Gossimer Liao is a Marine from Skypiea and the older brother to Allard Liao. He is very different from Allard in most respects, not the least of which being due to his past as a slave.


After being born to an adventurer who was visiting Skypiea, Gossimer Liao was abducted and forced into a slave trade. Whent he Marines found a way to Skypiea, they broke up the slave trade and freed Gossimer. He later decided to join the marines, if for no other reason than to repay them. He has an intense hatred of Tyr, who he believes is the only reason he and his brother are not both captains in the Marines now.


While Gossimer has no devil fruit powers, he is very strong physically as well as very limber. He uses Dials to fight, ranging from an Impact Dial to a Fire Dial. His most powerdful weapon by far, however, is his rare Reject Dial