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I am a child of Wano and follower of the way of the sword. But this man, Dante is a true force. I will follow him and ensure his strength. I am Hansuke! And if you challenge my captain, then you have forfeited your life!
— Hansuke

This article, Hansuke, is an article only to be used by Felosr231.



Hansuke has shown to be someone who's generally light-hearted and laid back, making jokes at his own expense and with a chuckle to follow behind to further show his relaxed, peaceful nature. This laid back nature even affects his combat as he has a flashy and over the top attitude by striking kabuki poses with a dramatic form of speech, even if it were in the middle of a life or death battle. Hansuke is also fairly blunt and when ticked off he is quick to express his annoyance at whoever was responsible for it.

While he may 'over the top' and can come across as the 'village fool', people are truly blown away by just how competent and capable Hansuke actually is. Examples of his competency would extremely loyal to the code of the Sword Saints to the point that despite him now being an active member of a Yonko crew he still practices his priestly duties such as morning prayers and reading philosophy, the fact he will challenge the views of the likes of his captain and even the Daiymo of his religion of wano when he felt like it could lead to war, and even opposing the likes If Esposito Dante when believing him to be an invader of wano

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