcing it to slam it's face to the floor and using the momentum to make it trips and break it's neck! Leo was flung off but landed, turning his body into fire to prevent any damage. "I wonder if dino's taste any good. Guess we gotta find out soon enough."

"I'm sure their skin would be hard to bite through." Gaia says,"So unless you have teeth of a giant,I don't think you could bite through the skin even."

Leo had already began to use his own flames to cook up the dinosaur. "I guess you're right, but then again the same could be said about Sea Kings but they taste pretty good."

"Haaah. Just wait till we go back to the ship will you? Jo was making lunch, it'll be ready before you know it. Besides didn't you want to meet her father?"

"Yeah you're right." Leo says as he picks up the dino's body and tosses it aside. "Maybe some scavengers will come by and have at it with his body."

"Don't waste perfectly good meat there fellow boy." Gong says walking over to Leo.

"GONG!!" Gaia says,"Father said you will be here."

"I always am here." Gong says chuckling,"I live here,plus Ned is asleep over there while smoking the leaf."

"WOW You're a giant! Like a real life, living and breathing Giant! Awesome!!!" Leo was yelling as his eyes lit up, this being the first time he had ever seen a giant. "I only read books about your people but the living thing is so much awesomer!!"

"Why thank you." Gong says,"The name is Gong,guardian and protector of the island."

"Where is Ned?" Gaia asks.

"I'll show you where he is." Gong says,"But I think father wants you at the cave."

"Well take me there then Gong." Gaia says.

"I will,after offering some Anklyosaurus meat to the guests." Gong says,"I allow anyone here on the island as long as they eat a meat I offer and if they don't cause trouble."

Both Mari and Sofia looked at one another with blank faces. "...Leo?" They ask as they turn to look over at Leo.

"I Can promise one of those two things." Leo says as he looks at the meat, "And i'm hungry so you can guess which one i'm talking about."

Gong laughs then says,"Don't worry,here is some." Gong then gives out a giant piece of meat from the Anklyosaurus tail,it almost had the look of a chicken wing.

Leo being Leo grabbed the meat and in a few seconds it was completely devoured! "Phew! Got anymore man? That was barely even a snack afterall."

Gong laughs even louder and then says,"Say you're a quick eater. How about you follow me and we'll have a dinosaur meat eating contest. From T-Rex meat to triceratops meat to any other dinosaur meat in this place."

Gaia facepalms herself then says,"Why does everything need to be pushed when people are hungry..."

"You had me at more meat my friend!" Leo says as he slammed his hands to the floor, shooting out flames and lew up t Gong's shoulder. "Lead the way big man! I can eat like if today was the last day in the world!

"...idiot" Mari and sofia groaned.

"Follow me then." Gong says.

They make it over to where Ned and Gong were at together. Ned is seen smoking while there was a large pile of dinosaur meat behind him.

"Who'd you bring today?" Ned asks.

"A couple visitors." Gong says,"Plus Gaia,Gahn's daughter."

"Ahhh...Welcome." Ned says.

"Meat! Meat! Time to eat!" Leo said as he charged towards the meat and fire! "Food! Food! Food!"

"EAT UP MY FRIEND!!!" Gong says as he's running with Leo.

Ned is then looking at the three girls,"Your father should be here soon Gaia."

"Thanks Ned." Gaia says.

Ned is then looking at Mari and Sofia,"What are you two doing here? In fact what is your crew doing here?"

"Don't give them a hard time Uncle." Gaia says,"They just saved my life after all."

"I'm not don't worry,just got to make sure these are legit people after all." Ned says,"The world is a crazy place to be in after all."

"The weather outside of the island was too violent to sail in." Sofia responds, leaving out that they were a pirate crew.

Leo was seen gorging on food faster than what Gong was able too. "Mmm! So good! damn! more! more!" Leo grabs a few dinosaur steaks and in a matter of seconds he finished them and moved on to the next.

"I'm a bigger eater than you!" Gong says trying to eat as much as Leo. He then swallows a t-rex tongue and a Argentinosaurus neck.

"GONG!!! NED!!!! WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING WITH GUESTS!?" Gahn is then seen walking toward them.

"These are very nice guests." Ned says,"No need to shout man."

"FATHER!!!" Gaia says giving her dad a hug,"Where were you?"

"Had some detours little one." Gahn says,"I expect these guests are doing well."

"They are considering they just came and one of them is having a dinosaur eating contest with Gong." Ned says watching the contest.

