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Great Dragon Pirates
New flag 3.png
Japanese Name: 巨大な龍の海賊
Romanized Name: Kyodaina Ryū no Kaizoku
English Name: Great Dragon Pirates
Main Ship: Gidra
First Appearance: ????
Captain: Kure S. Akira
Total Bounty: Bsymbol10.gif8,225,000,726,000,000

The Great Dragon Pirates are a crew formed after the death of Monkey D. Luffy. It was formed by Kure S. Akira. As their leader is a Goshin, the Great Dragon pirates are one of the most feared pirate crews in the world, being the most powerful of The Big Three. The crew's total bounty is Bsymbol10.gif8,225,000,726,000,000, including the annexed crews of Big Mom, Blackbeard, Shanks, the Whitebeard Pirates, and the Worst Generation pirate crews. Although there are only 8 members in the core group, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Jolly Roger

The Great Dragon pirate's jolly roger is a red chinese dragon, flying in front of a yellow background. It symbolizes, not only the pirate group, but the family relation of the captain. It is almost similar to the jolly roger of the Arlong pirates, except that they have crossbones behind their saw-nosed shark. In the upper left-hand corner of the flag bares the japanese symbol for Honor and in the lower right-hand side lies the japanese symbol for benevolence. They represent the code and beliefs that the crew follow at all times.



The crew's ship is a gold junk that was bought from the Wano Kingdom. It is named "Gidra", a grand-looking ship that is suppose to resemble Akira's previous marine ship, which was also called the Gidra.


  • The Great Dragon Pirate's jolly roger is based off of the Qing Dynasty flag.
  • The name of the crew is a representation of the connection Between Sun Wukong and the Dragon Prince Yu-long in the novel Journey to the West.