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Hazardous Encounter with Satan and the Wolf
Date Started: June 14th, 2022

Date Finished: th, 2022

Setting: Punk Hazard 20 years ago

Characters Involved:



Arrival of Satan

It had been several weeks since the Lucifer Pirates had left the island of Appleline since their encounter with Seiryuu. Much of the crew members were relaxing enjoying the calming the air as they continued sailing across the sea. Zeyphr and Crowe were conversing on deck while Wolfe was lounging on the bird's eye view falling in and out of sleeping with his cigar hanging from his mouth snoring loudly. This of course was enough to annoy the crew's navigator Kier who glared up at the sleeping werewolf.

"DO YOU MIND?!" Kier scolded.

"Huh," Wolfe snorted waking up jerking up rather quickly, "what up?"

"I am trying to find out where we're heading and you're obnoxious snoring is anno-no-no"

Before Kier could finish his sentence, the captain of the Lucifer Pirates herself, and the most beautiful woman in the world Luc E. Feuer stepped out from the cabin as her luxurious crimson red hair blew in the wind all the while her cyan blue eyes glistened in the sunlight. Her outfit was different from her normal attire and her wounds had healed; she wore a revealing sky blue and black short long sleeve blouse that exposed her cleavage and her navel, short flared black mini skirt and her trademark black lace up boots. Kier's eyes widen as a huge blush appeared on his face.

"MILADY! YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!" Kier blurted out.

Feuer turned her attention to Kier for a brief second causing him to shudder from her glare only for her to look back ahead paying no mind.

"Kier, any updates on where we're heading," Feuer asked.

"Oh! oh u-ummm," Kier stuttered looking at his log pose trying to compose himself, "it appears we're about to approach an island just northeast from here within a kilometer, so about a few hours."

"I see, Blaise, set a course northeast," Feuer ordered looking to Blaise who was resting.

Blaise, who was lounging on his back immediately woke up then climbed up to the ship's wheel as he yawned. "On it milady."

Meanwhile, on the lone lab of Punk Hazard that sat in the middle of a bunch of gleaming trees and a river not too far by, many researchers can be seen doing their daily activities and experimenting on the local wildlife. In a special room that had the symbol of the Marines, there lies then Admiral Ieyasu as he appeared to be sitting in a meeting room with a bunch of other Marines. This is Ieyasu's secret Marine base located within the main lab of Punk Hazard as pirate attacks from the past has caused it to been made recently. Ieyasu was joined by his Marine student Toruma as the meeting was about to reach it's end.

"Is that all that we have covered Professor Xeon? I feel like he wouldn't be an issue anymore after the recent news." Ieyasu explains. He was of course in his younger years. Long before becoming a Ghoul and consuming the mythical zoan fruit. His long black hair reached the bottom was he was drinking tea while talking with Xeno. He, naturally, wore the white jacket of an admiral that had the word "Justice" written in Kanji on the back.

"Indeed. Indeed. Things have been calm around here ever since you tamed the Reaper. However, it seem there was a recent conflict between him and another not too far off of Dressrosa. That worries me as that isn't too far from here." Xeon says with a fix of his glasses.

"That is a possibility I won't deny it. That is why I am stationed here today. Thanks from tips of the Marines from overseas, we were able to know she is traveling around the general area. It is best we be prepared for anything." Ieyasu states.

"Luc E. Feuer was it? I heard she is quite the beauty from her title and all." Toruma states as he had his sword behind his back.

"I have heard. I do personally feel she is quite young to be harboring that title, but I am sure there is a good reason." Ieyasu says with a nod.

Not far from the island, the Lucifer Pirates were about to hit shore when they noticed an island that looked different from other islands that they've docked at previously. Feuer looked on at the island with curious eyes though they appeared deadpan as her vice captain of the crew, Lilith appeared next to her.

"This island, any island what this is," Feuer asked Lilith.

"Can't say honestly, first time I've laid eyes on it," Lilith replied then looked to Kier, "you sure your log pose guided us to this location?"

" the spot...what is this island," Kier wondered looking at the island in the distance.

"Whatever it is, we're heading forward, I'm curious," Feuer answered.

"Y-you seriously want to go there," Lilith asked in a hesitant tone.

"I've been through worse," Feuer shrugged.