Leo ignored Gong and kept eating at an inhuman pace, keeping his lead over the giant, eating more food than there was Leo. Even if this wasn't some type of eating contest Leo's never ending appetite was allowing him now his way through Dinosaur meat. He even started to reach into Gong's pile of food.

"HEY!!! MY FOOD!!!" Gong says noticing Leo eating into his pile.

"Those two definitely have monstrous appetites." Gahn says,"Reminds me of my younger self."

"Definitely." Ned says,"I remember Sorte always making food for you cause you were probably that hungry,and you were always thin like you are now."

Mari tried to walk towards Leo but Sofia stopped her, "Just let him eat...I can see and small that aura too." Sofia began, "That Gahn guys smells like blood and his aura is pretty strong. Knowing the captain trouble won't be too far behind. For now we just need to be aware and ready for him to do his usual captain stuff."

Leo couldn't stop his appetite as he continued to eat piece of meat after meat, like a monster he chewed through all of them.

"Ok....." says a filled up Gong,"You win this time."

"So Gaia." Gahn says to Gaia,"Are you ready to eat the devil fruit?"

"Yes...I guess." Gaia says.

"I am proud of you for saying you want to be a pirate." Gahn says,"And I am exceptionally happy to give you the fruit your mother once bore."

"I am happy to become one also." Gaia says,"Can these people follow us?"

Gahn looks at the three and then says,"They may....as long as they don't disturb us."

"I think the captain there is more hungry though to come." Ned says.

Leo finishes his and Gong's food and looks over at Gahn, "Try not to bore us and there won't be a reason to 'disturb you'." Leo says as he gets back to his feet and chuckles like a child.

"MY FOOD!!!" Gong says,"HE ATE MY FOOD!!"

"Shut up Gong." Gahn says,"You sound like a baby saying that." He then looks to Gaia,"Let's go."

"Yes father." Gaia says.


They then are walking to a cave. The cave is huge in size,but is barely fit enough for Gong to fit through. The stones around it were weathered. There was an empty spot of land before the entrance of the cave.

"Say Gaia?" Gahn says looking down on her daughter,"Are you ready?"

"Yes father." Gaia says.

"Shall we enter?" Gahn says,"Gong,protect us outside of the cave. And you three can enter us if you wish to."

"Sure!" Leo loudly agrees as he grabs both Mari and Sofia's hands, pulling them alongside and following Gahn and Gaia. "Hope this can be fun!"

"Follow me then." Gahn says.

They walk into the cave,they notice a bunch of writing and old drawings up on the walls of the cave as they were walking.

"Seems these were written a long time ago." Gaia says.

"Indeed." Gahn says,"Many moons ago. People lived here and coincided with the creatures of this land." He begins reading the drawings like it was a book,"Peace was with the villagers and the dinosaurs. It was even told the T-Rexes would be kind and be used as horses for the villagers."

"That sounds so fun!" Leo yells leaving a loud echo in the case as he looks at the paintings on the walls. "Riding Dinos sounds so fun and cool! Especially a T-rex!"

" Yes! Yes it does Captain." Sofia agreed happily, "maybe we can find one for you to ride after all this exploring a came thing."

"Yeah! That sounds fun!"

"Until a great big storm came unto the land." Gahn says pointing to a drawing of a giant thunderstorm cloud,"The storm caused the land to fall underwater,killing many of the people and dinosaurs."

"Well that went from 0 to 100 real quick." Gaia says.

"For reals!" Leo exclaimed, "But here what can ya do? But so what's going on? We gonna see Gaia fight someone epic?"

"LET ME FINISH THE STORY!!!" Gahn yells.

"Father!" Gaia says.

"Sorry..." Gahn says,"Anyways,most of the people were dead,but a great boat was made by a man named Noe. He letted only his family and a few dinosaurs in,2 of each species. And when the storm had passed,a new island was made for the family and the few dinosaurs."

"Then why aren't people still here?" Gaia asks.

"True, why?" Leo asks. "This is all pretty cool though. This is supposed to be some warlord though? Hmm" He thought to himself as he looks around some more.

"The reason why is because Noe's children were quarrelsome." Gahn says as he points out to a drawing of men in blood,"The children and the children's children would kill each other until there was no one left. The island now is remnants of offended animals angered by the children's fighting."

"How sad..." Gaia says,"Though how did Gong came here? The drawings have nothing about giants."

"I was just about to ask that too." Mari adds, "Awfully far and out of the way for a giant to be around these parts."

"Based on what Gong told me." Gahn says,"He was carried here by a slave ship that got involved in a terrible storm. The shipwreck killed everyone but Gong. And he had nowhere to go and no purpose to live according to himself. Until a stranger travelled here and gave him a purpose. The stranger placed four devil fruits in this cave, and he told Gong he is to protect the island from unworthy pirates of the fruit. It was whoever could beat Gong in battle was worthy of the fruit."

