The first adventures of the Pretender Pirates upon reaching the Grand Line up to their second island they visit: Gong Forest.

Log Pose Need

The crew is with no food stocks left and are surviving on their daily fish catch. They are lost because they were too greedy to buy a Log Pose from the old man at the twin peaks. Martin spots an island and everyone decide to land. After some reckoning, they encounter a store where a man sells them a Log Pose which he found on a dead man. Alexander decides to explore the island some more before leaving while letting Luther and Martin go buy some stocks. While traveling through the main square, he gets the Log Pose stolen and runs after a Mysterious Thief. After a fight between the two, Alexander feels compassion for the girl and takes her to the ship where she regains consciousness. After accompanying her to her home and giving her some money so she wouldn't have to steal for a week they find her house in ruins. They are attacked by a mysterious group of bandits and after the fight in which the bandits flee, the girl (Ana) tells him about the bandits that took her family's life and also the one of her guardian. Alexander decides to help her and leaves Ana at the ship to rest while he and Martin go raid the bandit's base.

Fight against the bandits and the new crew member

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Arriving at Gong Forest

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Fight against the Forest Spirits

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Leader vs Leader

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Chapter 1