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The Grand Pirates were formed by Alex Grand Newgate to help support him in his journey to become the strongest pirate in history stronger then the pirate King himself. Alex had recused Azul from marine that attacked him and after his head. Alex saved Yang's town from destruction by the demon of seas Ventura and inspired him to follow his dreams. Alex won a duel against Leon and destroying a demon that haunted his town and killed Leon's Parents but gave him his eyes. Kyou agreed to join Alex's crew if he could defeat the family of Beast Kings Alex did and Kyou then fought him he lost in the end and agreed to join.  


The Grand Pirates have a group of over 1,000 Pirates with 8 Captains each captain has the strength of an Admiral or above they are also strong enough to start their own government. There Captains also have Vice-Captains that match the strength of a Vice Admiral. The Grand Pirates challenged the Great Dragon Army once and wn with only a 100 Members injured. 


Grand Pirates
Name Profession Capabilities Epithet Bounty

Alex Grand-Newgate 

  • Captain
  • Oja-Oja No Mi
  • Goro-Goro No Mi
  • Great Swordsmanship 
  • Haki
  • Fighting Genius 
  • Great Metabolism 
  • Super-Strength 
  • Enhanced Relfexes

The Grand Pirate   (大海賊) (Dai Kai Zuko)


Crystal D. Azul 

  • First Mate  
  • 1st Division Captain 
  • Fighting Genius
  • Haki 
  • Great Navigator
  • Enhanced Strength 
  • Enhanced Reflexes 
  • Enhanced Stamina
The Crystal Pirate  (

クリスタルパイレーツ) (Kurisutarupairētsu)


Saul Lee Yang 

  • Combatant
  • 2nd Division Captain
  • Fourth Strongest Swordsman in the world
  • Super-Vision
  • Super-Senses 
  • Haki
The Brutal Wave (残忍な波) (Zan'nin'na nami) 1,000,000,000

Demon D. Kyou 

  • 2nd Combatant
  • 3rd Division Captain
  • Super-Strength
  • Super-Hearing
  • Super-Senses
  • Haki
  • Zenkai Boost
  • Super-Rengeneration
Demon Beast King (魔獣王) (Majūō) 900,000,000

Leon Winters

Images (7).jpg
  • Shipwright
  • 4th Division Captain
  • Super-Strength
  • High-Intelligence
  • Great Mechanic
  • Great Builder 
  • Haki 
Invincible Machine (無敵のマシン) (Muteki no mashin) 800,000,000

Alice Vista

547058a9590084873c5e764750bff1064fffd257v2 hq.jpg
  • Doctor
  • Medical Division Captain 
  • Super-Healing
  • Fan-mastery 
  • Genius Designer
The Demon Healer's (デーモンヒーラー) (Dēmonhīrā)  700,000,000

Asriel Ackerman

Download (8).jpg
  • Sniper
  • Support Divison Captain
  • Super-Vision
  • Weapon Mastery
  • Super-Reflexes 
  • Super-Senes 
  • Super-Agility 
  • Enhanced Strength 
  • Enhanced Hear 
  • Haki
  • The Eye Of Infinite (
    無限の目) (Mugen no me) 

Raj Willson 

Images (8).jpg
  • Cook 
  • 7th Division Captain 
  • Super-Cook 
  • Knife Master 
  • Fire Control
  • Quick Reflexes
  • Enhanced Strength 
  • Enhanced Hearing
The Firey Cook (

燃えるような料理) (Moeru yōna ryōri) 


Saul Yuri 

  • Helmsman 
  • 8th Division Captain
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Endurance 
  • Enhanced Stamina 
The Black Snow Demon