"Didn't you say you got your fruit from here?" Gaia says.

"Yes." Gahn says,"I got my fruit from this cave. I have fought Gong with your mother and Ned and Daan. Gahn found us four worthy of the fruits in here. But the stranger in here left us one more test to make sure we were worthy."

"And what is that?" Gaia asks.

"That." Gahn points out a Giant Spider web,showing A giant Black furry spider with glowing red eyes.

"I feel like I'm going to faint" Gaia says.

"That spider is what's between us and the fruits." Gahn says calmly,"Kill the spider,and the path to the fruit is yours."

Leo places his hand on Gaia's shoulder, "It's just a spider, nothing really to worry about You got this Gaia." He then smiles and gives her a thumbs up. "If you need I'll kick it's ass no problem." He then chuckles, giving a warm and happy smile.

"There will be no outside help." Gahn says.

"Alright." Gaia says,"I got this!"

"You may want your bow." Gahn says,giving Gaia a bow.

"Ok,you're right." Gaia says.

Gaia then walks over to the spider. The spider hisses at Gaia,warning her to not get closer. Eventually,the spider would pounce to attack Gaia. That's when Gaia pulled out her bow and fired an arrow right through the spider's body. The spider fell the other way from Gaia,hissing in pain.

"Aah,a patient girl." Gahn says as he watches her daughter fight for the first time,"Unlike me or Daan,Gaia is like her mother and is patient. Funny,that's the same bow her mother used."

"Hmm..." Leo looked at the spider up and down, "He's not dead yet, if anything she made him mad. Though I guess she should go for the underbelly, would make the task a lot easier."

"True, the arrow didn't go deep enough to cause any real damage. She needs to hit the under belly or eyes to do some actual damage." Sofia adds as she looked closer at the spider, "She seems capable though."

"I guess I would've just gone for a..." Leo then pauses and looks at Gahn, "Heh, sorry guess no helping right? I hope this gets interesting soon. As cute as Gaia is, she doesn't seem like she's be all that fun to watch."

"It is no issue as long as you shut yer trap." Gahn says half-ignoring him.

Gaia is then assessing her situation and looking at the spider. The spider was hit on the side,some blood was dripping from it. The spider then immediately jumped at Gaia. Gaia saw her opening and fired an arrow directly at one of the spider's eye. The spider shrieks when it falls,then Gaia jumps on to the spider and uses her arrows as a melee weapon to stab three other eyes. The spider would hit Gaia eventually away from itself,but not without it shrieking in pain more.

"Everything she does reminds me of her mother." Gahn says,"Sorte,I wish you can see this now of what our daughter has become."

"Shut my trap? You're the one here with all these boring traditions. If i were you i would've given her an actual challenge. I could've done all this at the age of twelve." Leo says trying to hold back the anger from the insult.

"Shut up!" Mari says as she slams her fist into Leo's head.

Gahn only ignores Leo's tantrum and continue watches his daughter fight the spider.

Gaia jumps back on her feet from the spider strike. She then pulls three more arrows at the spider which hits the spider in the other three eyes. Now 6 eyes are injured by the arrows. Gaia uses this advantage to jump over the spider undetected. She then slides herself under the spider and stabs the spider's underbelly. The spider screams more in pain and jumps from the attack.

"She is doing very well." Gahn says,"I knew I could count on her being worthy of the devil fruit. Hmmm,I wonder where Gouda is at?"

Leo and the rest simply watches he fight takes place. "This got boring pretty fast. She seems plenty tough but she would've lost against me too quickly. But the old man warlord would be a different story." Leo clenched his fists, " I wanna fight him...he seems strong...and dangerous."

"Time to finish it!" Gaia says. She then puts on an oil on the arrows. She rubs some arrows together in the oil,causing the arrows to spark and go on fire. She fires the flaming arrows at the spider,burning the spider. The spider finally succumbs to the pain and falls in front of Gaia.

"I DID IT!!" Gaia says joyfully.

"I knew you would!" Gahn says,"Now the fruit is straight ahead. Walk the path with me behind you."

"Yes father." Gaia bows when she says that.

Leo looked at the entire events going on and watches Gaia approach the fruit, "Wow! I wonder what kinda fruit that is!?" Leo exclaims.