Ieyasu and Toruma can be seen still in the room as they watched Xeon and his researchers leave. The two decided to take the time to talk with themselves.

"Sir, is this woman really that fierce? I mean, she is but a child in the sense." Tourma says as he was polishing his long sword.

"You should never underestimate anyone because of their age Toruma. Even when I was around Feuer's age, my skills were noticed. It is all about how you do with the experience." Ieyasu explains.

"True sir. Do you have any other information of her just in case? Like powerwise?" Toruma asked as he looked at Ieyasu.

"Quite but just one main thing to say: She has the powers of Hell itself." Ieyasu says as he looks over at one of his two blades. One in particular appeared to be giving off an intense aura. It was the blade Enma that was said to be able to cut through Hell itself and is one of Ieyasu's trademark blades.

"Milady, we should be arriving at the island in a short while, think we should prepare for any type of weather phenomenon that that come out way," Kier suggested.

"I'll be fine, I've suffered worse in the decade I've been out at sea," Feuer replied.

"Might as well get me stuff together," Wolfe said as he hopped out of the bird's eye view then headed into the cabin to grab a couple of things.

"Think someone should scout the island at least," Crow asked looking to Feuer.

"Read my mind easily, you can go," Feuer answered with an assuring tone though the look in her eyes was ordering him to do so.

"Right away milady," Crow gulped as he transformed into a bat then flew away towards the island fearing what his fate would be if he said no.

"Think you'd kill him if he said no to you," Lilith asked.

"Nah, if he didn't volunteer I'd turn to his twin brother," Feuer answered turning to his brother Draven who jolted from her glare.

Back in the office, Tourma can be seen preparing to head out. He grabs his massive sword after polishing it again before heading out.

"Sir, I am going to do a quick scout of the island. In case of minor pirate activity." Toruma says as walks away.

"Alright. I'll see you back soon." Ieyasu says as he leans backwards and notices Enma still giving off an intense aura. "'re sensing Hell's presence as well don't you?"

Back outside, not far off from the island of Punk Hazard, Crow, who was in his bat form flying towards the island noticing the office just in the distance.

"This...should be the island I suppose," Crow thought to himself, " does look kinda gloomy. Probably should meet on the shore when the others arrive."

Immediately, Crow turned back and flew back towards the shore to meet with his crew before he sensed someone's presence that captured his attention. "Someone's here," Crow thought.

Toruma was seen walking around in the area that Crow was and he was suddenly starting to practice swining his blade around. The blade was strong and long enough to generate wind with each swing and he then stares at it for a moment seeing his reflection in his sword. "I'm getting stronger by each day. I may even be able to kill this satanic woman myself." Toruma says to himself as he resumes his training.

Crow managed to reach the shore of the island where his crew had docked and made their arrival. Feuer descended down from the ship as she flew from above landing before Crow.

"Notice anything on the island," Feuer asked.

"So far, there was someone not too far from here but he was too busy training," Crow reported.

"So he's not a threat then," Blaise wondered.

"I wouldn't be too sure," Zephyr advised.

"In any case, should head forward, see what this island is about, see if anything interest pops out," Feuer replied as she proceeded forward.

"Hm?" Toruma said as he suddenly heard voices as he was quick to sneak his way over to where the pirates were. He is hiding behind a tree as he was trying to listen in on their conversation. "Who are these people? I see a ship in the distance...They must be pirates!" Toruma thinks to himself as he then looks over at Feuer in particular. "Wait...Isn't that her? It is...From the poster earlier...Luc E. Feuer...So she did come here after all. Is she trying to destroy this island? I better listen out what they have planned.."

"This island is giving me the creeps..." Kier shuddered.

"I think it's kind of homey," Draven and Crow lamented happily.

"So far I don't sense any threats nearby, think some of us can split up and scout the island for any resources we might find," Feuer spoke, "Wolfe, you, Ghoul, Blaise and Zeyphr will head west and scout that area, Blaise, you, Draven, Crow and Kier will head east and scout that area. Lilith and I will head straight ahead, are we clear?"

"Yes ma'am!" the Lucifer Pirates replied in unison.

"Good, now go," Feuer ordered, then the crew members split off into their respective groups leaving Lilith and Feuer remaining.

"Shall we," Lilith asked looking to Feuer.

