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Howl in the Pack
Date Started: November 13th, 2021

Date Finished: th 2021

Setting: In the Sea of the New World

Characters Involved:

Synopsis: As the Battle of Skyfall continues in the sky, there is a crew that is (re)forming below them......

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When the Moon Rises.....

The seas of the New World, unpredictable and far more treacherous than the first side of the Grand Line known as Paradise. Few ships, pirate crews, and marines can handle the New World without any training required. And to some of those that leave the New World never come back to the nightmare they struggle to sleep through. But those who have returned or stayed in the New World sail there like they've lived there for the most of their lives.

The mighty ship called Sköll was seen sailing through the waves in the afternoon. Unbeknownst to them, there was a pivotal battle in the skies taking place. But while that was going on, the Jolly Roger of the White Fang Pirates was waving in the air, unafraid to announce itself even immediately after the breakout of their captain. The captain has been out since the beginning of the war of the Monkey vs the Government. Now that he has welcomed himself back to certain islands, family and such that were under his influence in the past, he now has a calling in his heart to chase back what was once his: his authority and respect. And to free the world of the World Government so he can be the ruler.

Sitting on a mighty giant wooden throne of furs that faced the unknowns of the New World ahead, the White Fang London Jack was sitting and overlooking his crew and the seas. He sees his crew that consist of a lot of species from few humans, plenty of minks, fishmen, minotaurs, vulpinians, longlegs and longarms, and plenty of other species that walk on his ship. He realized how much influence he had made from his return, it's like he had given the nonhuman-kind another voice that was a different option from a familiar yonko.

Fang stands up and walks to the handrail in front of the throne and helm. He then looks over to one of his crew members and points him out and calls him over.

"Hey Nomad, I need you over here." Fang states pointing him over.

The young wolf mink comes running over and would salute to his captain, "What do you need sir?"

Fang gives Nomad a small gjallarhorn that was made from a cattle's horn, it was a smaller horn compared to the giant gjallarhorn that sat on top of the ship as a war horn for the crew.

"Give this a blow." Fang states, "Call in my officers for a meeting."

Nomad noticing the amazing looking gjallarhorn in his hands, he looks up and nods to his captain. "Yes sir!"

Fang pats him on the shoulder and smiles before walking to the inside of the ship to get into the board room of his ship.

Nomad was then seen climbing onto the top of the crow's nest, looking down at the crew, and then blowing into the horn as it released a low bellowing sound that was familiar to the crew that has heard it for ages.

Upon hearing the horn, a bunch of bubbles can be seen swarming onto the ship as they form themselves into a rather tall but slender rat Mink named Chiizu. She has her lance across her back as she was staring up at the ship and tips her hat toward it. "I have mentioned before but this is a rather impressive vessel." Chiizu remarked as she stepped aboard it.

Stepping on board the ship stood the 16'3 Wolf Mink Romulus in his full glory. "Seems like the pack is back together" He says before breathing a large breath of fresh air. "And I am glad" Romulus says with Glee.

Velvel was seen standing on top of the spirit bow looking on ahead with a smile that was shown from ear to ear. "It's good to be back!" Velvel howled to the sky with pride.

Takara let out a yawn as she arose from the sea. She looked up noticing Velvel as she gave him a small wave. "Hello! It's good to see you again!" Takara yelled out.

"Same for you Tara," Velvel snickered smiling.

Suddenly, a rather tall weasel Mink named Kemika can be seen walking just behind Chiizu as she wore a large labcoat and goggles as she was seen looking at the ship as well. She watches as the others enter the ship as she couldn't help but place all of her supplies down near Chiizu.

"Oi! Chiizu! It's been a minute! I think you ought of carry my supplies on the ship with your bubbles eh? Shi-shishi..." Kemika said with a snicker.

"Sigh...You never change don't you Kemika? You can carry your own things." Chiizu said with a glare at her.

"Ease up, I only kid! I was just excited to hear about this voyage is all!" Kemika as she picked back up her supplies.

Out of the skies, come flying down an angel that had crimson red hair as well as a crow birdman. Both were tall in their stature. But both looked organized and were ready to work. The crow birdman was a swordsman with a blue samurai robe and a long katana. The angel was a woman that had a beauty that made men thirsty, but her wings made her stature imposing.