"The deer deer fruit: Model Ne-o-gah." Gahn says,"It is one of the four fruits there,all four have the power to control wind. Yet each wind is different in each fruit. My fruit gives off a stormy wind,Ned's gives off a very light breeze,Daan's gives off hurricane wind,and Gaia's is about to eat one with some calm wind."

"Well,you can't complain can you?" Gaia says looking at the fruit,"Should I eat it now."

"Indeed." Gahn says,"Eat it and you will have powers that were similar to your mothers,and with time,you can be just as good or even better than your mother once was."

Mari looked on and thought "I think it's pretty interesting that a Warlord respects these kind of traditions. As a Pirate and a King you'd figure he'd just want the power. Leo was right where he said he could've defeated that spider earlier, even without his fruit. You'd figure a Warlord would be the type to give this fruit to a much more experienced fighter. But his loyalty to the traditions is interesting"

"I wonder if there's going to be food after this." Leo thought to himself.

"If you guys are hungry." Gahn says,"There is a dead giant spider if you're interested." He points to the giant spider Gaia just killed.

"Ok,I will eat it." Gaia says as she takes a bite off of it. She gags a little bit while tasting but was fine after it."Man that tasted terrible!"

"Not surprising knowing most devil fruits do taste bad." Gahn says,"And I did forgot to mention you can't swim now."

"Oh I can't?" Gaia says,"Well then..."

"It is only something you can overcome easily." Gahn says,"Besides you are becoming a pirate now,you don't need those fun pool parties you had at home."

"I guess you're right." Gaia says.

"...bugs are gross." Leo said as he left the turned and walked towards the exit, "Thought this was going to be more fun than what it was. Meh what should i expect from someone who runs such a weak country." Leo said eagerly hoping Gahn would take his taunt. He could sense the strength Gahn has as he lost his focus on Gaia.

Gahn justs sighs and then says,"That's a lot of smack for someone who was as reckless as he looks stupid. I have heard of your damage you done to my beautiful nation."

"Father...." Gaia says,"There's no need for that."

"Oh really? The same nation that was too weak to capture one of the pirates with highest bounties involved during your plan? Perhaps if their king could focus on building the country up rather than keeping up with silly ol traditions they would've stood a chance."

"The beauty of tradition is that it keeps the people's will strong." Gahn says with the fist,"You think I care about the look of the nation. I care about the people of the nation,their wills is what makes the nation STRONG."

"I'm here captain!" Gouda says walking into the cave,"Oh,did I miss something?"

"Hey Gouda!" Gaia says,"I ate my mom's devil fruit!"

"That is good!" Gouda says.

"Better will means better soldiers which mean more will join which summarizes that WILL GIVES POWER!!!" Gahn says,"The people are whom I care the most since they are the most crucial link to a successful leader."

"Whatever, at least try to make your tradition entertaining." Leo and the other two girls walked away.

" This idiot will be the death of the whole crew I swear to God, and I just let him. " Mari thought to herself as she face palmed herself after hearing Leo's comments to the warlord.

"Now was that necessary?" Gaia asks her father.

"That kid needs to learn his place and respect his superiors of age and power." Gahn says,"The kid's got spunk to pick on people of power...."

"Wasn't that what you did when you was about his age?" Gouda asks.

"I was a bit older,but yeah." Gahn says sighing,"But I have learned to pick my fights,but it seems that kid wants to fight all of the time."

"Again...wasn't that you when you were younger?" Gouda says teasing.

"SHUSH NOW GOUDA!!" Gahn says.

"You want my respect, then earn it" Leo says placing his hands in his pockets. "Even if you best me in a fight, would that gain you my respect?"

"But you do want to fight me don't you?" Gahn says to Leo.

"Dad,there's no need for a fight." Gaia says.

"Exactly,that's if this boy here wants to pull up his pants and buckle himself for an asswhoppin." Gahn says.

"What are you saying captain?" Gouda says.


A fire lit up on Leo's forehead as he turned around to face the warlod with a smile and sharp eyes, "You want to get your teeth caved? Ya damn pointy haired weirdo."

Gouda sighs and then says,"What has come to us Wind Pirates? We go from being one of the most feared pirates in the Grand Line to now just picking on children."

"Father you don't need to do this!" Gaia says.

"I'm sorry my girl." Gahn says,"But he reminds me of myself when I was younger,and this is what I would've done to myself if I could ever go back in time." Gahn then points to Leo,"We'll fight in a circle that is nearby this cave. If you really wish to fight me. Meet me there at noon."

"Like I said to father." Gaia says,"You don't need to do this!" She says to Leo.

Leo smiled as he looked over to Gaia, "don't worry! Things are starting to liven up here!" He smiled, ready for a good ol fight against a warlord!"

