Heatwave Pirates
Japanese Name: 熱波の海賊
Romanized Name: Neppa no kaizoku
English Name: Heatwave Pirates
Main Ship: Monte Christo
First Appearance:
Captain: Raiken Montizuma
Total Bounty: Bsymbol10 6,776,345,188,000,000

The Heatwave Pirates are a pirate crew sailing the Grand Line, and are one of the most notorious crews in the world. They are led by Raiken Montizuma, one of the most wanted men in the world.

Originally, the crew consisted of eleven members, then ten due to Raiken's, "defection" to the World Government. During the timeskip, Miyazaki, as acting Captain (a position bestowed upon him by Raiken), recruited all Lockdown prisoners who participated in the Battle of Fort Justice to join the Heatwave Pirates. Also during these two years, the Heatwave Pirates began to receive a massive amount of recruits from pirates entering the New World, as well as others who were still on the Grand Line. Miyazaki sailed into and out of the New World to recruit these pirates. Now with a crew of nearly 9,700,000 pirates, the Heatwave Pirates are the second largest pirate crew in the entire world, only behind the Great Dragon Pirates. Their crew's total bounty is Bsymbol10 6,776,345,188,000,000, the second largest known collective bounty, second to that of the Great Dragon Pirates.

Jolly Roger

The Jolly Roger of the Heatwave Pirates consists of the trademark skull and crossbones with two wings outstreched, and a blazing inferno in the background.

Core Crew Members

The core members of the crew consists of the original eleven who made it into the New World (the ones seen below in the table). After the timeskip, each core member became a Division Commander following the recruitment of 9,699,989 pirates from the New World, Grand Line, and Four Blues, with Miyazaki as its Fleet Commander during Raiken's, "leave of abscense." When Raiken returned to the crew, his brother humbly allowed him to take over as Fleet Commander, with Raiken making Miyazaki his First Mate once again, as well as his 1st Division Commander.

Heatwave Pirates
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Raiken Montizuma Miyazaki Montizuma Sai Kobayashi Riku
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Kasumi Shigeko Ikatski Motomiya Danzou Fuijima Keiko Yoshiko
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Aki Fumiko Kozakomi Inuzaka Nagarai

Crew Capabilities




Epithet Bounty

Raiken Montizuma

  • Captain
  • Fleet Commander
  • Spawn of Satan (サタンのスポーン; Satan no supōn)

Miyazaki Montizuma

  • First Mate
  • 1st Division Commander
  • Miyazaki the Destructive (宮崎破壊; Miyazaki hakai)

Sai Kobayashi

  • Swordsman
  • 2nd Division Commander
  • Dao Blade wielder
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Santoryu Style capable
  • Scarface Sai (サイスカーフェイス; Saisukāfeisu)


  • Cook
  • 3rd Division Commander
  • Purple Haired Riku (紫色の髪のリク; Murasakiiro no kami no riku)

Inuzaka Nagarai

  • Navigator
  • 4th Division Commander
  • Ninja Capabilities
  • Shadow Clones
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Jumping Ability
  • Melee Weaponry (Kunai, Shuriken)
  • Ninja Inuzaka (忍者Inuzaka; Ninja Inuzaka

Kasumi Shigeko

  • Weapons Specialist
  • 5th Division Commander
  • Wide Array of Firearms
  • High Bullet Resistence
  • Inhuman Bullet Dodging
  • Superhuman Precision
  • Bulletstorm Kasumi (バレットストーム利益; Barettosutōmu rieki)

Ikatski Motomiya

  • Sniper
  • 6th Division Commander
  • Long Range Weaponry
  • Lightning Fast Speed
  • Peak of Mental and Physical Conditioning
  • Ikatski the Mysterious (謎をIkatski; Nazo o Ikatski

Danzou Fuijima

  • Helmsman
  • 7th Division Commander
  • Haki
  • Jiu Jitsu capabilities
  • Superhuman Strength
  • High Blunt Attack Resistance
  • Eastern Warrior (イースタン戦士; Īsutan senshi)

Keiko Yoshiko

  • Shipwright
  • 8th Division Commander
  • Master Shipwright
  • Haki User (all types)
  • Proficent Zweihander Wielder
  • Serpant Mistress (蛇ミストレス; Hebi misutoresu)


  • Doctor
  • 9th Division Commander
  • Tere Tere no Mi
  • Large medical capabilities
  • Remedy to nearly all illnesses
  • Knows many poisons and other deadly substances
  • Haki
  • Dr. Death (ドクター·デス; Dokutā·desu)

Fumiko Kozakomi

  • Second Swordswoman
  • 10th Division Commander
  • Top Swordsmanship
  • Chi Control
  • Flight (via angel wings)
  • Whisper In The Wind (風にささやく; Kaze ni sasayaku)

Crew Strength

When they first started, the Heatwave Pirates were unusually and uncharacteristically stronger than normal rookie pirate crews. They were able to do things that many rookie crews wouldn't even dream of doing early on in their adventures. This includes defeating a tyrannical overlord infamous with the World Government, taking on and defeating the secret organization known as Strikeforce, liberating Solaris from the control of Vice Admirals, challenging Monkey D. Garp, a well renowned war hero, to a battle on Edrizza, fighting and defeating the Shichibukai's most powerful individual, as well as many other things.

"The world has never known a crew as diverse as ours...but the world also has not known a crew as valiant as ours! "
Raiken to his crew after departing from Solari Island.

Individually, they are strong enough to hold their own against a massive fleet of Marine ships, multiple Pacifistas, etc. However, as a team, the core crew members are nearly unstoppable. When the first 11 crew members arrived at Saboady Archipelago along with 8 other rookie pirate crews (known as the Nine Tyrants, the successor to the Eleven Supernovas and The Worst Generation), they were evidenced as one of, if not, the strongest pirate crew there, as their Captain had the highest bounty of Bsymbol390,000,000. Also, when Skyla, Captain of the Sky Pirates, attempted to challenge the Heatwave Pirates to a duel, Raiken defeated her with a single kick to the face as the rest of his crew subdued the rest of the Sky Pirates easily. This shocked the other seven crews, as Skyla's bounty of Bsymbol205,000,000 made her a huge threat. The crew was also able to withstand an exhibition fight between another crew whose Captain was apart of the Nine Tyrants: the Free World Pirates.

"If you want to pick a fight with us, you better be willing to make sure that your actions speak louder than your words."
Miyazaki to the Sky Pirates after they tried to fight them.

While the crew is immensely powerful, they do not wish to hurt civilians like the Kid Pirates or Blackbeard Pirates did. Rather, they were willing to embrace the denizens of whatever island they landed on. However, the minute they were provoked, they would immediately respond with action and force. This goes also if one member of the crew was targeted and hurt, provoking the rest of the crew into the battle with him.



Heatwave Pirates' main ship: The Monte Christo

The Heatwave Pirates have many ships to accommodate their vast number of crew members. These include ships like Tortuga, Godslayer, Grand Rift, and more. The Heatwave Pirates' main ship, however, is called the Monte Christo. It is a schooner that is 60 meters long from bow to stern. It has numerous weapons, included over 50 cannons and multiple swivel guns.


  • They are the second largest crew in the world behind the Great Dragon Pirates
  • Nearly all of their Division Commanders are capable of wielding a type of blade, but they all have their unique abilities.
  • The Monte Christo is based off of the Jackdaw, Assassin Pirate Edward Kenway's ship from Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

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