"We heard the horn." The angel named Frater G. Sariel states.

"Looks like this is the great meeting captain has been talking about." The crow swordsman named Rambert states, "Everyone seems happy or eager to meet their captain."

"Whether old or new." Sariel states, "I remember when I was very young when Fang took some of us in." She smiles, "Wonder how everyone else is handling this."

While hammering some red hot metal on an anvil, the large minotaur known as Steelslayer Farkun hears the horn play its tune as he stood up.

"Looks like the White Fang is summoning us." Farkun states as he drops his hammer and walks out.

Not far, a pink rabbit mink known as Puffy was seen eating a taffy bar as she then heard the horn.

"Oh! The captain is calling us!" Puffy says eagerly as she then hopped off of a crate and started walking toward the meeting room.

"Seems the captain is summoning us it would appear," Yevgeny replied with a cocked eyebrow heading to the meeting room, "wonder what about?"

"Looks like we best get going huh to see what this meeting is about?" Kemika asked Chiizu.

"It's most likely important news about our next course of action. We have best bet going." Chiizu said as she started to head over.

"Quick question though, why did you join this crew. You don't seem like the type to work well with others given your past." Kemika asked as she was walking beside her.

"I can ask you the same. You seemed pretty content with staying at that island of doctors." Chiizu asked back.

"Shi-heheheh! Got me there! Let's just say I wanted to expand my resources. Especially considering my tutor is with another high profile pirate's crew." Kemika answered.

The Wolf Howls....

The scene is set into the meeting hall that was inside the ship. As the ship was massive, so was its rooms. The hall was about 60 feet in length, with pillars of wood that had furs covering the pillars. There were benches and tables all around for people to chat around in. There was a firepit in the center of the hall. On the walls were barrels of mead, ale, beer, wine, any alcoholic drink that was stored in barrels. Towards the end of the hall was 2 thrones, meant for Fang and Collie as the alphas of the crew.

The crew was stacking up into the hall, the room easily holding up everybody with space still available. There were a fair amount of people for a crew that has been just renewed after the release of Fang. Most were people that barely felt the name and were curious of the beast himself. But others were there because he was an inspiration to pirates to those who haven't forgotten his name. Fang was there sitting at his throne, watching all the pirates enter his hall, he looks with a smile.

"This is enough to make a grown wolf cry...." Fang smiles, "I am still influential!"

Meanwhile, some pirates were discussing among each other as the other pirates were still coming in before Fang gives his speech.

"Sariel, long time no see, how've you been," Velvel smiled as he waved approaching her.

"Oh hey there Velvel." Sariel was seen with her crimson wings folded behind her back, "I have been doing well. Welcome to the crew by the way! Seems captain was very fond of your success earlier and wished for you to be in our crew."

"Hehe it was nothing really," Velvel chuckled bashfully, "but I am honoured to be part of his crew as the captain's influence has truly impacted me."

"Chiizu, Kemika." The birdman Rambert was seen approaching the two minks, "It is an honor for you two to be in our crew." He bows, "I am happy Lord Fang has found a place for you two in our crew." He says as it was him who recommended both of these minks to Fang, who did in turn accept them.

"Hey thanks! Glad to be here I heard every Mink wants to be in this crew now! Especially with Kong's unfortunate death." Kemika said with a polite bow back.

"Quite so. I feel like this crew would be a perfect fit for me and my skills." Chiizu added.

"You ready to give the announcement?" Collie asks as she looked over to her husband on the throne. Fang looks back and nods as he stands up and prepares to speak. The crowd still having a chatter until Fang suddenly raised his head and gave out his howl! The howl gives out a chill down the spines of almost everyone in the hall. For years this was a howl that struck fear to marines and civillians alike. It was a long howl until Fang decided to lower his head and look at the group, all of them hushed by the howl.

"Finally!" Fang says as he looked over to the group, "The White Fang Pirates are together once again! Regrouped and Revamped!" He says as some of the crew cheer before being hushed again by the hand of Fang, "I thank you all for coming back to us or joining my crew! It has been about a year now since I've escaped! Since the start of the Great War between the Monkey and the Marines, I have been out and have been regrouping, making alliances with fellows that wanted it immediately. Recruited a few allies that are valuable, and have even made a few dealings in the underworld. That's why you see me with both my eyes now! FAR HAR HAR!!!" Fang says pointing to himself, as he used to have 1 eye after his battle with An admiral 30 years ago.