"I have a bad feeling about this..." Gouda says.

The Main Event: Gahn vs Elio

Outside of the cave,there was a circle that was drawn in a patch of sand between the forest and the cave. The Great Gahn was on the end toward the cave,while Leo was on the end toward the forest. Gouda and Gaia were with Gahn while Mari and Sofia were with Leo on his end.

"Yaphet...You're going to destroy this kid." Gouda says,"If not murder him,Are you sure this is right?"

"I believe so." Gahn says,"That kid reminds me of myself,and if I see something in him in this fight,maybe he'll have some respect for me."

"Let's just hope you don't rip his spine out like the tales say." Gaia says.

"How is it that you always get yourself into fights? Like how many times will it take for you to just calm down your pyro idiot." Mari complained as she was exhausted and rather annoyed with Leo.

Leo looked back and smiled at her, "to be honest I don't really know. It's something in me, kind of like a voice is telling me I should keep fighting, and meeting this guy only enhanced that!" He then turned around and faced the warlord and approached him. "You ready?"

"I'm more ready than you can handle." Gahn says,"There's only one opportunity to drop out of this,and it's now. You sure you want to do this?"

Flames shot out of Leo's feet as he launched himself forward at Gahn and appeared in front if him. "I'm always sure! Even when I'm not!" He then released a wave of flames at his opponent!

Gahn just steps away from the flames and then says,"Already? We didn't even have an official start."

"OH BOY!! WE'RE GOING TO WATCH A FIGHT!!!!" Gong says jollily.

Gahn then sends some wind blasts at Leo and then says,"I'll do that and see what you can do."

Leo allowed the wind to break through his flames as he rushed back in and appeared in front if Gahn! "Devastate:Drago Strisciante(Crawling Dragon)!" Just as he appeared without a moment of pause Leo sent a kick straight up from the floor to over head, aimed at Gahn's chin!

Gahn just grabs Leo's leg before it hit Gahn's chin,thus demonstrating the experience and reflexes of him,"Ahh Devastante eh? Hadn't seen such technique in some time. You know a Francesco or a Giovanni? I mean your last name is the same and you're using their style." Gahn then has wind circulating in his fist and punches Leo in the stomach with haki and the wind against Leo.

Leo took the full brunt of the attack, the strength being more than enough to knock the wind out of him. Fortunately Gahn be living had the advantage from knowing of Devastante wasn't enough as Leo's free leg now covered with haki and flames was shot at tremendous speeds directly in the bridge of Gahn's nose the exact moment Leo received Gahns strike!

"Ouch!!" Gahn says feeling his nose,"A pretty good move from you I'll give you that." Gahn then gets in his hybrid form. He becomes much muscular and his senses become very acute. "But you'll have to deal with this!!" He says sending a barrage of punches with wind and haki in each punch.

Leo's eyes began to glow as he swiftly dodged each attack but the wind surrounding his fists would graze and even cut Leo! "Shit!" Leo thought to himself as he took one if Gahn's punches to the face which slammed the pyro captain to he floor! Without a moment to pause he kicked up to his feet and looked at Gahn. "Looks like a warlord needed to transform just to deal with me, I take it as I am your base form has no chance." Leo then raised a hand up and smiled "Then show me your strength! And I'll show you mine!" He then thought to himself "oh my God that sounded so epic! Plus that hybrid form is so cool!!! He's a best but can control the winds like some super bear!!!"

"You're challenging me to show you my best?" Gahn says,"Man you won't live to see the next day if I did that. And I don't want to go and kill a child like that." He then delivers a propelled uppercut thanks to his wind that propelled him at a high speed.

Leo saw the incredibly fast and powerful punch with his haki, "I can't dodge...it's too fast...but" Leo thought as he only slightly raised and pulled his head back, the wind surrounding Gahn's arm and connected to him suddenly caught fire and rapid the flame grew monstrous using the air from the wind current to feed the flames! The fist landed on just about half of his chin and sent the rookie pirate flying but as he was he managed to raise his foot up and use the force and momentum from Gahns attack to deliver another (albeit weaker) kick to Gahn's chin!

"Leo!" Mari yelled as she watched on. "He's not holding back! It's not that Leo's holding back...it's that he can' really do much. It's like he recognizes his own weakness, his inferiority...just like when he..." The image of when Miyamoto sliced her captain across the chest. "He knows he can't win."