Feuer proceeded forward without a second thought, "What's ahead isn't going to wait forever."

"Hm...I don't know what they are planning but I better let Ieyasu know of this. I can't risk alerting them with my den den mushi so I will head back the natural way." Toruma says as he was using a combination of Geppo and Soru to move calmly and quitely through the air.

"Place looks depressing the more we venture," Lilith commented.

"Not as depressing as the other island that was left a ghost island for wary pirates to end their pathetic lives in unimaginable ways," Feuer replied.

Lilith paused for a second as she recalled the island that Feuer mentioned from their pass as she shook her head trying to forget the memory. "Ah, yes, an island no one could ever forget," Lilith nodded.

Meanwhile, Toruma had made it back to Ieyasu's office and had informed him of the situation.

"I see. It seems the Winds of Fate is blowing in this direction it seems." Ieyasu says as he was staring at the wall.

"I have Marines on standby ready to enguage. I myself will go at it as well if you grant me permission." Toruma says with a bow to Ieyasu.

"...I will but please don't let you and our men die in vain. I can't allow lives to be casted away that easily. I will go as well I need to make a report to HQ about this first." Ieyasu says as he turns to him.

"Yes sir!" Toruma says as he was quick to storm out as he gathered up Marines on his tail.

Attack of the Marines

From the distance, the Marines can be seen closing in on Feuer's crew as they were quick to start firing.

"Remember men! Do NOT let up! Keep shooting until they're dead!" Tormua orders as the Marines does so. He was hanging in the back as he had his hand on his massive sword that can be seen from a fair distance away.

Feuer's eyes widen as she looked up with a serious expression in her luminous cyan blue eyes. "We're not alone," Feuer warned.

"Think the others are doing alright on their own," Lilith asked looking around letting out a low demonic growl.

"Part of me worries for them...but I'm sure they'll survive," Feuer reassured letting out a calm growl, "get moving!"

Suddenly, the two sprouted their wings then flew off in the direction of the cannon fire as Lilith raised her arms into the air demonically roaring!

"Hell Lightning!" Lilith roared.

The Marines are suddenly struck down by the fierce attack as Toruma looks on in shock. He takes out his massive blade that gleams in the sunlight as he points it forward toward the pirates while, at the same time, motions for the Marines that are still standing to fall back. "Seems like I've underestimated your underlings. Why have you come to Punk Hazard Feuer!?" Toruma asked in a demanding tone.

Feuer flew over to where Toruma and his men were then descended down as she slowly walked over to him. Her gaze towards him was calm yet was enough to send a chill down his spine. Her presence while intimidating due to her aura she gave off, her illustrious beauty was radiant beyond all else. Feuer was now just a few inches to his face, her expression unchanged as she looked into his eyes with her glistening cyan blue eyes.

"I caused no harm, why attack my men," Feuer asked in a calm yet chilling tone.

"Geh..." Toruma says as he couldn't help but become enthralled in her beauty before snapping himself out of it. "T-True but we got word that you have caused damage in Dressrosa, one of the Twenty Kingdoms of the World Government attempting to kill Warlord Tatsuya Ryushiki. You cannot blame me for being cautious!" Toruma responds to her.

"True, but she started...and I finished it like a civilized lady," Feuer replied with a disappointed sigh, "not my fault she couldn't control her temper."

"Destroying most of the colosseum doesn't seem too civilized to me...But I ask why are you still here?!" Toruma asked with his sword still pointed to her.

Feuer calmly raised her right index finger up then forcefully pointed the sword down as she leaned forward. Her face nearly an inch close to his, her eyes a serene ocean of cyan blue as she glared into his eyes as if glaring into his soul. "My men and I only wanted to explore the island, is that too much too ask," Feuer asked, her expression emotionless but her tone sounded innocent as she tilted her head to the side like an impressionable child.

"Urk..." Toruma says as he couldn't help but take more steps back still staring her down. "I-I know what you're trying to do but I am not going to drop my guard! I am a proud swordsmen of the Marines after all!"

"You say that, but you're slowly cracking underneath my stare," Feuer taunted taking a few steps forward, her hips in motion to her steps the Marines around her began to swoon.

