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Helix pirates
Japanese Name:
Romanized Name: Rasen Kaizoku
English Name: Helix Pirates
Main Ship: The Saoring Sparrow
First Appearance:
Captain: Marie Reid
Total Bounty: Bsymbol10512,000

The Helix Pirates are a small crew from North Blue. They are not widely known to the public due to the captain's tendency to keep a low profile and are only generally recognized on their home island Kuragara Island. Their combined bounty is Bsymbol10512,000, notably low for a crew from North Blue.

Crew Members



The Helix pirates wander the seas on the Soaring Sparrow, a small ship they acquired in a bet with Oakland Porter, one of Cacaon town's wealthiest citizens. It was named the Soaring Sparrow at the captain's Marie's request, as the Super Sparrow is her favorite animal. It is a generally small ship, housing up 6 people comfortably and 10 somewhat uncomfortably. It is equipped with a simple crew's quarters, kitchen, storage and navigation room. The mast and sail has been modified to give it the ability to split down the center and drop to both sides of the ship, making wing-like appendages. Using this, Marie can utalise her ability to glide short distances when encountering the right weather conditions, proving an often quick getaway from pursuers. Marie loves making paper aeroplanes and throwing them off while standing on the front of the ship. The ship's helm is located on the top platform.


Scematics for the Soaring Sparrow

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