Leo landed on the floor and looked at the open sky with wide eyes "May have bit off more than I can chew." He thought as he remember his instincts to light a flame on the oxygen rich air covered around Gahn's arm, to lift his chin, to lift his leg. "I can't beat him...so why am I smiling?" He thought as a smiled from ear to ear was seen. He then picked himself back up in a more held back and cocky smile. "Phew!! Now that was a hell of an uppercut!" He yelled out loud in his cheerful goofy self.

"You liked it?" Gahn says confused,"Well then....I'll just give you more then." He puts his hands back and propels himself like a bullet toward Leo. He then using haki,makes a barrage of punches that connect to Leo.

"He better be careful and not have his fist go through the kid's chest." Gouda says,"Though fighting younger ones aren't his specialty."

Leo's eyes began to move at an extreme speed each only picking up the split second of Gahn's attacks! Each attack landed and slammed against him! Shots to his face, shoulders, arms all over! "Now!" he thought as he saw the split second between when he pulls a punch back and prepared and released the next, with in that second he picked his foot up and used the force to send Leo flying away! "That speed and strength...I cant even compare." He said aloud as he slammed his foot down and took a deep breath, a compressed form of his power targets his fists, feet, knee and forehead with flames erupting on it. The flames in this stage take the color of yellow, a more potent flame than his usual red, as his eyes began to glow red! "Primo Respiro: Sole. he said as he fixed is tie and smiled.

"Alright, let's do this." He then cracked his knuckles and neck with a smile on his face. "Well I didn't think I'd resort to this so fast, even with this, I probably can't win."

"So you're the newly infamous Elio Leonardo to the marines." Gahn says looking at him,"The Walking Inferno...and you're a logia user like the papers say." He then charges over to Leo,"I hope you can become a great pirate and learn from this." He says as he fully transforms into a bear. And as he does,a large storm looms over the island of Little Garden. Lightning and thunder start crackling,and the wind starts picking up like crazy.

He then pounces at Leo and slashes at Leo with his claw with the wind and haki,"Ne-O-Gah: Keiken'na surasshu!!!!!"

"He's definitely not holding back." Gouda says,"He knew going into full zoan would bring the storms."

"He shouldn't be doing this!!!" Gaia says,"He's gonna kill Leo."

"Not necessarily. It seems Gahn might want to know how far Leo wants to be pushed." Gouda says,"If Leo wants Gahn to not hold back,don't expect Gahn to hold back then."

"He's fast...but his speeds slightly decreased from the massive increase of muscle mass and size, there was only a slight difference but just as before when he fights someone stronger and faster, his mind and body adjusted to it, memorizing the speed and strength of his strikes. Leo shot a blinding fast kick as a rocket speed flame shot from the back of his ankles and he best his back down with his head almost touching the floor as his rising foot landed on Gahn's chin, igniting Gahn's air and set the massive bear on fire! Leo used his own momentum against him and flipped the bear over Leo!

"He's learning" Sofia thought while she watched on. "it's exactly the same thing he did when he fought against Miyamoto. He can't overpower Gahn, but he's using his martial arts to make up the difference. This is what makes me remember so much about You. The same 'never throw in the towel attitude'."

"God damn! I probably can't beat you! But man does this fight feel awesome! Phew!" Leo exclaimed as he sweats with a slight pant to his voice.

"ARRRGH" Gahn says flipping over,"Pretty good kick there little kid." He says as he applies wind to take out the fire in his fur. His fur was still there like it was never singed. Gahn then stands on his two bear legs and circulates a giant tornado and throws the tornado right at Leo!!!

Leo saw the coming tornado and placed himself into a pouncing position and pointed his gloves toward the right corner and shot himself forward! He went around the attack and as he reached the angle he aimed at and paused to quickly shoot himself towards Gahn! "Rinoceronte Pugnalata (Rhinoceros Stab)" Just as he appears he swiftly slams his knee into Ghan's mouth and chin! "Stop taking me so easily damn it!!!" Leo yelled at the top of his lungs! "Don't look down on me you fluffy bastard!!!"

"Here I was hoping to hunt something interesting and instead I see this." Merlin said as he arrived to see Leo slamming his knee into Gahn's mouth. "This idiot truly has a death wish."

Gahn flips back over and lands on his four paws. "Errr....DODGE THIS!!!" He says as he makes a large clap that sends a knife-edge wind right at Leo!

"Who is that kid there?" Gouda says,"A swordsman of his crew?"

"Oiii!! Captain idiot! Don't die! I'm not trying to have this adventure end so soon! Need a hand?" Merlin shouted asking as he grabbed his sword's hilt.

