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Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Apep
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Japanese Name
ヘビヘビの実 モデル:アペプ
Romanized Name
Hebi Hebi no Mi, Moderu: Apepu
English Name
Snake Snake Fruit, Model: Apep
Serpentenes Apophis

The Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Apep is a Mythic Zoan Devil Fruit that gives the user the power to turn into an Apep serpent and a hybrid of such. It was eaten by Serpentnes Apophis.


It is shown to be the size and shape of a bright red apple with swirls. Atypical for a Devil Fruit, it is described as having no flavor at all.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The primary strength of the Devil Fruit is it grants the user the power to into a chaos serpent called the Apep. In its full form, the Apep is very large, enough to completely encircle the royal palace of Acero, granting the user great physical strength. The Devil Fruit also allows the user to project powerful beams of red energy from their eyes, mouth, and tail powerful enough to destroy entire city blocks. In addition, the Apep has a potent venom, which Apophis is shown to be able to spit. The scales are also shown to be very strong, able to resist some of Zoro's own techniques.

One of the weaknesses is that the user's large size can make its movements cumbersome and predictable at times. The user is also more vulnerable to Armament Haki, as Luffy's enhanced strike inflicted strong damage on Apophis. Aside from those, and the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses, it has no specific weaknesses.


Apophis uses the Devil Fruit chiefly for offensive ability. However, he also sometimes uses as a means of altering his environment, due to the Apep's sheer size and destructive potential. According to him, he ate the Devil Fruit purely to someday use it to destroy Amazon Lily. To counter his greater weakness to Armament Haki, Apophis has learned how to coat his body in the same energy that he uses for his beams, causing damage to anyone who makes contact with him.

  • Nasni: Apophis swings his tail, sending a powerful gust of wind, strong enough to uproot trees and small buildings. "Nasni" roughly translates into "storm" in Ancient Egyptian.
  • Ahey: Apophis spits large amounts of his venom which forms of a wave against his enemies. "Ahey" roughly translates into "flood" in Ancient Egyptian.
  • Sadet: Apophis releases his energy beams from his eyes, mouth, or tail. "Sadet" roughly translates into "fire" in Ancient Egyptian.
  • Manamen: Apophis sticks his tail into the ground, and fires his energy beams, causing large tremors in the surrounding area. "Manamen" roughly translates into "earthquake" in Ancient Egyptian.
  • Hadi: Apophis' most powerful technique; he rears up, and gathers his energy in a single orb in his mouth, as it then sprays down over the area. "Hadi" roughly translates into "eclipse" in Ancient Egyptian.



  • Apep (also called Apophis) was the ancient Egyptian deity associated with chaos and darkness.
  • All of Apophis' attacks are named after some form of natural disaster or cataclysm in Ancient Egyptian.
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