"D-Don't lose your senses men! Remember this is an infamous pirate! I will slay you with my blade Kharma before you have a chance to do any evil!" Toruma says as he prepares to swing his massive blade at her!

"How can I if I'm just causally walking to you," Feuer asked in an innocent tone yet her expression remained unchanged, "is that anyway to talk to a young lady?"

"Why am I getting intimdated by this woman...?" Toruma says as he was still taking steps back. "L-Like I said I am not going to falter! I know you are putting on a face an I am not going to back down!" Toruma declares with his arm still in the air with his sword.

Feuer grabbed onto his sword looking dead into his eyes. "It's not polite to point," Feuer taunted as she summoned hell flames from her hand then surrounded Kharma as the flames began to quickly reach to Toruma's hand!

"Shit!" Toruma shouts as he was trying to get away from the flames.

"Now now. I think we need to calm down a bit." said a voice and, all of a sudden, a breeze can be seen as it blows out the hell flames before they can burn Toruma as the gust came from the blade wielded by Ieyasu himself.

"Ieyasu-sir!" Toruma shouts as he looks over at Ieyasu.

"I do apologize for my subordinate's behavior. He was acting on my orders after all though I initially told him to keep on guard instead of attacking." Ieyasu states in a calm tone befitting of the admiral that is known as one of the most level-headed men around.

"I see, it was hard to get him to calm down as he couldn't handle himself nor his men," Feuer shrugged letting out a sigh.

"Apologies. He is quite new to the Marines." Ieyasu says as he was patting Toruma's shoulder.

"Yeah I do still have a ways to go. But I am still surprised you haven't destroyed anything yet. Especially with your reputation." Toruma says to Feuer.

"Now now, we honestly should never assume one's actions. From what I can tell, she only attacks if provoked first." Ieyasu says with his hand on his chin.

"Very inquisitive I will say that much," Feuer remarked then tilted her head to the side with curious cyan blue eyes, "who are you and what are your intentions if I may ask?"

"Ah, my apologies for not introducing myself. My name is Ieyasu, an admiral of the Marines. And my intentions is merely to investigate your sudden occurance on Punk Hazard." Ieyasu says with a polite bow to her.

"Cordial and polite, seems...a bit...uncomforting but different I will admit," Feuer replied as she bowed in return, "my crew and I are merely just exploring the island and searching for any resources available before leaving, no more no less."

"Interesting. There are numerous of plant-based resources here, but nothing too notable. This is an island of scientific discoveries rather than a spot for sightseeing I'm afraid." Ieyasu states.

"But I am more surprised you caused so much chaos in Dressrosa, but you aren't out to cause trouble here?" Toruma asks.

"Usually those two things gravitate towards me," Feuer answered in a calm manner, "can't help if people want my head, if they want to hurt me, I have to defend myself."

"There is nothing quite wrong with that. I've had my fair share of attacks on my end as well. Admitally I am surprised you are quite passive all things considered." Ieyasu comments as he was looking at Feuer.

"But she's a notable pirate. I think HQ would want you to capture her." Tourma responds.

"True. Although my mission is to simply defend Punk Hazard. Not capture any pirates that isn't causing it any harm." Ieyasu comments back.

"I've done nothing so far yet you were the first to try and harm my men," Feuer pointed out.

"That was not my doing; it was Tourma's." Ieyasu says bluntly.

"S-Sir! You gave me the orders to do so!" Toruma shouts.

"Only a joke Toruma." Ieyasu says with a chuckle and he clears his throat. "Even if you haven't made the first attack, attacking a member of the Seven Warlords, going as far as to try and kill her, is grounds for me to have my guard up around you. At the end of the day, I am still a Marine Admiral. I must take my job very seriously when the need arises."

"I see, well knowing I have met another Admiral whom he did ruin the fun but what can you do," Feuer answered, "though as mentioned, only gathering resources then I'll be on my way."

"I see. Before I let you on your way, I do want you to honor me a favor." Ieyasu says as he was looking down at his blade Enma as it was glowing a bright red.

"And what would the favor be may I ask," Feuer asked in a curious tone tilting her head to the side.

"Care for a friendly spar? My blade here, Enma, appears to react to your mere prescense. It is a blade that is said to be able to cut through Hell itself and if you truly possess the powers of Satan, then you can see why it wants to do battle." Ieyasu says as Enma was indeed glowing a dark red.