The sharp blade of wind went through Leo's body of flames as he used his enhanced speed to appear in front of Gahn again! "Ira (Wrath): Using his advanced agility Leo delivered four fast almost invisible kicks while mid-air, then follows it up with an axe-kick to Gahn's head to send the Gahn backward! "There's not much left in me...still though....push me bear! Push me to a new level!" He thought to himself as he smiled.

"Errr." Gahn says stunned by Leo's attack,"This kid has been hitting more and more. I'm just thinking about mauling him like every other pirate or marine that was in my way! Though maybe giving him a slap should do something." He then pounces and with wind and haki,slaps Leo across the face! "Keiken'na bitchi hirateuchi!!!" Sending him flying into the trees.

"That kid looks like he could interrupt this fight." Gouda says,"Gahn would not be pleased if that happens."

When Gahn's attack was sent at Leo the young pirate's eyes moved to the side just as his haki picked up the threatening attack! "I can feel it! My haki, my sense, they're sharpening." Leo thought as he ignited the winds surrounding Gahn on fire and enveloped his body! Leo slightly stepped back and took about half the brunt if the attack! The massive claw slap connected with Leo and sent him flying! An intense ringing was heard in his head soon after along with blurry vision. He forced himself back to his feet and lifted his arms to guard.

"Your armament haki is tough, extremely tough." Leo said as he looked back "but if you think my attacks have been fun to deal with, " his fists then covered themselves with haki as he flee towards Gahn! Razza Di Bestie Selvagge (Wild Beast Rush (or race) )!" Leo released a rapid combo of punches and kicks that not just disrupts an any type of Gahn's defenses but also prevented him from forming another or get an footing. "I made this technique in the fly! I thank you bear! Thanks to you...i've grown...i've created a new technique for Devastsnte!" Leo then released a wave of fire at point blank range which sent Leo flying a few feet to gain some distance!

Merlin stepped forward and drew his blade walking to the circle in the dirt. "If we take a warlord out, the better for us I guess."

"Rrrgh. Looks like you can become a very powerful opponent. Like the other Elio's I known before you." He then creates a tornado that was sucking Leo into the tornado,"I'll finish him after this move;He won't be lasting long without medical attention after this move."

"Hey don't be getting involved in the Warlord's business." Gouda says walking into the circle to stop Merlin with his hand on his sheath.

Leo coated his right foot with haki and concentrate the flames into them! "You want to finish this! Bring it on Fuzzy!" He extended his flame and haki covered right foot out and spun around at furious speed! "Calcio Rotante (Revolving Kick)!"

Merlin smiled as he saw the opposing swordsman, "You want to try and stop me cheese head? try something, i dare you." he called him out for a challenge.

Gahn sees Leo coming at him fast and counters it. He claps his hands exactly as Leo's ankle was close to Gahn. With the clap,Leo's leg was crushed by the pressure of Gahn's thunderous clap. Gahn then throws Leo down into the ground,causing a little quake when throwing him. Gahn then in his full zoan form starts mauling at Leo like he was like any other human being mauled by a bear. The mauling was gorey as a lot of blood came out.

"DAD!!!" Gaia says,"Don't kill him!!"

Gahn then gets up from his mauling and transform back,"I have done enough damage. I,Gahn of the North Wind,won this battle!"

"You challenging me?" Gouda says,"As a samurai,I shall accept it for my honor!" He then pulls out his spatula and points it at Merlin.

Leo in a pool of his own blood, ripped to shreds smiled and threw blood covered dirt into Gahn's eyes and smiled, "you won nothing, you fuzz..." and soon as he spoke he passed out, no longer able to ignore the pain.

Merlin drew his sword from his side and smiled, "I win, you let us leave the island, no problems, i lose, and you can keep my life and do what you want." he proclaimed as Mari and Sofia ran to Leo's side.

"Mari! use the guas and bandages to stop the blood, i'll start the healing!" Sofia ordered as she began to emit a goldn like water from her hands "Shit! i can keep him alive but he needs real medical attention, my fruit can eep him alive but...but damn it!"

Mari then looks a Leo and saw his smile even when passed out, "Let's get him to the ship!"

"Show me, what does a samurai like you have. They'll go for now, you have a problem, come and settle it with me!" Merlin ordered as he looked at both the opposing swordsman and Gahn, " I am my captain's sword, i will protect his dream! So come at me!"

"I don't care about the stakes." Gouda says,"As a samurai,I shall only fight for my pride and honor,and as a samurai,I'll assist you in leaving after this duel regardless of who wins." He says it calmly.

Merlin smiled hearing the words leaving Gouda's lips. "Samurai? You are no samurai, just some arrogant swordsman who does not deserve such a title." Merlin then drew the katana from his side and made it look like he drew from his back with nothing in his hand and swatted the empty hand outward. He then charged towards Gouda! "Bring it!"

