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Ichido Shizuya is a smart but arrogant midget, with a tomboyish personality. Her reasoning skills are almost perfect. Not much was known about her past, but she used to have a bounty of 95,000,000 for killing many marines but decreased to 50,000,000 after the CP9 saga, the main reason is because less marines were murdered (after joining Luffy's crew).


A short 14 year old girl, despite her appearance, she's actually quite strong. She has short black hair and purple eyes. She wears a pair of diamond earings with silver borders, but they were changed into amethyst earrings with gold borders after the Thriller Bark arc, to suit her eyes. Though arrogant, she is extemely cute to most characters, yet has a fairly sharp tougue.

The first costume she wore while meeting the Straw Hats was a hooded vest with a white t-shirt and black shorts. Her sneakers have roller-blades underneath, and she can activate them by pressing one button, she has one with a different color than the default one with another costume she wore at for the Baroque Works. That costume has a black top with yellow inside and a yellow mini-skirt and puffy black socks. She had also tied a cat bell to her neck. The color of the roller blades were black with yellow lace, and roller blades had grey rubber tips. She wears the Doskoi panda outfit quite often in the first few chapters.


Often calm and smart almost genious-like, she could be a good friend if not because of her arrogance. She's quite childish in most situations. Usually when you need her, she isn't there but when you don't need her she's there to taunt you.

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