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The Hito Hito No Mi Model: Succubus also Known as Hito Hito No Mi: Model Muma is a Zoan Devil Fruit that allows the user to transform into a Succubus.


  • "Hito" translates to Human in Japanese.
  • "Muma" Loosely Translates to Succubus Japanese.
  • The fruit full translates to Human Human Fruit: Succubus.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The fruit is classified as a Zoan but has many other secondary abilities that could be classified as Paramecia Abilities. Upon entering hybrid form the user can gain wings, Horns and a tail the wings can be used to fly and the tail can be manipulated and used. By transforming into the full form there clothes will into a medieval like armor but upon turning back to normal they clothes will change back they will keep the wings and tail from the hybrid form. unlike most Zoan fruits the user can acsess most of there abilties without fully transforming.

Weapon Summoning

The user is able to summon a large array of weapons upon entering full form made from an unearthly material these weapons are said to be on par with Supreme Grade Blades.

Size Manipulation

The user is able to change the size of any part of there body either it be Arms, Chest, Or Legs this does has a limit they cannot grow anything more than 2 Feet but they can shrink to any size they want.

Dream Invasion

When someone is dreaming they have the power to Invade others dream they can not harm them in the dream but inside the dream they have complete control over they body able to change there body however they like but will inside someones dream they cannot move there real body.

Super Human

The user gains superhuman abilties such as greatly enhanced speed strength and jump power they also gain an Abnormal Healing factor being able to heal from wounds and cuts much faster than the average human.

Eternal Youth

Upon eating the fruit no matter what age, gender or even race the user where before you will become and gain the appearance of a 17 year old Human girl when this happens somethings in there looks will change as in hair color and trading any Muscle Mass they have for the size of there chest after this transformation they cannot age beyond that point similar to the Hobi Hobi no mi affect of not aging,They cannot be aged by any outside influences.

Supernatural Seduction

Upon getting any eye contact with anybody the victim will feel a strong lust to the user no matter what there love interest, sexuality or morals this can lead to them becoming unable to attack the user. this effect will be gone after the user becomes unconscious is any way either it be sleeping or being knocked out.


The user can grow wings at will making them able to fly they can fly at great speeds this can also somewhat counter there weakness to water.


When confronted by people with a massive amount of Soul Energy similar to Homies that the Soru Soru no mi creates there powers will be weakened making them much more susceptible to wounds due to there healing factor being weakened. This fruit is also affected by natural devil fruit weaknesses.


The Hito Hito No mi Model: Muma

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