Gouda just stands there waiting for Merlin to strike,"You challenge my honor? I would kill you now if I want,but I shall be honorable and nice to let you even come at me. You shall learn to respect your fellow superiors."

Not a fight we intended,but hey! It's badass!!

Merlin charged in to attack! "First step...gauge the foe!" He thought to himself as when he arrived in front of Gouda and sliced upward diagonally right side!

Gouda simply smirks as he counters it with his spatula connecting to Merlin's sword. The slotted part of the spatula holding the sword in place,where Gouda was able to throw Merlin back far into the forest.

"Let me tell you something." Gouda says,"Being a cook and a samurai tells you something. A sword fight is like flipping some burgers in a grill. Me also being a farmer taught me about patience and skill. Where fighting is an art form,like placing seeds in the ground."

Merlin almost immediately returned! His speed increased drastically than earlier as each of his steps, his breathing, it was all steady, not a moment being wasted! "Call yourself a swordsman! Because you are no samurai!" Merlin argued as he gripped his sword better as his blade coated itself with haki "Ittō-ryū:Yoake no dansu (一刀流:夜明けのダンス)!"Merlin then released a combination of three sword swipes!

Gouda dodges the first two swipes and blocks the third one with the spatula,"You don't call me a samurai because of me using a spatula? Let me tell you something,anything can be deadly if you make it an art." He then flips over Merlin and then releases 5 sword swipes at Merlin!

Merlin smiled as his swift sword swings countered and deflected the spatula on each attack. "A samurai carries themselves with honor and pride. Their sword is an extension of themselves. You don't deserve the title of samurai as your words, your sword, all of it, there's no real honor behind it. The sky, the floor, the air itself, it was all filled with sakura petals. Merlin landed in front of Gouda and raised his sword at him. "Show me what honor you speak of."

Gouda then replies,"My friend,we both have the same honor. We both are loyal to our leaders,I'm loyal to Gahn O. Yaphet,while yourself are loyal to the Elio Leonardo. You know there is the Bushido code right? There are 8 virtues: Righteousness,Courage,Mercy,Politeness,Honesty,Honor,Loyalty,and Self Control. We must strike only when challenged or ordered. Samurai do what is simply right,no matter the cost. As much as we kill sometimes,we are ordered to love twice as that. Samurai always say loving things even if one's virtues are not holy. Samurai must not like money,as I wear simple robes you see here. We are also born into this lifestyle,I was able to carry a sword at the age of 3,and have trained since then,since I am thirty years young. As I was loyal to my fellow samurai leaders back then,I am loyal to the man who saved me,Gahn O. Yaphet. And Samurai are to know what is right and wrong,and then teach it to the next saplings."

Merlin placed his sword away and walked away. "You call yourself a samurai, you speak of our code, our virtues. You have no right to do so." He then leans over and picks up what looks like nothing and keeps walking. "Don't speak of our way of life like if you were one. You're just some swordsman, someone I'd rather not spend my time dealing with." Merlin says as he walks in the direction the rest left towards. "He isn't another Miyamoto." He thought to himself as the beautiful and complex swordsmanship displayed back in Alabasta. "It's one thing to say there things, it's another to live by it."

"Ultimately,it all depends how you interpret Bushido." Gouda says putting his spatula away while walking away himself. He then walks over to Gahn. "What shall we do now my lord?"

"Well,we got to show Gaia her new crew." Gahn says right next to Gaia,"Shall we go meet your new crew?"

"Sigh Sure." Gaia says. She just watched her dad take on Leo and demolish him,so she didn't want anymore excitement for the day.

"Good good." Gahn says,"Gouda,make sure Harold calls my wives to say that I'm returning after a long day."

"Yes sir." Gouda says as they're walking.

Gahn,Gaia,and Gouda then walk toward their ships then.

As Merlin reached the ship he saw Sofia attending to Leo's disasteroud wounds. "We need to get him healed! Get to work 'doctor'!" Merlon demanded as he administered pressure on to the open wounds!

Sofia looked back at the demanding merlin and reponded "My fruit can heal him but I need more time, i need more medical equipment than what we have here!"

Then Mari butted in, "Theres an island near here, it's called Drum Island! it's famous for it's doctors!" She yells and looks at Tesla and Tsuki. "You two, get the sails ready and leave! We need to leave! Head north from here!"

The crew as a whole struggled and began to work on getting the ship to sail out and to tend ti the massive wounds found all over Leo's body.

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