Feuer looked at the blade with curiosity in her eyes then she felt something within her as her eyes glowed blood red as she turned her attention back to Ieyasu, "Very well, I accept."

"Wait you sure about this sir? You know how powerful you can get with that sword of yours." Toruma asks.

"Do not worry. I have been showing great restraint with it's powers before. This can be quite the experience for me to see how it functions in battle against a demon." Ieyasu says as he started to walk off toward an open field. "There is a field out here that we can fight on that wouldn't risk any damage of the facilities here."

"Perfect, could use a good workout," Feuer replied as she followed behind.

"Hah-hahahaha! Glad you have that mindset." Ieyasu says with a rare laugh as he leaps on over to his side of the battlefield as he was preparing his swords. "I take it you are all well and good without weapons? I am quite the user of swords myself, although I have heard you use a scythe? Quite like The Reaper..."

"I am," Feuer nodded then snapped her fingers as Lilith immediately tossed her Zokunenchi towards her direction. She caught it with one hand as it let out a demonic moan, the sounds of cries and moans echoed as she gripped onto it, yet with the stamp of Feuer hitting handle onto the ground, the moans seized.

"Quite the interesting sounding blade. I sounds if it was cursed by the depths of Hell itself. This should prove quite fun for my blade Enma." Ieyasu says as he was swinging his sword lightly around as he points it toward Feuer. "Shall I have the first move, or you?"

"Surprise me," Feuer answered getting into her stance holding her scythe in front of her.

"Will do." Ieyasu says as he slowly starts to move his sword, Enma, up as it starts to glow a violent bright red. Ieyasu also had his eyes closed as if he was chanting to himself as well. After doing so, he prepares to utter his words loudly. "One Sword Style - Hell's Edge!" Ieyasu shouts as he releases a massive bright red blade beam that went toward Feuer! Even if she dodged, the intensity of the attack easily left a giant crater in the ground as it made it's way toward her.

Feuer's eyes widen as she immediately sprouted her wing and flew into the sky as she dodged the attack narrowly. "Interesting so far," Feuer thought to herself, "Hell Fire Blast!" Feuer shot out ball of hell fire towards Ieyasu at blinding speed hurling at his direction!

"Hellfire hm? Whether if it's from the heavens or Hell itself, as long it is fire, it can be cut." Ieyasu utters as he was quick to gracefully move his sword into a defensive position as the hellfire closes in. "Foxfire Style - Demonic Tamer!" Ieyasu shouts as he swings his sword causing a large jet black/red sword beam to cut straight the ball of hellfire causing it to disperse as the sword beam kept going at Feuer!

Feuer drew her scythe coating it in Haki along with her aura as she swung downward towards the sword beam, "Höllenhieb!"

"Quite impressive indeed. Let's see how you content with this." Ieyasu says as he held his sword in a downward position as he coats his arm in Haki. However, Enma was soon seen absorbing the Haki into itself as it was giving off a strange but ominous aura. Ieyasu then sticks the sword in the ground as he looks at Feuer. "One Sword Style: Hellbourne Rapture!" he shouts as suddenly, the ground itself started to erupted with extremely destructive energy as it made it's way over to Feuer. Even if she was able to dodge this one, this attack would result in the entire ground around her being destroyed!

Feuer initiated her Haki allowing her to dodge the attack as she ascended into the air! "This man is on another level compared to those I've fought," Feuer thought, "I'll need to come up with another tactic." Feuer clenched onto her scythe coating it with her aura once more as her eyes glowed blood red as she demonically growled. "Hölle Querstrich!" As she shouted, Feuer unleashed a red x-shaped slash hurling towards Ieyasu!

"Quite the intense attack. It appears I must bring out my other fabled blade: Onimaru Kunitsuna!" Ieyasu states as he brings out a very long katana that appears to be made of silver and, without hesitation, forms an X-shape using his own swords as his Haki starts to immenless form around him. "Nitoryu ~ A Cross Between Heaven and Hell!" Ieyasu shouts as he unleashes a dark red and a dark blue cross of Haki beams that would collide with Feuer's own attack. Ieyasu made sure to keep an eye on Feuer in case she was trying to attack again.

