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This article, Hitomi Ishigami, is non-canon and does not affect the storyline in anyway.

Hitomi Ishigami, also known as the Glimmering god is the current two-time god or ruler of skypiea. He is one of the few individuals to have eaten a Logia-type Devil Fruit; his specific fruit being the Pika Pika no Mi. This fruit gives Hitomi the attributes of light and makes him a Light Human.


Hitomi Ishigami appears to be a helpless old man but is surprisingly fit and muscular for his age. He has long white hair, a thick beard, and a pair of big golden wings that fold around his body. Hitomi is commonly seen wearing a gold traditional skypian kimono with a blue ring around the neck. Some of his physical characteristics consist of an incredibly sculpted and muscular body, built from decades of battle with numerous pirates and marines.


Mael past appearance

Young Hitomi

Magnanimous and noble, Hitomi is one who puts others before himself and helping out those in need whenever the situation arises. From giving them advice to performing certain activities on their behalf, Hitomi tries to be useful to the people around him in any given capacity, all of which is done with his signature genuine smile and warm aura to a point where he's often called a "saint" and believing that he's an actual angel. He's noted for being a humble individual and as one vowing to become like the sun, he finds hubris to be a major weakness and often chastises people who show too much pride in themselves and their actions, doing so in a wise manner. He is happy to teach younglings or other practitioners how to fight and use the Secret Art of Skypiea. His modesty, patience, friendly, and righteousness makes him very sociable and has gotten many friends over the years of him being the ruler of Skypiea.


Abilities and Powers

Physical Abilities

He's often regarded as a monster in terms of his physical performance, with some of his feats relying on his body rather than his other assets like his weaponry or Devil Fruit powers. This is seen when he dominates normal captain-level opponents with ease, even with their Devil Fruit and Haki powers active, only resorting to his own should they be on a certain level, overpower dangerous beings that are twice his size.

Fighting Style

Hitomi's fighting style is very fluid, adapting to his opponent in the middle of the fight and incorporating new styles into his own.

Devil Fruit

Pika Pika no Mi


Kenbunshoku Haki

Busoshoku Haki

Haoshoku Haki

Secret Arts of Skypiea

Howzer defeating the Northern Barbarians

Hitomi using the Secret Arts of Skypiea together with his Pika Pika no Mi to defeat a group of bandits.

The Secret Arts of Skypiea allows the Hitomi to manipulate the wind by making specific moments. By the use of his wings, he can control the wind with better accuracy and do more complex techniques than most practitioners of this art. Hitomi is an experienced user and is one of the few that is able to switch between to styles making his attacks unpredictable. By switching his body moments from being fluid to a more unrefined, he can easily overwhelm his opponents and can also use his devil fruit with the technique to get more speed and control.

Miscellaneous Abilities

Tools and Weapons





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