"This meeting I have called on will officially tell you all how this crew will be ranked." Fang states, "You all are a family to me, but there is rankings within this family. These at the top of the list have earned my upmost respect as well as proved themselves to have power. I will say this though...." Fang says looking throughout the crowd, "You can earn your promotions here by not only proving to me you are worthy of more respect, but fighting within the crew is allowed if you want to prove to me you deserve a bigger rank."

"Anyway, Allow me to show you the official Betas that I and Collie have decided on." Fang says, "We have the Black Death himself, Rambert!" He says as Rambert would make himself up front of the crowd, "Rambert, while I was incarcerated, became an widely known assassin. Killing marines and taking bounties out of pirates as well. He has earned his spot as one of my advisors, as one of the betas."

"With me picking the second pick." Collie then speaks, "Me and Fang agreed that Frater G. Sariel would earn this spot. Being a young navigator with potential when she was with us 30 years, the angel would then learn to be a resourceful gadget user as she learned to use dials and her devil fruit powers. So congratulations Sariel!"

"I am honored..." Sariel says bowing in a ladylike manner to the alphas.

"Finally....." Fang says, "Our last beta spot would been given to my human buddy Maximillion Force! Ever since I met him, we became great friends! Causing chaos with both our powers. Even after my arrest, Force made destruction in islands wherever he went! Until he was arrested and placed in Impel Down with my for about 6 years. Force has proved to me he could handle this spot. But now he currently ain't with us as he is undercover with the Crackerjack Pirates for now. But you'll get to meet him soon!"

There was some chatter within the crowd, a lot approving of the beta approvals. Some pondered why didn't Fang give minks those ranks but they knew to not question the Alpha of the crew.

Romulus stood up shocking many other crew members, "No disrespect captain, but your friend is a human, shouldn't the beta spot be given to I don't know a Mink" he said loudly so everyone can hear.

Fang then looks straight at Romulus and smiles, "So we already have someone questioning. Like I said, my ranks are earned on my respect for you and the crew. Force here has one of my upmost respect despite being a human, being a man who caused destruction; and I believe he has earned the spot out of it." He then raises an eyebrow, "You got a problem with that?"

"Like I said no disrespect captain, but I do have a problem with it" Romulus says shocking a lot of other crew mates due to his defiance actions.

"I'll recommend to hold down your mouth and remember what position you're in Romulus." Fang says with a light snarl, "Another word and your tail will be the least of your worries." Fang's alpha instinct kicking in looking at Romulus.

"Now captain I offered you no disrespect and yet you threatened me. I'm just stating my opinion about a HUMAN being a beta" Romulus said now getting in a more defensive position in case his comment rubs Fang the wrong way.

"Oh I could tell you more about my opinion..." Fang says before being tugged by Collie, who was grabbing his tail. Collie shook her head at Fang as he then sighs, "Ok....thank you for your opinion Romulus...I'll consider it later."

"Thank you captain" Romulus says before sitting down, secretly glad he didn't have to fight his captain.

"Anyways!" Fang shouts as he looked over to the appointed betas, "You two, besides Forcey, will be electing the commanders that'll serve under you two. These that will be elected will be the Deltas, those that lead a certain branch of the White Fang Pirates. There will be four branches: Warriors, Hunters, Scouts, and Doctors. You two betas can decide which pirates in this handsome bunch deserve it. I'm sure you two can choose wisely, as I'm not sure I can choose wisely for the other spots! FAR HAR HAR!!!" He jokes around.

"Right." Rambert says as he thinks for a moment, "Sariel, why not you choose the first delta appointed? Ladies first they say."

"Why thank you Rambert." Sariel says to Rambert, "Well, as a navigator myself, I believe it'd be appropriate to pick the delta of the scout division. I'll be electing the red wolf mink, Velvel as the Chief Delta of the Scout Division!" She says as she looks at the red wolf mink, "As a navigator and fighter, I have read up on your performances and you were the one that most impressed me! You even have a project you have yet to explain on the scouting of Nirvana."

