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Grover is a mercenary and pirate hunter of exceptional skill from the south blue.  He is currently employed by a trading company on one of their vessels in the grand line.


Grover is in his mid 30's and is taller than the average man.  He wears plain cotton clothes, a cape, and sandles.  He has thick belt around his waist with a long, straight sword on his left.  He has a short pony taill, sideburns, and a thin beard and mustache.  He is always on guard duty taking a wide stance with crossed arms and eyes wide open.


Grover is a man of few words and is always vigilant should danger arise.  He often uses his position as guard as an excuse to get out of chores he doesn't want to do.  Grover has a poor memory and gets lost very easily when making his rounds, usually showing up at inopprotune times in odd locations which always startles the crew.  He was once found in the cargo bay, pitch black, behind ten crates and couldn't recall how he got back there.  Grover has a strong sense of honor, prefering his battles to be one on one and to be a test of skill as opposed to underhanded advantages. 


Grover has a menagerie of odd skills, such as being ambidextrous.  He is capable of both forms of haki, but only to the extent that he can detect danger when it is near, and counter devil fruit abilities so that he can keep things a fair fight.  Contradictory to his poor memory, Grover has photographic reflexes, which means he can copy any physical ability he's seen that is within his capability.  In battle he uses this ability to copy his opponents, easily counteracting and defeating them with their own skills.  This ability has allowed him to master many fighting styles of his past opponents, but it is not limited to learning fighting styles.  Grover tends to sleep walk, and each night he can be seen reenacting ballet recitals on the deck in his sleep, sometimes the crew likes to stay to watch his performances.


Grover's greatest rival is another bounty hunter of much the same power level but opposing personality, Wong Lee.  Wong is charismatic and enjoys celebrating when he captures a pirate, and is proficient in drunken boxing.  Wong's style is erratic and constantly changing, and Grover finds it impossible to copy or counter his moves.

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