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Guinevere Pendragon
Guinevere Pendragon.png
Japanese Name: グイネヴィア・ペンドラゴン
Romanized Name: Guinevia Pendoragon
English Name: Guinevere Pendragon
First Appearance: One Piece: Sala Twin Trees
Affiliations: Marines
Occupations: Fleet Admiral
Epithet: Valkyrie (バオカイリー Baokairii)
Age: 20
Height: 5`6
Weight: (Undisclosed)
Bounty: (None)
Birthday: December 29th
Status: Deceased
Japanese VA:: (Undisclosed)
English VA:: (Undisclosed)

Queen Guinevere Pendragon was a famous Marine Officer, heralded as the greatest fleet admiral of all time with her name respected even by the World Nobles due to her influence on their world. She was first introduced as one of the greatest admirals in the entire world with even the Big Mom Pirates, acknowledging her four children who encountered them as seasoned Marines.


Guinevere is a muscular, blonde-haired (scarlet-red in the manga) and blue-eyed woman, with a distinct trait of always seen eating chocolate. She wears a mainly-black dress with a large strip down the middle of her dress with the symbol of her kingdom adorning it at the bottom and a metal symbol of her kingdom on the side of her dress. She wears armor on the upper part of her torso most specifically on her chest area, excluding her stomach and waist, with a large section of her upper legs exposed to the elements and weapons. On the lower portion of her legs, she wears battle armor. Attached to the back of her battle-armor is a cape which is blue on the inside and white on the outside. On the left side of her head, she has a white feather-like hairclip attached to one of her side bangs. She carries a Seastone-tipped rapier as her weapon, composed of Seastone, Dravidian (the strongest metal in the East Blue), and finally Gorgon Blood (the liquid that hardens swords so that they become unbreakable). She wears small, military-issue brown leather boots.

In the manga, her hair has a white tint and the embellishments on her battle-armor was initially scarlet-red, later changed to gray, and ultimately modified to fit the anime, albeit with a much more warmer amber/gold tone, and with more elaborate decorations on her clothes as well.


Guinevere is a seasoned Marine, and an avid mother; being a skilled fighter and an even better swordswoman. Unlike many other mothers in One Piece, Guinevere was around for much of her children's childhood and loved her husband to the point where she risked her own life to save Smoker from certain death on no less than three occasions; when Smoker was drowning, she dived into ice-cold water to save him not paying attention to the repercussions, during events in Alabasta, she traveled with the Straw Hat Pirates to prevent Smoker`s death at the hands of Donquixote Doflamingo, and finally she took a blow meant for Smoker and almost died in the process.





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  • (To Izumi) "This is a way to deflect the sadness of this world. By clashing swords with somebody else."
  • (To herself) "My whole life, I never imagined that it would come to this."
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