"Hell Fire Burst!" Feuer shouted as she pointed the palm of her hand at Ieyasu shooting a ball of hell fire at his direction!

Ieyasu was preparing himself for the incoming attack as he coats his sword Enma in a layer of Haki. He then catches the hellfire ball on his sword as he prepares to utter his next words. "Destruction!" Ieyasu says as the hellfire blast instantly disperses despite not having to use fox-fire style. "When Haki is tone quite enough, nearly any attack coming my way can be destroyed from the inside out. This is referred to as "Internal Destruction."

Feuer looked down at Ieyasu realizing that he was not like any she had faced in the past. She didn't want to go all out just yet as she clenched her scythe tightly coating it in Haki with her aura surrounding her scythe making it appear resembling a claw as she charged toward him! "Unheiliger Klauenhieb!"

"A frontal approach? Quite interesting. I shall do the same!" Ieyasu says as he clutches Enma tightly as he rushes forward in a flashstep similar to that of Soru as he closes in on Feuer's attack! "Ittoryu: Hellbreaker!" he shouts as he swung his sword that let out a very deep "whoosh" sound effect sounding if the blade was cutting through Hell itself!

"Impressive you can cut into hell itself," Feuer praised in an ominous tone, "but it won't be enough for what's in store for you." Feuer took in a deep breath as she closed her eyes then with a low exhale she unleashed a soft breath as she spoke. "Zorn." A dark red aura surrounded Feuer's body as she gripped tightly onto her scythe. "Dreifacher Höllenhieb!" Feuer shouted as she swung her scythe three times sending a dark red aura towards Ieyasu at him!

"Your strength is admirable as well. However, as an admiral, I cannot yield to you right now." Ieyasu states as he quickly starts to parry Feuer's attacks as, suddenly, a massive intense aura engulfs Ieyasu as an image of a large being can be briefly seen behind him. This was his Spiritual Aura, quite powerful and enough to manifest as it's own spirit! He then starts to push back Feuer with this increased power!

"Not bad, though I'm only just getting started," Feuer snarled as she exerted more of her aura while she transformed into her hybrid form growing her wings, horns and tail as her eyes glowed a deeper blood red slowing pushing Ieyasu back!

"Finally decided to bare your fangs? Now we can truly have a spectacle! Engulf!" Ieyasu comments as his spirtural aura suddenly started to "merge" with him as his body itself started to burst with his intense fighting spirit and Haki. Applying Internal Destruction to Enma, Ieyasu prepares to let loose his next attack! "Ittoryu: God Slayer!" Ieyasu shouts as he unleashes a powerful dark red and blue sword beam that went toward Feuer! As it traveled on the ground, it grew bigger in size slicing through trees that were nearby!

"Hell Fire Burst!" Feuer roared as she aimed a ball of hell fire towards the sword beam that collided with it pushing it back as Feuer exerted more of her power into the attack glaring at Ieyasu!

"Incredible power I am witnessing!" Ieyasu says as he was able to parry the attack backwards as he brushes off the after flames. "My for someone your age, you are quite resiliant. You would've definitely made a fine Marine had your choice was that. But of course I am not saying you should be one."

"While the offer is tempting, I agree not joining as we know," Feuer paused for a second as her eyes turned a deeper shade of blood red, "they wouldn't survive with me there."

"Quite so." Ieyasu comments as his natural purple eyes seemed to take a darker tone as well. "Though polite, I can be quite the violent type myself if I am being honest. Although it will take many to push me that far and this is merely a sparring session."

"Agreed, besides," Feuer's tone began to deepen to a more demonic tone as her aura began to darken, "I'm only getting started. and there is no one here more violent than me."

"I see." Ieyasu says as he leans forward eagerly. "I think I may be able to match that. "Ittoryu: Quick Draw!" Ieyasu shouts as, in an instant, unleashes a powerful single stroke slash toward Feuer!

Feuer clutched onto her scythe as she transferred Haki onto her scythe along with her aura shaping it into a demon claw as she slashed diagonally towards the attack! "Dämonenklauenhieb!"

"Impressive. Although there is more to come!" Ieyasu shouts as he then started to unleashed a whole wave of slashes that was going toward Feuer! He was not letting up on his attacks as the slashes started to easily carve away at the ground around it including downing any trees that is nearby.

