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Gureuma after being shipwrecked and eating the Ekuto Ekuto no Mi

Gureuma before the shipwreck

Gureuma is a recently promoted Marine Admiral and Logia devil fruit user. He is an antagonist of the 5 Gods of the New World who wishes to bring an end to them.


He is taller than average humans and appears to be in his fifties. He has an awkward asymmetric appearance, one arm longer than the other, and the opposite leg longer than the other, and a hunched back. because of his many malformations he slouches and has a crooked stance. He has a long face, prominent chin, deep wrinkles, a mullet, and a big frown with a dismal expression. He has ashen skin, dark rings under his eyes, and after eating his devil fruit his hair turned white from the horror. He wears a gray suit with black pin stripes and red tie. His admiral's jacket is draped over his shoulders. He also wears cowboy boots and a skull belt buckle. His broad sword is slung over his hunched back.


Ever since being the victim of a ship wreck and finding his devil fruit he has had a bleak outlook on life. His sense of justice has been twisted believing that everyone is guilty of something and that only true judgment comes in the afterlife. Having lost most everything in life he has no compassion and formed a macabre sense of spirituality.

Powers & Abilities

His weapon of choice is a double edged broad sword much wider than an average sword. The blade is made entirely of dark stone and thus named "Tombstone". He wields his weapon with great brutality and can infuse the weapon with his busoshoku. haki

devil fruit

His devil fruit is the Ekuto Ekuto no Mi, the element of ectoplasm which appears as a luminescent slime like gas that clings and diffuses through solid objects. It is a supernatural element rarely found at hauntings, ship wrecks, but most abundant in the afterlife. Gureuma discovered the fruit after being the lone survivor of a ship wreck and believes he found the fruit entering the afterlife and returning with it. In his full elemental form Gureuma appears as a wailing phantom and has the power to absorb energy and possess non-living objects, including his sword, Tombstone. This fruits power is strongest in the dark and weakest in the light, as well as dissolves when exposed to electric shocks.


  • Gureuma's name means "gray horse" which follows the naming convention of other admirals (color & animal), as well as represents one of the four horsemen, Death.
  • The images used are that of Father and Hoenheim from fma.wikia.com
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