"Nirvana? Sounds like a christmas vacation spot! FAR HAR HAR!!!" Fang says as he looks at Velvel, "What do you say bud? Think you're up to be the Chief of Scouts?"

"I thought you would never ask," Velvel happily exclaimed wagging his tail, "I'm up for it!!"

"Perfect!" Fang says waving Velvel up to the stage, "Come on up next to Sariel! Meanwhile....Rambert have you thought of your delta?"

"Indeed I have." Rambert says looking at the group, "As a bounty hunter and assasin myself, not just a swordsman. And throughout my years after the imprisonment of Fang, I have met assassins and hunters like myself that were skilled in their work. But I've seen a lot in this young woman right here, Chiizu, with her skill as an assassin has impressed me. And I knew she'd be a valuable asset to the White Fang pirates as captain tried to regroup this crew. And so I pick you, Chiizu as the Chief of Hunters!" He says looking at the rat mink.

"This does sound quite interesting I will admit. If this is the role you feel is good for me, I will glady accept it." Chiizu said with a bow.

"Excellent!" Fang says as he smiled seeing Rambert pick a perfect candidate for the delta spots, "Well! I am going to be picking the next Delta! The Chief of Warriors! And I already had my chance to think. It will be the toughest fighter I believe on this crew besides me! I've been in the seas with him for a long time, and we'd fight each other all the time back then, as sometimes we'd but heads. Alas, my pick for the Chief of Warriors is the Bull Straight Outta Hell!....Steelslayer Farkun!"

"Hmph, I'll take the spot. I'll teach these young warriors what it is like to be a fighter in your crew!" Farkun says with his arms crossed and smiling.

"Sounds good Farkey!" Fang states, "And now! To elect the Chief of Doctors.....well I haven't really know if we have a very good doctor around here. I was hoping I could find Chad...but Chad is up there in the clouds...."

"Uhhh, Captain." Rambert says to captain, "I did also invite a very good doctor named Kemika. She is one of the top students of the Greatest Doctor in the World. And can be a very good Delta of the Medical Division if needed to be."

"Hmmmmm." Fang says looking around the place, "Which of you is this Kemika? I want to see you right now if you can hold up as the Chief of Doctors!"

"That will be this girl over here!" Kemika said as she waved her arms as suddenly some test tubes flew out of her pocket as she was quick to pick them back up. "Whoops! I tend to keep more on me than I need!"

"That is a good and bad thing, mostly the latter as you need to be careful of your chemicals." Chiizu stated.

"Uhhhh..." Fang was trying to think if this was a good idea or not, "Well I don't see any other doctors raising their hands for the Chief of Doctors spot. So congratulations Top Student of what's her name. You get to be the Chief of Doctors!"

"It's Kagakusha Curie who is my teacher! She is the best in the world!" Kemika shouted with an angry blush.

"Calm down. You'll get used to his antics. Trust me." Chiizu said as she was patting Kemika's shoulder.

"Man...she sure does have a mouth." Fang mutters, "I wish Chad were here to be the chief..."

And as he spoke, a sudden crash was heard as the ceiling of the first deck broke and through came a black horse mink with white hair as it crashes right into the floor of the first deck, fortunately not breaking through to the second deck. The horse mink then stands up and dusts himself off, he stood about 8 feet tall, and had a walking cane to show some prestige to himself.

"Man, how an uncouth way to send people out of the sky." The horse mink says as he was brushing himself, "That Hero of the Sea oughta learn a thing or two about manners."

"......Chad????" Fang asks as he then hops over and talks to the horse mink. Fang then gets a good look at the old friend of his, as Fang suddenly squeezes Chadwick into a hug, "It really is you!!! Where have you been?!?!"

"Been helping your monkey friend for the past many years Jack." Chadwick says, "Wait....Jack?"

"Yeah! Haven't you heard about my escape?" Fang asks.

"Oh yeah I did, happened a while ago hasn't it?" Chadwick says, "But......Kong's dead now. I just saw his death by the hands of the marines...."

".....What?" Fang asks looking at Chadwick's face, "Is this true?"

"You've known me 30 years ago Jack." Chadwick says, "You think I'd lie to you?"