Feuer felt the intensity of the attack as she managed to defend herself as she drew her palm forward in Ieyasu's direction. "Hell Fire Vortex!" Feuer shouted as she summoned a fiery vortex of hell fire hurled towards Ieyasu as it clashed with the slashes cancelling them!

"Not matter the fire..." Ieyasu says gripping Enma with his Haki as it absorbs his busokou haki and starts to emit dark flames around it. "...even from Hell itself, it can be cut! Fox Fire Style: Demonic Dispel!" Ieyasu says as he emites a large slice of black fire as it cuts through the fiery vortex!

"Interesting you're able to cut through the flames of hell," Feuer retorted as she closed her eyes before opening them, "Zorn." A blood red aura surrounded her once more but this time it was much larger than it was before she transformed into her hybrid form. Feuer swiftly disappeared before reappearing before Ieyasu with blood red demonic eyes ready to land a punch on him! "Dämon Faust!"

Ieyasu smiles as he was quick to use his Haki-coated sword to block Feuer's attack. It wasn't that he has Future Sight to predict the attack but his reflexs were sharp enough to react to where Feuer was going to show up. "You're quite fast, but I am quite speedy myself." Ieyasu says as his own aura starts to burst brightly as well as his aura was focused on his sword that he was still using to block with. "Ittoryu: Backend Slash!" Ieyasu shouts as the aura releases from the backside of the sword right at Feuer!

Remaining calm and emotionless, Feuer caught the aura with her hand as she glanced towards Ieyasu as she flew towards him at blinding speed appearing before him hooking her arm aiming her fist towards his head landing a powerful hook punch! "Dämon Hakenstempel!"

"Aramant Hardening ~ Tekkai - Wolf's Persistance!" Ieyasu shouts as, in an instant, his entire body hardens with Haki as his muscles bulge out a bit as he was quick to react to the punch. Ieyasu's head remain in tact mostly thanks to his extremely durable Haki. "That was quite a blow! It would've most likely took my head off had I not reacted. Of course, I wouldn't be at my rank had I let an attack do as much did I?" He says as he was quick to raise Enma in front of Feuer. "Ittoryu: Silent Death!" He shouts as he sends an upward crimson blade beam at Feuer!

"Impressed that you were able to block that move," Feuer commented as she summoned a large sphere of hell fire from her hand holding it above her head, "but let's see if you're able to dodge this infernal carnage! Hellfire Storm!" Feuer shoots the sphere of hell fire into the sky until it explodes as small balls of hell fire begin to hurl down towards them!

"Well with 30 plus years of experience in the Marines, you will find a lot of things quite useful." Ieyasu comments with a chuckle as he prepares to look at the sky readying his sword! "Fox-fire style: Demon Breaker!" Ieyasu shouts as he begins to let out a stream of fire beams that would collide with each of the hell fires!"

Feuer looked towards Ieyasu as she swiftly flew over to him before she imbued her sword in Haki then readied her scythe glaring into his eyes! "Satan's Hell Slash!" Feuer shouted as she downward slashed towards him!

"Oh? Quite fast!" Ieyasu utters as he uses two of his swords to block her attack making sure to coat them in Haki all the while. "I would say those Devil Fruit powers are quite interesting. I never considered which one I would use, but then again I don't quite need them at the moment." Ieyasu states as his body starts to glow with a bright blue and purple intense aura hoping to push Feuer back!

"Think this would push me back," Feuer questioned as she slowly closed her eyes, "think again, bow before the power of Satan." Feuer opened her eyes as she unleased a massive wave of Haki at Ieyasu glaring into his eyes if gazing into his soul!

Despite staring into her soul-piercing eyes, Ieyasu could only but smirk at the sight of this as his gaze soon turn serious. "I've already stared into the eyes of a demon, and it resulted of the death of a student of mine. I am not about to let myself be intimated by the sight of another force of nature again. As an admiral of the Marines and a devoted person for bringing world piece!" Ieyasu shouts as his body soon starts to get muscular as his thick black/purple Haki coats with Enma. "Ittoryu: Hellbringer's End!" He shouts he suddenly releases a spear-like blade beam that would head right for Feuer!

Feuer coated her tail with Haki as she slammed it towards the beam blocking it with her strength as she demonically roared, "Satan's Whip!"